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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Concert / Suicide in Japan

Days 627- 633 { }Sunday-Saturday, December 6 -December 12, 2009

Days 627- 633 { }
Sunday-Saturday, December 6-December 12, 2009

This week to me was just longer than the norm...

Day 627 { Christmas Concert } -
Sunday, December 6, 2009

Went to a Christmas concert that my church planned... I helped with the preparation but this year they didn't ask me to participate... They initially asked me to help with singing a song but they changed that.

My Canadian friend from a nearby town was telling me a story (sorry N it was too funny not to include :) )) about the people in his area. He said a man in the community decided to have a chat with him, and told him that the people in the area are discussing him.... Guess what they are discussing??? They are discussing about how he eats out most of the times!!! And that he is a bad ALT because he eats out ?????? WHAT!!!!!! How does one eating style affect your teaching??? I would love to know...

He also mentioned that 2 old ladies ALWAYS present themselves behind him in the supermarket line... The same 2 ladies all the time... LOL!!!! He said apparently someone call them whenever he is in the super market line.... Ohh boy, I don't envy him at all... That is just crazy....

Day 628 { World Cup 2010 } -
Monday, December 7, 2009

Didn't do anything really, just went to bible study after work, where the leader spoke about some Christmas songs.

Worldcup 2010

Yes its just around the corner. As I usually do, except for worldcup 1998, i'm choosing Brazil as my team. I just love Brazil :)

I honestly think that world cup, though the single biggest event in the universe as we know it, is a very unfair competition. Every single winner of the world cup since its inception, has either been from South America or Europe... I wonder why???.... In world cups 2006, 1982 and also 1934... All the top 4 teams were from Europe.

Here is what the groups look like...


Day 629 { } -
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nothing really again, was tired after work so I missed the last Tuesday English conversation for 2009. I again played a lot of Assassin's Creed...

Richard, its part 1 I'm playing, will probably buy part 2 as well as Uncharted 1 and 2 in January.
And I sent both you and Stewart an invitation on the Playstation 3 network... All now unnu don't accept it...

Day 630 { Suicide in Japan } -
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

After work, I did a video shoot for my show. This is the introductory part of it. It lasted only about 30 - 45 mins... Hey, I'm getting better at this thing :)

Suicide is so bad in Japan that a group had to come together to help prevent it...Anti suicide site raises yen with clicks

A private group launched a suicide-prevention Web site Thursday to raise funds to combat the social scourge.
The site, Joining Efforts to Prevent Suicides with a Click ( www.inochinobokin.jp/ ), allows each visitor to make one click a day, which triggers a ¥1 donation to a volunteer group that is trying to reduce suicides in Japan, according to Stop! The Suicide Conference, an organization set up by four media and consulting companies.
When the number of clicks reaches a certain level, Home-One Law Office, which helps people in debt, will donate the yen equivalent to the Federation of Inochi No Denwa Inc., which offers round-the-clock suicide counseling services.
With more than 30,000 people in Japan taking their lives each year for the past 11 years, the conference said it hopes to raise public awareness through the Web site.

Day 631 { Final Video Shoot Season 3 } -
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Did another video shoot today, this one will be the final one for season 3, which will begin broadcasting somewhere around December 29. This video shoot was done a t the Niimi College (which will become a 4 year University for nursing students next year). The video shoot today was about origami and it included me, yamauchi sensi (in charge of the Tuesday English conversation) and 2 first year college students, Yuu and Hitomi.

After the video shoot, I went to a nearby elect ronic shop to check out the prices for a
HDMI - DVI cable, which I plan to use to Connect my PS3 to the new Monitor I bought last week... The stores had none, so I ordered it online for about US$16.

I then went to play football.

Day 632 { VW SUZUKI Merger } -
Friday, December 11, 2009

Went to main school to borrow some Christmas picture cards, then take them to use at another school. I was falling asleep at this school today because I was very tired.

After work, I went to karate, and they invited me to have dinner with them tomorrow.

VW - Germany and Suzuki-Japan has merged.
lkswagen to buy Suzuki Motor stake
Suzuki Motor Corp. and Volkswagen AG inked a capital tieup agreement Wednesday that will trigger the emergence of one of the world's largest auto groups with a boosted competitive edge in emerging markets and green technology.
Under the deal, Volkswagen plans to acquire a 19.9 percent stake in Suzuki for around ¥222.48 billion through a
third-party allotment scheme to be carried out from mid-January. Suzuki in turn will invest around ¥100 billion, with an initial investment of ¥50 billion, to buy shares of the German automaker, the two companies said.
The tieup will create an auto behemoth with sales on a par with Toyota Motor Corp. in a move likely to trigger further realignment in the global auto industry.

Day 633 { } -
Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today I received the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface ) to DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
cable that I ordered from amazon on Thursday. I then hooked up the Ps3 to the monitor via the cable and it worked wonderfully... However, there was no sound... So I went to buy a set of speakers as well .... Only to realize that I could use the Old TV's speakers. But the new speakers could also attach to the Tv as well so it wasn't a total waste. However when playing the PS3 now, the TV, the Monitor, the speakers and the PS3 are all running simultaneously...


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Yeah...forgot to tell you that you need to use the audio part of the RCA cable and plug into some speakers or component set to hear sound. HDMI only sends video.

Your Origami look lie crap Dave...look like it required no skill to do that - lol - is a baby nappy yuh mek?

Stewy said...

Yute look from when I added u to my PSN, check your list again. It's just that I haven't been playing due to all the studying and stuff.

Um also I not too sure about that statement richard because the ps3 is currently only connected via hdmi to the TV and its getting sound and video through the same cable so I dont know... maybe I just that epic :)

dave collymore said...

Is not me mek dat Origami... Di only origami me can mek is space ship and tanker from primary school.

Di baby nappy looking ting was supposed to be a rice ball... Di black part suppose to be sea weed and the white part suppose to be the rice...

Jamaipanese said...

I hopefullly should be getting a PS3 in January so maybe we can meet up on PSN.

Excited about the FIFA Worldcup?