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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 644 { Ocean Park } Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 644 { Ocean Park }
The Philippines 2

Met this guy who stayed in the room with us name Kunaal. He was born in Fiji but lives in Australia. He came with us first to a Chinese Cemetery, which was 2 minutes walk from our hostel... At the entrance of the Chinese cemetery, there was this sign there telling us not to pay any tour guide... But there were people guarding the gate trying to hustle $US 10 from us to be tour guides.... The security guards at the gate also gave us an envelop asking for a Christmas donation..... We walked in the area and it was like a ghost town... It was empty and quiet with people driving through every now and again... It was just eerie ... A guy living nearby said we should be careful because many stray dogs are around... And they will bite us.... IF we don't have a tour guide.... We of course paid him no mind... and simply asked him to take some photos for us.... I'm surprised that he didn't ask us to pay for that...We did in fact see a lot of stray dogs though...

Poverty in The Philippines is unbelievable... There are poor people begging everywhere... and everybody wants a tip... At the Cemetery, we saw a monument dedicated to the Chinese people who fought and died in world war II while defending the country against the Japanese invasion. I had no idea that Japan attempted to invade The Philippines.

We eventually left there and went to:

Rizal Park then to another place name Ocean Park. At Ocean Park we went to an Aquarium to see various sea creatures... While going to the Aquarium, we saw a camera man and another guy beside him. We walked towards the camera guys and they saw us and asked us if we wanted to be interviewed... The girls quickly said yes. So we got interviewed and came on national television that day. We also so a Jamaican Patty shop..... We tried the patty but to me it was nothing really close to original Jamaican patty.

A couple a persons asked us where we were from and Kunaal also told persons that he was from Jamaica as well... We then went to a spa where small Dr. fishes (comments from one Richard Panton are not welcomed) gave us all a foot massage... It was none stop laughing..... It was sooo ticklish...

Here is a video of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGRzU57CE-o


We then went on a glass bottom boat. I was a bit hesitant to go on the glass bottom boat but it was fine..

I will stop ccomplaining about the Japanese staring at me now because it is the exact same thing in the Philippines...... And they stare at us even longer with their mouths open....Most people think we are famous actors or musicians...I have heard that I resemble Michael Jordon and also Kobe Bryant. The good difference with the Filipinos is that they are not as shy as the average Japanese and they actually speak English... Its just that their pronunciations are a bit different.... Letters P and F are sometimes interchanged... Like Filipino is Pilipino...... Since that is the case, then I would not want to hear them say they are going to a Party...


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Comments from me???....you a play footsy with some fish and have the fish dem a tickly yuh - LUU!!!!

davay colly said...

LOL .. Yute guh bill aiiit