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Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 568 { Typhoon Hits } Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 568 { Typhoon Hits }

Yes the Typhoon hit today, It landed in a prefecture known as Aichi.... Home of Toyota. One of my Jamaican friends who worked at HEART trust with me is now living there.... She called me to ask how were things where I was....I called her back and she said she is not at work because the wind is crazy outside her apartment and lots of rain... Just last night, my company sent out an email reminding us that we should find our asses at work.... Only if the typhoon hit a UFO out of the atmosphere and it blocks your path to go to work, are you exempted...

Thankfully or sadly, the typhoon totally missed my area and I had to be at work like normal... All we had was a little rain, not even wind... Ohh and I saw a rainbow for the first time in a very very long time... I saw on the news where buildings tops were being blown away and glasses being shattered in Osaka and other places in that area.

here is the news

Typhoon Melor made landfall early Thursday, leaving three people dead and 64 injured as it churned northeast through the main islands.

Melor, the season's 18th typhoon and the first to hit Japan in two years, paralyzed train systems in Tokyo and forced airlines to cancel more than 510 domestic and international flights at Narita, Chubu and Kansai airports.

East Japan Railway Co. said 3.03 million passengers were delayed by the typhoon on Thursday alone.

Major rail lines, including the Yamanote, Chuo, Keihin-Tohoku and Saikyo, suspended operations, as did the private Odakyu Line. The Yamanote, Tokyo's main commuter loop, was halted for nearly three hours.

Melor made landfall near the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture just after 5 a.m., packing winds of up to 144 kph. The Category 1 typhoon, one of the strongest seen in the past 10 years, then turned northeast and gradually weakened as it marched through the archipelago toward Hokkaido, the Meteorological Agency said.


Richard yes we had to be at work, fortunately, the typhoon kind of missed my area... But can you believe that on the TV, I saw people braving the weather and the breeze blowing them over while dem going to work!!!! .... My yute dem people yah loyal to dem job to a fault...
This is the site we normally use here to check weather stuff

we also use this yahoo one but is peer Japanese it in http://weather.yahoo.co.jp/weather/

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