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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 598 {Dangerous lady} Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 598 {Dangerous lady}

Stayed in most of the day, then picked up a friend at the train station nearby. I also looked in a store for the price of some Flat screen TV. I quickly came back out :) ....

In the evening, I met up with most of the other ALTs that work with my company, and went to have yaki tori (chicken on a stick). It was delicious. We then went to a bar like place and did karaoke and chatted for a little while.

Boy this lady that I spoke about recently on my blog is very serious, if all these things are true...

Dodgy deaths linked to Tottori woman at six

Kyodo News

The number of men who have died under suspicious circumstances possibly linked to a Tottori Prefecture woman arrested last week over a fraud case has reached six, investigative sources said Saturday.

Investigators have found that a prefectural police officer found hanged in February 2007 was an acquaintance of a 35-year-old woman at the center of a series of recently reported deaths.

The other deaths, reported last week, were of a 42-year-old Yomiuri Shimbun reporter who was run over by a train in May 2004, and a 27-year-old employee who drowned in the Sea of Japan off Tottori in August 2007.

The reporter had become acquainted with the woman at a bar in Tottori she worked at. The other man had lived with her for an unspecified time.

Suspicion also surrounds the deaths of Hideki Maruyama, 57, who was found in a river in Tottori in October, Kazumi Taguchi, 58, who lived in the same apartment compound as the woman and died at home in October shortly after becoming ill, and Kazumi Yabe, 47, a truck driver who was also found in the sea off Tottori in April.

All the men had been acquainted with or had financial troubles with the woman. Police sources have said foul play is suspected in some of the deaths because sleep-inducing drugs and cold medicine ingredients were found in the bodies.


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