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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 650 { A Rough Ride Back To Cebu } Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 650 {The Tarsier/ A Rough Ride Back To Cebu }

The Philippines Day 8

The taxi guy from yesterday, came for us in the morning. He said he will charge us the US $ 30 for only 5 hours... but after that, every additional hour would be around US $ 5 ...

First we went to a place to see this tiny animal known as the tarsier (pronounced tarshir). Which is said to be the smallest prime ape in the world... People here were also saying that they are only found in the Philippines. At the the place, there were warnings all around telling us not to touch the tarsier and also not to turn on our camera flash.

We then went to another area known as chocolate hills. It looked almost exactly like an area in Trelawny, Jamaica known as the cockpit country. We took some photos behind a large screen there, which made us look like we were flying of sorts.

We then went on a floating restaurant.... On it, we had some delicious food and we sailed along with a couple of other persons. We stopped to see a group of persons entertain us, then we sailed back... The floating restaurant took about 45 to 50 mins on the river and it was absolutely awesome !!! I thought initially that I would get an upset stomach, but that did not happen at all...

Afterwards, we stopped to query about some Filipino fruits... But the driver told us that fruits were not ripe... The driver then dropped us back at the mall, then we took another tricycle to the pier to get the ferry. The first 45 mins of the ferry ride was ok, but after that, Oh boy .... The sea got a little rough, I think because it was raining outside...... Trust me, a rough ride on a ferry is no fun at all.... I actually was a bit worried to tell you the truth. I started praying for protection, especially because we heard of many stories about ferries sinking and even ferry accidents in the Philippines...

We eventually got over back to Cebu safely. On the ferry for the last about 30 mins, we were watching a funny rip off of the movie 300... The name of it was Meet the Spartans... It was stupid and crazy, but it was also funny...

As soon as we got back to Cebu, there were the taxi men waiting outside the pier to rip us off with their tourist prices... We paid about US $1.50 to get there yesterday, and now they were charging between US $4- $6 ..... We ignored them but they were very very persistent... and even a security guard who was acting as if he was helping us, was trying to rip us off along with his taxi friends... Eventually, we got a taxi for around US $ 2.50 ... and when we got inside the taxi, about 3 guys from outside were demanding money from us saying that they called the taxi for us, so we should pay them.... When they saw that they were getting no where with us, they started to harass the taxi driver.... He gave money to 1 guy, then another guy out of no where wanted money also.... It was chaotic and a bit scary ...

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