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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 577 { Small Party / Jamaica and JET} Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 577 { Small Party / Jamaica and JET}

For the majority of the day, I stayed in. Then in the night I went to a small party for a Japanese guy who is dating one of the JETs here. The party was held in the JET girl's apartment. and we played rock band (because the guy really likes that game) and we ate food.


JAMAICA recently played host to the sixth annual general meeting of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association (JETAA), becoming the first country outside of the G7 bloc of countries to host the event.

"Jamaica won the bid this year and it's the first time it's being held outside of G7, so that's a big deal for us," president of the Jamaican chapter of JETAA, Kaye Dunkley told Career & Education. "We're likkle but tallawah... We've been making an impact with smaller numbers. There are associations with 9,000 members and Jamaica has maybe 50 members but we're doing the same kind of projects that (the larger groups) are doing so the selection panel was very impressed with what we're doing."

In addition to promoting the JET programme locally, those projects include promoting the teaching of Japanese culture in primary and prep schools. "We have introduced Japan into the GSAT curriculum. They have to study a foreign country and Japan is now one of them. Part of what we do is to go around to schools to educate teachers on how to talk about Japan and to show the students authentic documents from Japan to make it (come alive)," said Dunkley.


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