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Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 581 { Iphone apps / High Hopes For Windows 7/ PS3 Out Sells Wii First Time } Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 581 { iphone apps / High Hopes For Windows 7/ PS3 Out Sells Wii First Time }

After work today, I hurried home to download some more apps on my new iphone... This device is AWESOME!!! If you like computers, technology and those stuff, and you can afford one, then I suggest to go and get one.

I downloaded a couple navigational applications, because I know how easy it is for me to get lost. I also downloaded a couple time wasting games... Some of the games like Assassin's Creed and Blades of Fury, makes you wonder if these games can really play on an iphone. Check out this video if you think im joking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtsUjcpp57w

I spent so long downloading stuff, that I didn't even remember to go and jog...

Hopes high as Windows 7 debuts

Microsoft, PC makers hope to recover from Vista fiasco, but Google OS threat looms

As Microsoft Corp. prepares for the upcoming release of its Windows 7, Japanese manufacturers of personal computers are hoping the latest operating system will be the long-awaited silver bullet for a market hammered by eroding prices and flagging demand.

For the U.S. software giant, the success of Windows 7 will be critical to repairing a reputation bruised by its disfavored predecessor, Vista, especially at a time when Microsoft faces growing threats from rivals Google Inc. and Apple Inc.
The new operating system, now on sale only to large businesses, will be available to the wider public starting Thursday with expectations already hyped on the back of strong preorders.
"This is an OS that has significantly improved speed, stability, compatibility and operability in a balanced manner," said Yasuyuki Higuchi, president of Microsoft's Japanese unit. "Many of our employees say this is the best OS so far."

PlayStation 3 outsells Wii for first time in U.S.

Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 outsold Nintendo Co.'s Wii console for the first time following a $100 price cut, helping the U.S. video game market end six consecutive months of declining revenue.

Hardware, software and accessory sales in the world's largest game market rose 1 percent to $1.28 billion last month, researcher NPD Group Inc. said Monday. Sales of Sony's PS3 more than doubled to 491,800, while those of the Wii fell 33 percent to 462,800. Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 sales gained 1.6 percent to 352,600.
Sony's reduction of the PS3 price on Aug. 19 helped reverse an industry slump that had been exacerbated by the absence of new hit games. Industry revenue is down 13 percent through September, NPD said.
Microsoft lowered the price of its most powerful console, the Xbox 360 Elite, by $100 to $300 on Aug. 27. Nintendo followed a month later with a 20 percent price cut for the Wii.
"For some time, people held off on buying because they were expecting a PS3 price cut," said Atul Bagga, an industry analyst with ThinkEquity LLC in San Francisco. Nintendo's Wii price cut came late in September so "they aren't seeing the full effect. October should be better for Nintendo," he said.

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