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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Days 802 - 808 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, May 30 - June 5, 2010

Days 802 - 808 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, May 30 - June 5, 2010

Day 802
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Went work today for open day ( 参観日 ), where the parents of the kids came to watch their kids being taught. I had only one class, which was supposed to be the grade 2 class, but they changed it on me at the last moment saying it is the grade 1 class. The teacher also made a sudden change on me for one of the games that we played, and I was for about 30 seconds, confused in front of the parents. I hate these sudden changes so much.

After this one class, I had to sit at work for the entire day doing absolutely nothing. This is what I hate about my job. I do appreciate it though... If there was some sort of mix between rest time and being busy, that would be great. In Jamaica, I was super busy, in Japan, not busy at all, except with random after school activities which I don't have to attend...

The Vice principal came to me today and asked me if Jamaica was ok. I told him a part of the story about what was going on. So yes, in the middle of no where, some of the persons know what is going in Jamaica.


Day 803
Monday, May 31, 2010

Didn't go to work today because I worked yesterday. Met with the printing company in Niimi that I was considering to print my books with. They said they would give me a sample but, unfortunately because today was the last day of the month, they were extremely busy. So, I think they either forgot about me or they didn't have the time. They ended up giving me only a single page to show me what the paper quality would be like.

The company owner showed me around the building though and introduced me to a couple of his staff workers. His wife then took me to a nearby coffee shop where we spoke for a while. When we were leaving, I wasn't sure if the paper they gave me was all I was supposed to get, so I asked his wife, who called the company owner. He said yup, that was all I was to get. She then apologised for the mis-communication. Later on she called me to collect a relatively large poster size paper of the front cover of my book.


Day 804

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandy

After work, I did a presentation at the Niimi college. I invited a couple of persons but they all seemed to busy this time around. I did the presentation though and it went pretty well I think. I spoke about me trip to South Korea, Tokyo, Kochi, Kobe, Kyoto and random things I did around Niimi between March and May. Actually I also went to Hiroshima in April, but I didn't really take any photos.

I also advertised me book there and started giving out flyers. The sample of my books should have arrived today, but the delivery company came at 11:30 am while I was at work.

Day 805
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Received my five book samples today from lulu.com. I like the quality of the book cover but the pages are sort of poor in my estimate. I can't believe that I just ordered these books like Thursday morning and they are already here. They had to do the delivery at one of my schools because by the time I get home, they would stop delivering... At least that was what I understood from what the lady was telling me.

Went to the book store in my area again with my friend. The supervisor and her daughter seemed to like the book and the poetry. She said I should leave 30 copies there and see how it will go. The people I show so far, seem to be excited about it... But I know all too well not to get my hopes up too much in Japan.


Day 806
Thursday, June 3, 2010

Showed my book sample to the teachers at my school today. And they were quite excited and were asking who I wrote some of the poems to etc. Many of the poems were actually written like 7 - 10 years ago.

I went to play football at the college but I forgot that one of the guys told me something about not going to be there this week. I wasn't sure if he said that he wasn't going to be there or no body would be there. I found out the hard way that he actually meant that no one would be there to play football. So I went back to my apartment disappointed and fell asleep. I also didn't bother going to the other football thing either.

I received the very popular PS3 game Call of duty Modern Warfare 2. I see where it has gotten some of my friends hooked, so I will stay away from it for a little while. Actually getting hooked on a game in these times for me, would not be a bad idea. There is no one around now to get angry at me or storm out of my apartment.... LOL!! ooh the memories...

Day 807
Friday, June 4, 2010

Went karate after work then to the Friday night English conversation thing. I of course showed them a copy of my book. I then went to a pool bar and also to another local bar, to give them one of my fliers.

Yes so the Obama administration has finally forced the prime minister of Japan to quit... This is about the 5th prime minister in about 3 years....

Hatoyama quits as prime minister

Futenma fiasco, SDP exit take toll; Ozawa also out; Kan steps up

Ending a turbulent eight months in office, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said Wednesday he will step down to take the blame for his Cabinet's plunging approval rate, brought on by funds scandals and the row over relocating a U.S. base in Okinawa.

News photo
Contender: Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Naoto Kan faces reporters Wednesday after meeting Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to express his hope to succeed him. KYODO PHOTO

Hatoyama also said Democratic Partyof Japan Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa, embroiled in a shady transfer of political funds, will step down from the party's No. 2 post.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Naoto Kan, who is considered the top candidate to succeed Hatoyama, met with him later in the day and told him he plans to run for the DPJ presidency and thus the prime ministership.

DPJ members from both chambers of the Diet are scheduled to choose the party's new leader at a meeting that will start at 11 a.m. Friday. That new chief will be elected prime minister at the Diet, where the party holds a strong majority in the Lower House.

"I apologize for the amount of confusion caused," Hatoyama told a general meeting of DPJ lawmakers held at the Diet. "I thank you all for letting me lead (the administration) for the duration of eight months. I hope you will be able to create a new DPJ and a new government," he said.


Day 808
Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Yamauchi sensei

Went to Kurashiki (the nearest big city) today at another book store to ask them the process of putting my books in there. My friend spoke to some one on the phone on Thursday and this person directed my friend to go to a particular employee. When we went to this employee today, the same thing that I thought would have happened, did... The guy who we went to, was surprised to see us, because the person who my friend spoke to on the phone, did not give him the message.... Oh boy... so predictable I thought to myself...

Anyway, the guy eventually spoke to us and said that it is fine for me to leave my books there, but they would have to take 30% of the sales if the books sell, and I can only leave them in the book store for 3 months....


Kiyoshi Yamauchi said...

Thank you, Dave!
Good luck in your bookselling!!
See you later.

dwayne2d3d said...

Hi Dave,
i really really like the cover art for your book. I hope it does will, but regardless of the outcome don't stop if thats the direction you want to continue in...