Days 683-689 <{ }> Sunday-Saturday, January 31-February 6, 2010

Days 683- 689 <{ }>
Sunday-Saturday, January 31-February 6, 2010

Day 683 {}
Sunday, January 31, 2010

Went to church. It will be the last time it is going to be held at this location. Next week they will change the venue. I then dropped a friend of mine to a hair dresser in the area.


Day 684 {Surprise Dinner}
Monday, February 1, 2010

After work, this guy that works at the city office in my area called me and invited me to dinner with his friends. I gladly we
nt because my apartment was getting boring. He however wasn't too sure where I lived, so when I went out of my apartment, I saw a car with hazard lights flashing... I went in the car, which a lady was in the driver's seat and a guy around the back. They both jumped in shock as they weren't sure who I am... The guy who called me was looking for me in the total opposite direction... He then came in the car.

So I went to the house of the lady who was driving and met her kids and her husband and another guy... We talked, drank and eat... and it was fun...

Day 685 {}

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Went to the Tuesday English conversation thing at the college in my area after work today. One of the members was doing a presentation on his trip to Cambodia. It was all Japanese so I only understood about 30% of what he said... I need to take up studying Japanese more seriously... I am here almost 2 years now but I can only speak a little.

I then collected a CD from the coordinator with pictu
res that were taken of me at a dinner last December.


Day 686 {New Visa Rule} ***

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nothing worth mentioning happened today.

So the Japanese Government wanted every body to take their national insurance. This would include us foreigners and depending on how long you live in Japan, you will also have to pay a somewhat hefty back fee... This is in addition to about US$150 per month. they want to make it mandatory for us to pay or our visa probably won't get renewed. However here is hope now.....

The Immigration Bureau is planning to change a new guideline for foreign residents to ease concerns that those without social insurance will be forced to choose between losing their visa and entering the insurance system, a bureau official said Monday.

New visa rule on insurance to be deleted

Aim is to ease foreigners' concerns

But some foreigners warn the move won't be enough to entirely free them of the risk of being forced to enter the insurance system.

The wording of the guideline, which is to be enforced April 1, currently stipulates that foreign residents must present their health insurance card when reporting changes to or renewing their residential status. It is the last of the guideline's eight items.

"The bureau will delete item No. 8 by the end of March, and 'lightly mention' the need to present a health insurance card in the introductory passage of the guideline," Immigration Bureau spokesman Yoshikazu Iimura told The Japan Times. "The wording will be in a manner to eliminate foreign residents' concerns that their visas won't be renewed if they don't have insurance."


Day 687 {Black Passenger Yellow Cabs Book}
y, February 4, 2010

Played football
after work at the usual location... So now they are back with the me vs them thing which the foreigners dislike very much. Got a book today that a Jamaican/American guy wrote about his experience in Japan... The book is called Black Passenger, Yellow Cabs...


Day 688 { }
Friday, February 5, 2010

Went to dinner with my Landlord then to a little bar like place afterwards. I was quite shocked to see one of my recent friends working at the bar.


Day 689 {Invictus}
Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stayed in most of the day. Watched an inspiring film called as Invictus. It's a true story about how Nelson Mandela, (former pres
ident of The republic of South Africa) inspired the South African rugby team to win the 1995 rugby world cup.


Stewy said…
Invictus was quite good indeed. Have you read the poem that the movie was based on? Its a pretty interesting read as well.
Dave - lol - black man a car jack the people dem - lol
Mi a dwl at the fact that u just go in a car that u not even sure is the right one.

You lucky cause if it was another country - u might get a fat bullet.

You need fi learn Japanese Dave...make it a point of duty. You can't be there so long and just a play round'.

You really buy the book Dave - rahtid. How much it cost - make sure you carry it next time to JA. I think it will be the first book i read from beginning to end.
davay colly said…
Richard I totally agree with you about being in a country for 2 years and not knowing the language is down right worthless of me... Although I'm in the deep rural area and no Japanese classes are around here... its a duty of mine to be near fluent by the end of this year...

Yeah got the book for about US$20
Latasha Davis said…
hey i'm your replacement :3 and saw this blog as one of the most visited things on the computer at yagami's google chrome