Day 593 { Street Fighter 4 } Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 593 { Street Fighter 4 }

Yeah today, I had no work, because of "work" last Saturday.

So I went to pay my rent and sort out some other financial stuff. I also ended up buying Street Fighter 4 for PS3. I started playing it a bit and realized that if you are online and playing.... A random person from anywhere in the world can interrupt your game play and challenge you.... I am not so good at this game but I managed to beat a random guy... I know there are some game sharks on this thing.... So I got beaten into the ground twice and then quickly came offline before I got a third beating... Its fun though, I am only somewhat good at using Ryu, Ken, Chung Lee and E.Honda.

IGN gave it a 9.3

Game spot gave it a 9.0

I went to bible study later in the evening, but this time it was only a small group of 5 of us...
The bible study leader told us a story about some guy who did an organ transplant. and after he was healed and everything, he started to develop a liking for beer, smoking and brunette girls. He never normally had these likings before... He said when he investigated, the person whose organ he had, actually had all these likings.... I had no clue that this was even possible... So basically I guess our memory is stored in in different parts of our body as well.

That's basically all for today....


Dave, in options, you can disable people interrupting your game.