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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 599 {Killer Apologise} Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 599 {Killer Apologise}

Wow I am finally back up to date with my blog...And it was hard work... I think I am going to start doing this weekly instead of daily.... Unless I have a really eventful week, tomorrow (my 600th day) may very well be my last daily blog... My next blog after tomorrow would be somewhere between (Nov 13-15, 2009) then (Nov 20-22, 2009) and so on...

Stayed in all day and slept plus played some Street Fighter 4 and Prince of Persia for PS3.

Last year in akihabara (the electronic/anime/game/manga) center of Japan, a man went around randomly stabbing people, killing 7 of them. He is now apologising???? Boy this not going to help...

Akihabara killer sends apology letter

Kyodo News
In a six-page letter to former taxi driver Hiroshi Yuasa, who was seriously injured in the attack, Tomohito Kato, 27, said, "I believe I will be executed, but I want to explain everything without becoming defiant."

The man indicted for the fatal stabbing rampage in Tokyo's Akihabara district last year has sent a letter of apology to one of the victims, saying, "My crime deserves death," informed sources said.

Yuasa, 55, said he felt as if he had seen a ray of light and that he plans to write back in the hope their exchange will help Kato regret his crime more deeply.


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