Days 858 - 864, Sunday, July 25 - Saturday, July 31, 2010

Days 858 - 864,
Sunday, July 25 - Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 858 { Luggage Sent Off }
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sent my luggage off to the Itami Airport in Osaka. Then I went to church.

Day 859 { Heading For Kobe }
Monday, July 26, 2010

My Japanese friend picked me up at my apartment today and dropped me to the bus stop to catch a bus to Osaka. His car was over heating a bit but it managed to take me to the bus stop. I got to Osaka at about 7:00 then I took a train to Sannomiya, Kobe. Then another train to an area known as Gakuentoshi, where my Jamaican friend lives.

Me, my Jamaican friend and a Bajan (from Barbados) guy who lives in the area, spoke for about 2 hours, then I went off to bed. Just being able to talk with people of my culture now-a-days seems magical.

Day 860 { Heading For New York }
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Went to Itami Airport but of course not before getting lost at least once. I eventually got directions then headed to the airport. Picked up my luggage, but one of my check on was over weight, so I had to shift them around a bit and put some stuff in my smaller suitcase.

Took a 1hr 30 mins flight from Itami, Osaka via JAL airlines to Narita (the Main airport in Japan) then a 12 hours flight from Narita to JFK New York. Experienced a little turbulence but it wasn't too bad. I watched this movie on the plane called bounty hunter. Its about this police guy who is trying to arrest his ex-wife....It was funny and interesting.

My long time friend Gregory, picked me up at the airport. Before I got to settle down properly after the 12 hour flight, I went to play football (soccer) with a couple Jamaicans who were living in that part of New york. I didn't play for too long because I was beyond exhausted. Saw my friend's daughter for the very first time....

Day 861 { At New York / Splish Splash}
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Went to a water park name Splish Splash, which is located in the Long Island area of New York. It was really really exciting. It has been a while since I have had this amount of fun with Jamaicans. This is what one of the more tamer rides look like

In the night we went to a Jamaican Restaurant to get some good Jamaican food...

Day 862 { Heading For Virginia Via Washington DC }
Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bought a PS3 head set today at Best Buy for my friend in Jamaica. My other friend said the bluetooth ones were going for US$ 10. But I saw none of those inside the store. After being ridiculed by them via the internet, I may end up try to return it without the receipt.

My friend Gregory dropped me to the airport and I took a JetBlue flight from JFK New York to Washington Dulles Airport in Washington DC. It took about 1 hr 30 mins to get there... Before going on the plane though, I was in a very long line getting my luggage on the plane. I also had to rush through the security check points because I was running a bit late due to the unexpected long line.... I never knew that I had to take out the PS3 from my luggage in the USA, I didn't do this last year, nor do I need to do this in Japan...

Any way, the person to pick me up was already there waiting, and found me in no time. I met this guy 5 years ago when I came on a mission trip to Virginia in 2005. I stayed by his house with some Austrians back then....

We came out of the airport at around 11:30 pm and took a 3hr 30 min drive to Virginia. That night, I had to sleep on a small chair at the location where we stopped at, which was the Peninsula Baptist Association building.

Day 863 { Virginia Day 1 }
Friday, July 30, 2010

Went out early with the sports coordinator of the Peninsula Baptist Association. About 50 kids came together and about 10-15 adults would organize the kids in groups and let them play different sports. There was a football (soccer) area, Cricket area, American Football Area, basket ball area, arts and craft area amongst others. I was in charge of the cricket, even though I really wanted the football (soccer). The sports coordinator also made me do one of my poems there and the kids seemed to like it.

I met this other girl who is visiting from Latvia name Maira, and she said she like reggae music a lot. I stayed with a family of 4, who I also met 5 years ago in Virginia and again 3 years ago when I went on a mission trip to Grenada.

In the evening, I played a Wii game with my host dad. The name of the game is wipe out. I like this host family...


Day 864 { Virginia Day 2 }

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stayed in and rest for most of the day. My host dad, showed me a couple pictures from their vacation trips to places like Mexico, Jamaica, Dominica Republic etc. In the evening, the Sports coordinator guy, brought me and the Latvian girl to a restaurant name county Grill. They have some really nice food there in good quantity for cheap. I had ribs and smoked chicken with fries... It only cost like $14... I can see why so many Americans get fat quickly. This same menu in Japan would be at least triple the cost. In Jamaica it would be double...

Met this girl again who I also met 5 years ago when I was in Virginia. She now works at this restaurant. After the restaurant, we stopped at the house where the Latvian girl was staying. The Latvian girls' host mom said that she went to Japan over 30 years ago, and the only word she can remember is fune for ship.