Days 816 - 822 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, June 13 - June 19, 2010

Days 816 - 822 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, June 13 - June 19, 2010

Day 816
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Went church then stayed in for the remainder of the day....

Day 817 { Photo Shoot }
Monday, June 14, 2010

Went for a haircut today after work, then rushed to do a photo shoot. It did not occur to me until last week at football that one of the ALTs here is a professional photographer. She agreed to give me a photo shoot session for free. I choose the black and white photo to go in my book for the "About the Author" section.

Lead a group at bible study in the night but didn't quite finish what I intended to...
Went bed at about 3:30 am because of staying up to watch Italy vs Paraguay while chatting with my Panamanian friend, Mayra. Actually my father's mom is Panamanian, so I already have it in my blood ;)

Day 818 { Book Order }
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today at work I was totally out of it. I could not wait for 4:00 pm to come... Very tired and sleepy would be an understatement.

After work, I went home to fix the final errors (that I am aware of) in my book, so I could order 100 copies of my book today as scheduled in my diary. While trying to order the books, the site kept rejecting my credit card. I was bewildered for a while but luckily, I have a friend that work at the bank that issued my credit card in Jamaica. She then made me realise that it was my credit limit that was the issue... So instead of 100 copies, I had to order 95 copies instead.

I am still wondering what the review will be like, especially from the Japanese audience who are probably 80%-90% ultra conservative on love issues. And I have some very strong love words in my poems.... At least 5 females so far, started reading one of the poems and could not continue.... An office lady at one of my schools said, she started reading one of the poems, then she started to get nervous????? At one of my other schools, they were creating a lot of excitement.... Oh boy, what will happen? I don't know....

Today, Brazil (The team I hope to win world cup this year) played North Korea. I didn't watch the match because it was a 3:30 am match Japanese time. And I wasn't going to stay up late again... I watched the highlights though and I was quite disappointed in my team's performance.
I saw an interesting article though.... Who are the fans of the North Korean team??? When they are not allowed to leave the country.... Well, they are paid Chinese actors...

North Korea’s hired Chinese fans

An experienced squad of professional fans are behind those red banners waving in the stands in support of North Korea.

Among the 1,000 Chinese fans given tickets by North Korea for the World Cup in South Africa are actors and musicians who have cheered for China in previous World Cups, according to the Xinhua news agency run by the Chinese government. The Beijing office of the North Korean Sports Committee distributed the tickets to Chinese fans since almost no one in North Korea could have afforded the trip. Xinhua reported.


Day 819 { Poster up }
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally, my poster went up on the notice board at the school I went today...

Today, I was surprised to receive my city tax. I was supposed to receive this tax from last year... I almost chocked when I saw how much it was... They gave me 2 years worth of tax in one.... And trust me, that's no fun... I realize recently that I am losing money very quickly in this country... I am hoping for some sort of break through with something... Because, I can't continue like this, as is... city tax, rent, car maintenance, internet, house gas, water, light, car in Jamaica..This is not working out how I thought it would.... If things don't improve for the better, I have no choice but to go home.... Anyway, I am hoping for the best...

Watched the Switzerland vs Spain match. I am shocked that Spain lost that match with so many star players... And not only that, but Spain is the number 2 ranked team in the world... No one was expecting them to lose to Switzerland...

Day 820 { Season 4 Video Shoot Start }
Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is the first in a long time that I woke up actually feeling happy, but can't explain why...

Did video shoot for season 4 of my show today. It was only the camera man today, his boss was not around so the video shoot went faster than normal... My show creators also allowed me to advertise my book at the start of my show :) :) :) but told me not to say where it will be sold.

A lady from bible study who speaks perfect English, told me that they play my show too many times, and that they should do a new one every 3 months instead of every six months... I agree with her but I don't know why the camera man and crew don't do this.... I told him and he said they are going to try it out... so season 5 will be in the next 3 months or so..

