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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 646 { Merry Christmas 2009 / Body Massage } Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 646 { Merry Christmas 2009 / Body Massage }

The Philippines Day 4

Merry Christmas Every one ...

Today, we went to the Mall of Asia again. This time we took one of the buses called Jeepney... These buses are around since world war 2. And they look exactly like the buses that I saw while I was in Panama.

We then went for lunch and we had to join a looong line to buy lunch at a place name Inasal.... We didn't know how the food there taste, but it looked absolutely delicious. So we waited there in the long line and eventually got our food... And yes it was quite delicious. The chicken and Pork taste almost like Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Jerk pork....

Shortly after eating, I got a Thai body massage. There are many massage parlours and facial, manicure and pedicure places in the Philippines. There were 3 types of Thai massages available...

1) Reduce body stress massage
2) Reduce body aches and pains massage
3) Relax massage

I chose the relax massage... It took about 1 hour... and I think I fell asleep at one point... These massage things are amazing...

Food and these massage things are very cheap in the Philippines.... you can get a nice plate of food for as little as US$3 ... and the body massage for like US $5...

When we got back from the Mall, the security guard was fast asleep.

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