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Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 591 { Making Mochi Rice / Meeting The Mayor } Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 591 { Making Mochi Rice / Meeting The Mayor}

Today I went to work, and this was my very first Saturday at work since I am living in Japan. However, this wasn't really work, its just to make this thing called mochi rice. Its rice, pounded over and over and over, mixed with something, then it will become a glue like substance. They then sometimes put this sticky substance in a soup or put some sweet stuff inside it for later eating....

I don't fancy any of them at all. The soup alone is fine, but the soup with the mochi rice in it taste awful... However, the average Japanese person reallly loves this... and this type of food is done for special occasions like weddings and/or graduations.

I more than willingly went to work today, because they will give me Monday off. Any Monday off is always good for me. Plus, I don't really do anything at work today really except help to pound the sticky rice substance with a larger hammer looking thing as well as walk around and asking questions. I will gladly do this and bear the stares from people, just to get a Monday off.

After this, I ate the soup together in the gym with the parents, the kids and the other teachers. And as I mentioned earlier, the soup tastes ok but the mochi rice in the soup is just terrible. Sorry, not every food in Japan I like.

After all this I went to get some stuff for my apartment. Then my landlord asked me to come to a festival which was sponsored by Chiya Gyu http://www.chiya-gyu.com/info/index.php, a famous company in my area that sells beef. I went to the festival for a while, and a friend of mine, who actually created the Chiya Gyu website, introduced me to the mayor of my area. It was my first time seeing him in person. I heard that this guy has been the mayor of Niimi for close to or more than 10 years.... Well I guess that's not hard to believe, (how long was PJ Patterson - Former Prime Minister of Jamaica was Prime Minister for??).

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