Day 566 { Scottish Men / Robot Cars } Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 566 { Scottish Men / Robot Cars }

Went to the usual Tuesday, English conversations, where my friend Catherine from England was giving a presentation about her trip back home for her friend's wedding.

Her friends got married in Scotland where the men still wear plaid skirts at these gatherings. She also mentioned that the men don't wear underwear under their skirts. So when they all get drunk at the wedding receptions, its normal for the females to randomly lift up the mens' skirts.... WHAT!!!!!!! And I thought Japan had weird cultural stuff...

Robot Cars

Nissan Motor Co. has unveiled several robot cars that can navigate without colliding with each other, offering a peek into a future with no traffic jams or accidents.

News photo
Hands-free: EPORO robot cars developed by Nissan Motor Co. avoid collisions while running on an indoor course in Yokohama last week. KYODO PHOTO

Called EPORO, the cars are equipped with wireless communications functions that allow them to measure the distance to an obstacle. Like a school of fish, the robots can share positional information with others in the same group and travel safely without bumping into each other.

Nissan eventually aims to install the technology in its vehicles, which could create a society where cars can safely and effectively navigate without traffic lights or lanes, officials said.


Derri said…
Yes man, where have you been/ You never know bout them Scottish guys? Yes no underwear under those kilts. That's why I tell Jodi-Kaye to watch out for them lol lol

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