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Friday, February 19, 2010

Days 697- 703 <{ }> Sunday-Saturday, February 14 - February 20, 2010

Days 697- 703 <{ }> Sunday-Saturday, February 14 - February 20, 2010

Day 697 (Valentine Blues)
Sunday, February 14, 2010

So it was Valentine's Day today, and for the first time in 6 years ( kind of breaking my silence of some issues I am currently dealing with), I am actually single on a Valentine's day. So no Valentine for me this year.
As much as I wanted to go somewhere today, I ended up staying in my apartment studying Kanji characters. I also watched this animated film called the battle for Terra. Story line kind of reminded me of Avatar with a slight touch of Star Trek (2009). It wasn't quite as good as either of them however, but it was interesting to watch.

A big project I have taken on recently is to write a book of poetry. I am hoping that it will have English, Jamaican dialect (patois) and Japanese... I did some editing to it today.


Day 698 (More Japanese Books)
Monday, February 15, 2010

Ordered some Japanese books today off amazon.co.jp ... One of them is the complete masters series, and the other is Genki Japanese 2. I realized today that I am not even ready to take the lowest level in the Japanese test...But I'm going to fight it through.... I am trying to concentrate more on learning the meanings of the Kanji characters for now though... The grammer and stuff I will look at every now and then.


Day 699 (The English Language)
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One of the J.E.T (Japan Exchange And Teaching Programme ) ALTs here did a presentation at the Tuesday English conversation thing. Her presentation was on the English Language... I realized that there was some much stuff about my native language that I didn't even know... I am sure some of you reading this don't know either if you didn't study stuff like the backgrounds to English etc...

For Example:

The word "three" is probably the oldest word or amongst the oldest words in the English Language.

The word "Coffee" came into English via the Turkish work Kahve.

The word "Shampoo" came from India.

It was a very interesting presentation.


Day 700 (Dinner with Teachers)
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A teacher at one of my schools invited me and 3 of the other younger teachers to her house to have dinner today... We had a pretty good time there. They eventually started to joke around about me and the office girl, to the amazement of everyone...

Today, I also received one of the books I ordered from Monday.

Sorry Noel, I am thinking that the people in your area don't like inviting out foreigners, or are afraid to or something... Two of my schools invite me out to stuff but the school which is nearest to your area, not even once in almost 2 years have I been invited out by them. But try to encourage yourself bro...just go places and do things...


Day 701 ()
Thursday, February 18, 2010

Played football today and finally managed to score a goal. Both while practising and playing against our usual opponents. However, I got about 5 goals to score and messed them up....

I think I completed about 85% of the level 4 and level 3 (Grade 1 and 2) Kanji after one week of trying to remember these near impossible objects... But if many foreigners can do it, then I should be able to do it as well.


Day 703 (Winter Olympics / New Football friends)
Friday, February 19, 2010

So winter olympics has been going on in Vancouver Canada and I have no idea about the stuff going on... I know there is a team from Jamaica there and the teachers here keep asking me about them to which I cannot answer. They are also asking me if I am watching the events that are going on.

Probably 90% of Jamaicans didn't even have a clue that this event was going on, except if they go on the google home page site to see the artworks.

I learnt today that Japan got a bronze medal in the figure skating. And the guy is actually from Okayama... here is a video of what he did


This other Japanese guy got banned from the Vancouver opening ceremony because of his in appropriate dressing according to the Japan's top gov't officials. Here is the story

Seiko Hashimoto, head of Japan's Vancouver Winter Olympic delegation, said Friday snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo was barred from the games' opening ceremony for flouting the dress code.

News photo
Kazuhiro Kokubo KYODO PHOTO

The dreadlocked 21-year-old drew sharp criticism for the way he wore Japan's official Olympic uniform when he traveled with the snowboard team to Vancouver and was not allowed to attend an arrival ceremony at the Olympic athletes' village held Wednesday.

Kokubo was seen at Narita International Airport with his tie loosened and his shirt hanging out of his trousers, which were worn low down off his hips.


Oh and here is a video of the Jamaican Skiier who qualified


In the evening, I went by the Niimi college to play football with a couple of first and second year students
in the school gym, both males and females. It was soooo much fun.... way more fun than the Thursday football thing... After every 2 rounds (14 -20 mins) we change teams. These students make me seem like a Demi-God while playing football with them... They kept telling me that I am fast etc, etc... But they realized that after about 10 mins of play, I was out of it. Some of these guys also like basket ball and they thought that I was good at it, I guess by virtue of me being a kokujin (black person).... Not so at all, they seem rather disappointed when they realized that I suck at basket ball. Hey, I grew up playing only football and table tennis, and those are the only 2 sports that I can somewhat play... Almost nothing else.... :)

I must admit that since the start of the week, this was the most anticipated event for me since the college student I met at the bar last week told me about it. And thankfully it was more than worth it. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the guys seemed to have enjoyed my company...

I was soo tired after playing that driving to the other English conversation class was a task and a half... I managed to go there though and then straight to my bed afterwards.


Day 704 (Was it a waste?)

Saturday, February 20, 2010 (1 Year - 11 Months)

Went to Kurashiki again to study Japanese at the same place where I went last week. And what did I learn??? Absolutely nothing...Its like reviewing what I already taught myself... But it still beats staying in my apartment all day....

The coordinator at the place, assigned a teacher to me last week. She told me then that if I am going to be absent any day, I should call either my assigned teacher or her (the coordinator). However, this week, my assigned teacher was absent and no one told me a thing... OOOO the double standards I tell you... So, another lady helped me this week or I should say re confirm what I already knew this week... I ended up mostly telling her about myself and Jamaica, instead of actually learning something new. So mostly I was the one teaching and giving information.

Another little problem I have here is that almost no body knows about Jamaica... So I have to be telling them that we speak English and that we are not in Africa and so forth....

These people keep telling me that my Japanese is Jouzu (skillfull/very good) and I keep telling them to cut the bull because I know the truth which is one of the main reasons why I am at the class in the first place.

Today is the annual naked man festival which is organized by the J.E.T ALTs... I was considering to go but because I was already near the area, and the event wouldn't start until the next 6 hours, I ended up going back to my apartment. To wait or walk around for 6 hours in the cold isn't fun... Here is a video of what it looks like


Hey Dwayne thanks for your comment... I try not to get into too much details with stuff sometimes just because I try to be somewhat private with certain things. Just my style I guess. Other times I am trying to avoid trouble.


Derri said...

OMG what a shocker single on Valentines day! how did you survive? (roll eyes) :P Come on Dave, i thought you were about to divulge some monumental secret.....

All the best with the language. Hope the books help, i know you can do it just keep working at it.

Re English language, My stance is that English is the worlds most popular creole. It draws everything from everywhere.

Re winter olympics- yeah i knew bout the Jamaican. i think the Japanese guy looked cool lol but yes, order must be maintained.

Nuff Blessings Dave

Stewy said...

When I left UWI I was about level 2 jlpt with speaking and listening. However my reading and writing wouldve been closer to lvl 3. Japanese is immensely hard to learn to read and write.

Oh and you should check out this place I write on. Jamaicanjournal. I did a small piece on Errol Kerr (the jamaican skiier), already. You could've bragged that you knew about him if u had read my writings :p


Stewy said...

If the last link didn't work try this one


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Naked Man festival...LUU DAVE!!!