I again spoke to my Panamanian friend for a long time on MSN messenger. She is by her aunt's house in Colon, Panama... But she is actually from Panama city, Panama.
Day 821 { More Advertising }
Friday, June 18, 2010

Went to karate after work then to the Friday English conversations, then to a local bar to do some more advertising for my book. I gave 2 of the girls working there a poster, plus a poster to the owner of the bar... Before leaving, I saw the owner of the bar, with one of the posters that I gave to one of the girls. She was folding it up and creasing it and seemed to be totally unaware of what she was doing. I am terrible at advertising for my self... And I am a little too observant. Just like how I gave my land lord about 3 of my posters when I last pay my rent, but I am yet to see them anywhere near his office... Other event posters are there though..... Again, I could be thinking too much...


Day 822 { Orthodontist/Concert/Nomikai }
Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today I went to the city, to visit an orthodontist. When I took out my braces 3 years ago, my treatment wasn't completed ... and the orthodontist ran off to America and sold his clinic to some dentists who don't do orthodontist stuff... He gave me a retainer and said it should fix the tooth that I wanted to be fixed.... But alas, after 3 years it is still the same...

While heading for the city, I saw 2 of the college girls that I knew, in the train, so I sat beside them. They helped me to find the bus stop where I should go to the orthodontist... I was lucky to see them because I wasn't sure where exactly to go....

I eventually found my way to the orthodontist clinic and the people there were really really nice. They did an X-ray of my mouth and my skull and also did some cleaning... The people there were very interested in knowing about Jamaica. I even glimpsed on one of the computers where apparently someone was searching about Jamaica via wikipedia. The main doctor there is actually from Niimi. I of course used this opportunity to advertise my book.

Two (2) of the workers there even followed me to the bus stop when I was leaving... I should begin treatment in late August... But with all my bills now, I have to think carefully about this...


After the orthodontist, I went to a concert in my area. I invited 4 different persons to come along, but all of them were busy. At the concert, all the foreigners were generally sitting in the same area... A particular male ALT was looking for us, to sit in our area... So when he got near to the area, He was saying "white people, white people".... An Asian ALT then said, "hey, but Dave is also here!!" ... He then said "Oh Hi Dave, the place was dark so I could not see you" .. Then he said, "sorry, bad joke" ....
I kept silent for the entire time, because I honestly wasn't sure how to respond. Needless to say I felt quite uncomfortable....This guy has done/said several things since I have known him, for me to be quite suspicious of him... There are 2 other ALTS here also who I am suspicious ofl..... Surprisingly, when I speak to them one on one, they seem fine... However, in a crowd setting, they change... .. All of these ALTS are from the USA... When they say stuff I am not used to, I honestly don't know how to respond, because I am not used to it in my country, or anywhere else that I go to... Anyway, not my problem ....


Me and the ALT who I do karate with, didn't stay for the the entire concert, we went to a karate nomikai (drinking party)... Then to a karaoke bar. It was so much fun..... After the nomikai, I went home with a terrible headache... But I really enjoyed the time there....


Yes Dave - Brazil first match was horrible. Even though them win - it was a bad performance but the next match made up for that.

You should put up the posters urself. When somebody agree to take the poster - just say to them "where u want me put it?. And just walk with some tape and put it up. Don't depend on them or else it's going to be stuffed between some books.

Don't smile with the racists ones Dave. When them make a joke like that - make it known you don't like it. If you smile or show any sign of being nice, it's just going to continue. If it was me - i wud obviously say something racists back and we can see how funny it's sounds.

I remember we spoke of doing extra stuff like what Toni did but i guess in the rural parts, it's not so easy. Toni tutored people English and worked at Community Centers to teach people English and get paid. Just ideas - good luck.
Derri said…
Great pic choice for the book. I'm thinking the books may just be a hit if they make women nervous as they read lol.

LOL re the Korean supporters but then again its a real sad state of affairs..

All the best in coping with the money issues. I hope the best solution is made evident to you soon.

Now Dave, if waking up and feeling happy i something strange then something wrong, but then again I know what you mean. Hope you wake up happy often.

Nuff blessings