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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Book Editing / Some of My Performances

Days 809 - 815 { } Sunday - Saturday, June 6 - June 12, 2010

Day 809 {}
Sunday, June 6, 2010

Went to church in the day then Japanese class in the evening. Thats all for today...


Day 810 { Panamanian Friend }
Monday, June 7, 2010

Decided fully to choose lulu.com instead of the printing company in Niimi to print my book. So, I went to the bank to lodge the money for the book purchase. Later, I went to bible study and lead one of the groups.

Chatted with a friend from Panama, who I met in 2007. We chatted on MSN for almost 3 hours. Even though she speaks very little English.

Day 811 { Book Editing }
Tueday, June 8, 2010

Because I was up so late chatting with my Panamanian friend, I was quite out of it today at work. But I fought through. After work, I went to meet the coordinator of the Tuesday night English conversation thing, for him to help me edit the Japanese section of my book. Thanks again Yamauchi sensei...

I then went to the English conversation thing in the night. Tonight, a Chinese girl who attends one of the high schools in Niimi, did a presentation. Even though she would be in her final year of high school in Japan, she has to go back 2 grades when she returns to China. She plays this Chinese stringed instrument quite well.

I am planning also to put an advertisement for my book, in the local newspaper. It will be free of charge. One of the persons who work for the local newspaper, gave me a short interview after the Chinese girl did her presentation tonight.


Day 812
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I gave the school I went to today, a poster for my book since last week. But, I noticed that the poster was still on one of the teachers' desks. So I asked the office lady if it was a bad idea to put up the poster. She said no but it is better to wait until it is open day (which is soon) so they can tell the kid's parents about it...

I went to the city office as well, to ask one of my friends there if he could place an ad for me in another one of the local papers. He said that it would have to go through the board of education for approval. I of course told him to forget about that idea. If the board of Education knows something, they are probably going to say something to my company..... And that I don't want to happen.... He said he will take 3 of my flyers though and help me with the advertising.

I am of course a bit nervous about this book venture... Wondering which way it is going to go. Sometimes I think its going to go really well, other times I think its going to go bad. As I wrote in my book, they are only a handful of people who are encouraging me on this venture...


Day 813 { More Book Editing }
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Edited the English part of my book on skype with my friend who I met up with in Kochi prefecture last month. We took over 4 hours going through the details. I had some subtle errors that I could in no way see by myself... Thanks again Diane...

I then went to play football at about 9pm and again I had a bad showing...

I recently set up a fan page on facebook. So far I have 135 fans... Not too bad ... But I plan on printing only 100 books at first as a test.

On the fan page, I put up some of my performances

1) Brazil 2006 -


2) Japan 2008


3) Germany 2008


4) Bahamas 2009


Day 814 { The cove }
Friday, June 11, 2010

After work, I went to karate then to the Friday night English conversation thing. At karate, I had to show case the most recent kata I learnt, in front of the other karate students and teachers. The judge said I need to work more on my kick.

Watched a documentary called the cove.... It is about this guy (Ric O Barry) who starred in this old film from years ago called flipper. Flipper was about a loving dolphin, but the guy who starred in it wants to highlight some stuff that is happening in a place called Taiji in Wakayama, Japan. At this place, they slaughter countless wales and dolphins, sometimes for food, other times for no reason. The guy wants this act to stop. The film was quite interesting and it actually won an academy award this year for best documentary.

I personally don't see the big deal if Japanese want to eat whale and dolphins. They are animals just like cows and goats..... If the animals were endangered, then I could see the concern, but if it was just because of this guy's and his friend's love for these animals... Then there is no point...

Watched the 2 opening matches of world cup 2010.

1 South AfricaSouth Africa vs MexicoMexico 1

0 UruguayUruguay vs FranceFrance 0

I don't have to be streaming on the internet, because all matches are live on TV in Japan.


Day 815 { }
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stayed in all day. My Jamaican friend came to my apartment today to borrow my bicycle. She said she has no idea how to ride a bicycle and she wants to learn.

Watched World cup matches:

2 Korea RepublicSouth Korea vs GreeceGreece 0

1 ArgentinaArgentina vs NigeriaNigeria 0

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