Days 1089 - 1095 Sunday, March 13, 2011 - Saturday, March 19 , 2011

Days 1089 - 1095 Sunday, March 13, 2011 - Saturday, March 19 , 2011

Day 1089 (Ground Golf / Karate Goodbye dinner)
Sunday, March 13, 2011
Today wasn't work but I had to wake up early and get out to go play ground golf with some of the other English teachers and some old people who are quite skilled at this game. We did it last year as well.

This time I did wayy better than last. In all there were about 50 of us who participated, and they placed us in groups of 5 and 6. I was 2nd place in my group and 3rd place overall amongst the foreigners. They gave me some energy drink mix as my present.

I then went back to my apartment briefly, then to a drinking party with my karate friends. We started at around 3:00 pm and went on until about 8pm. After which, a couple of us did karaoke. I rode for about 20 mins
to the karaoke location then when it was over, I rode back to my apartment in the blistering cold of the night at about 11:30 pm.


Day 1090 ( Applying for new apartment )
Monday, March 14, 2011
Today is known as white day in Japan. This is when the males should give the females chocolate or some other type of present in return for what they got on valentine's day.

Anyway, I went to Bible study in the night then I fell asleep at my computer again. I filled out an application form for an apartment in Yokohama. So now they are going to screen me to see if I am legitimate or if I am worthy of their apartment. I am still a bit worried about the nuclear stuff that is going on though.


Day 1091
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Went to the Tuesday
evening English conversation where this girl that is now attending university in a prefecture called Kyoto, did a presentation. Her presentation was on her recent trip to Taiwan. She also gave us some Taiwanese snacks.


Day 1092
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Went to work but did absolutely nothing. After work all I did was updated this blog. These days are slowly getting busier and busier. I am still obviously concerned about relocating to Yokohama, but as it is now, I don't have much of a choice really.


Day 1093 ( Last Day at Kojiro )
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Had my
last classes at the school I went to today. Then later in the afternoon, they were doing club activities. A teacher invited me to one of the club activities which involved walking up a mountain and then chip away at rocks to search for fossils. A teacher then
explained to me that millions of years ago, where Japan is now, there were only sea type dinosaurs in the area. Because this area was only sea.

When I was ready to leave, the teachers stood up and I had to give a small speech in Japanese. They then followed me to my car and the principal gave me some money in an envelop.

After work, I chatted a bit online with a friend from Germany and another from Panama. Then my friend in New York called me and we chatted for a while. I heard that calls are free from the US to Japan for about a month.

Day 1094
Friday, March 18, 2011

Went to karate after work, then to the Friday English conversations, then to the darts bar to tell them that I should be leaving in 2 weeks. So they also plan to keep a good bye party for me next week.


Day 1095 { Spring Ting 2011 }
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Went to Okayama city today in order to meet some Jamaicans to go to a yearly camping event that the Jamaicans in Japan organize, known as Spring Ting. This I heard was the 6th one of its kind. I missed the last 2 while living in Japan because of something that came up each time. I wasn't planning to go because of the whole moving thing but I decided to go because I haven't seen a Jamaican for a while now.

Anyway, I met up with a Jamaican guy who has been living in Japan for about 7 years now, in the same prefecture where I am. I spoke to him before but never met him. He introduced me and another Jamaican girl to a Japanese couple who were also planning to go to the event. The Japanese couple drove us down to the camp area which was in some remote part of Osaka. The drive took about 5 hours. We got to the area, registered, got our rooms then we ate and introduced ourselves.


kenkingston said…
Spring Ting was rejuvenating man . I felt like i took a trip to Jamaica. It was nice linking up with everyone. I'm glad you blogged about it too. I'm too lazy to do any blogging this week .
Anonymous said…
Mate, You're 2 weeks behind schedule with your Blog and counting.

Readers know you are moving, but come on... How long does it take to do a blog update even if it's from a internet cafe.
dwayne2d3d said…
Hi davecollyjap, i have been reading your blog often even though i don't comment much...
I know you are busy but do you mind if i ask a kind of a personal question....

I am Jamaican but i have lived in America since 11 years of age, now i plan on going to Japan, or back possibly Jamaica....
however my intention would be to live in Japan indefinitely but i have some reservations.

If you don't mind, what i wanted to ask you is this, could you tell me what about there you don't like, how are employers? i noticed people don't stay and teach in Japan for a long time is there any reason for that, like does a company discourage you from working there too long ect...

In regards to Jamaica, how are job opportunities out there, for someone like me who haven't lived there in so long, would it be a long adjustment period.
I would be very grateful for your answers as well as your honest opinion...

thanks for taking the time to answer me, and sorry for the random nature of these questions as well as the length....