Days 1110 - 1116 --- Sunday, April 3, 2011 - Saturday, April 9 , 2011

Days 1110 - 1116
Sunday, April 3, 2011 - Saturday, April 9 , 2011

Day 1110
{ Buying a Washing Machine }
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Met up a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo and we searched around in an area 2 stops away from me name Kamio Oka, to look for recycle shops. But my friend said that most recycle shops would be far away from the station. I was looking around for washing machines because I didn't want to spend too much money on it, knowing that there are people even giving away them for free. But alas I ended up buying one that cost like 18,000 yen. I also bought an iron and a bookshelf. They told me that the washing machine will be delivered in the next 2 days.

It seem like there are a lot of people with dogs in this area. I saw this guy walking with about 5 dogs.


Day 1111 ( Company Training again?? )
Monday, April 4, 2011

Even though I got a transfer to this branch in Yokohama, my company told me that I still need to do a bit of training because this branch operates somewhat different from my previous branch. The training should last 4 days but my new boss said I can stay for only 2.

Today was the first day of this 4 day training. A part from the people in the training, everything was pretty much the same from my last training experience. Its only that I have more paper work to do this time around. Oh and this time I will be paid for training :D ... There were about 40 people in all at the training. Only 4 of us were black. 2 from America, 1 guy from Ghana and me. A guy from the Philippines and a girl from Singapore, for some reason, thought that I said I was from Ghana.

There were a couple of persons who also transferred from other branches to this branch. This included one guy who was in Ibaragi prefecture, close to where the big earthquake was. He told me that he felt the massive impact of the quake, and that he was out of electricity for 2-3 days.

After training, I went to dinner with a few of the persons from training. I realized that most of the persons in this branch either lived in Japan for a while or speak Japanese pretty well or both. We had a pretty good time there and the food was great.


Day 1112 { Training Day 2 }
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't have internet yet at my new apartment and it is like torture. The good thing is that the training is keeping me occupied.

Anyway, training day 2, they split us up in groups. All those who will be teaching at elementary schools will be at one building, while all those teaching high and Jr. high will be in another building. So there were about 15 of us doing elementary schools. We all had to do a 5 minute presentation. At this training, a girl who was an ALT in Fukushima (Where that problematic nuclear plant is) got transferred to our branch. She said everything in her apartment she had to leave there, because her school and her apartment were too near to the nuclear plant.

After training a couple of us met up again and went to the China town in Yokohama city. People were telling me about this oh so famous China town since I was back in Niimi. There are so many restaurants there. We eventually chose one where the food is relatively cheap. We got quite a lot of food as well there.


Day 1113 ( Opening Bank Accounts )

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My washing machine came today and the men who came to install it said the machine is too big for the space where it should be fitted. They took a while deliberating about whether or not they should try to install it today or not. I told them to try. All that was needed was 2 blocks to put the washing machine on, but I had no blocks. So I got some books that I know I wouldn't be using for now, and got them to fit the books under the washing machine.

I then went to 2 banks to open up accounts with them. I asked them if they have the special system where I can send money to my bank account in Jamaica. But they didn't seem to understand what I was saying. I really hope that they do have it though. I opened up the accounts with a bank name MUFG (Misubishi UFJ Financial Group) and another name SMBC ( Sumi Tomo Misui Banking Corporation).


Day 1114 { New Old Fridge / First Earthquake since 2005 }
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Went to open an account at another bank just in case the first 2 were problematic. However, the lady to open up my account kept asking me why I want to open an account at that branch as against a branch nearer to where I live. This bank is like only 2 stops away from me, I don't see the problem. Plus all the branches are joined somewhat, so it shouldn't make a difference if I opened the account here or elsewhere. I found this quite strange. Anyway, I eventually opened the account after about a 10 minutes debate as to why I needed to open the account at this branch.

So now I have 3 bank accounts in Yokohama, hopefully I will make enough money to put in them. I then went to a police station, not far from the last bank where I was. The police man seemed a bit disrespectful and not very helpful. When he saw me he was like "yes yes what do you need, what do you need" in Japanese... Luckily I brought a Japanese friend with me. He toned down a bit then, but he still seemed a bit off. I wanted to know if I could register my bicycle at a police station. I need to register my bicycle just in case a police comes along and decide to give me a hard time. The police guy told my friend that I need to register at the police station nearest to where I actually live. So I shall be checking that out tomorrow.

The good thing so far about the people who I got the apartment from is that they have a campaign going on now, where they give us a choice of free stuff. Today I received my fridge. Its not new but it works pretty well. I should be receiving my bed sometime soon. So now you realize that I have been sleeping on the floor all this time. Its not so bad though because I use a thick futon and some blankets.

In the evening, some of the guys from my training called me out to do karaoke. So we were on the 4th floor of the karaoke building and singing away having loads of fun. I then realized that the place started moving. I thought that it was because we were jumping around and making noise, only to realize that it was an earthquake. This is the first time I am feeling an earthquake since 2005 seriously. In my life, I can only remember about 3 earthquakes.

Here is a video of the earthquake I felt.

yeah it was 7.1 but where we were in the room it wasn't so heavy. It was just a little shaking.

Here is another news source :

Biggest temblor since March 11 cuts power, spurs tsunami alert

At least four people died and 141 were injured late Thursday night by the strongest aftershock to rattle Miyagi Prefecture and its vicinity since the devastating March 11 temblor, tallies by firefighters and police showed Friday.

Day 1115 { Great restaurants not too far away }
Friday, April 8, 2011

Went to the closest police station in my area to change the address on my driver's license as well as query about the bicycle registration thing. I got the address changed but they said they don't do bicycle registration so I have to go to a bicycle shop to get that. I then went to a bicycle shop but then they said I need proof that it is actually my bicycle.

I then went to look around the area where one of my schools will be, then went to a sushi restaurant where the sushi pass on a moving belt. you can just pick up which ever one you like. I only eat the tuna and the shrimp sushi.

In the night I went to a restaurant which is like 2 minutes walk from my apartment, to eat some delicious chicken on a stick. It is called yaki tori. One of my favourite Japanese meals. I am happy to know that a shop for this is just down from my apartment. And the lady that serves there speaks pretty good English. She said she is Filipino but her grandmother is Japanese.


Day 1116 { Internet again FINALLY!!! }
Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another good thing around here is that, I can have dominoes pizza and stuff delivered to me :D so I made use of that service today and got some pizza type sandwiches and stuff from dominoes. It took about 20-30 mins for them to deliver it. This is great so far. In Niimi this kind of stuff is none existent, at least there are no earthquakes there.

The person to install my internet then came along to setup the basic stuff. It took him about 30 mins to complete the installation. He then said I can now either rent a modem from the internet company or buy one myself. I of course opted to buy one. So I went out to get myself a wireless router to setup my internet. It took me about 45 mins to finally do the setup on my PC because of the Japanese I had to go through...BUT I now have 200 mbs connection :D try topping that.


Latasha said…
i still waiting for my internet. xD im pretty bored. just been building gundams or bothering the other ALTs xD
Jamaipanese said…
200mbps! wowzers!
200Mbps Dave? Is Fiber them run to your house? Which company?