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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 592 { Rain Spoiled Plans/Power of Nightmares } Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 592 { Rain Spoiled Plans/Power of Nightmares }

Today I was supposed to go climb a mountain in a nearby prefecture with a couple of friends.... The prefecture is called Tottori and the mountain is called Mount Daisen. However, the rain had other plans. So we had to reschedule that mountain trip. Maybe I wont get to climb it for this year either, because the snow will be coming very very shortly. Its already like 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) in my area.

So today I stayed in for most of the day.... I ended up watching the final part of a 3 part series documentary name "The power of Nightmares"... It is quite an interesting documentary if you have time to watch them.... Each of them last 1 hour but they are really interesting.... Have you ever wondered how you don't really hear nothing about Al qaeda and Osama Bin Laden again???
Yeah, this documentary expose some of the crap that the US and the UK went on with.... Can you believe that based on the documentary, Al Qaeda was just a name made up by the US government??? and that the group never really existed before??? But, Bin Laden heard the _Us calling the group by that name, so he gave them the same name..... If this is one of those conspiracy theory things, then they do have some strong points... If you have time, please watch them...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Jamaipanese said...

4 degrees?!?!!? *imagines*...really? *feints*