Days 1131 - 1137 Sunday, April 24, 2011 - Saturday, April 30 , 2011

Days 1131 - 1137
Sunday, April 2
4, 2011 - Saturday, April 30 , 2011

Day 1131 { Easter Sunday }
Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!! The general tradition of Easter is the Easter bunny and chocolate egg. In Jamaica we have developed a tradition of having our Easter bun as seen in the picture.

Went to church, first in a long while. This time it's an international setting, with the pastor from Malaysia, his wife Japanese, and a couple of people from the USA, Philippines and possibly elsewhere. There was one guy from Africa there. The service was done in English and translated to Japanese by the pastor's wife.

When I got home, I decided to order a set of drawers to put my clothes in and stop living out of my 3 suitcases. My closet is too small to fit all of my clothes.


Day 1132 {Meet Dave}
Monday, April 25, 2011

Taught a set of slow learners for the first time while in Yokohama. Taught about 8 of them. One female in the class is taller than I am. She is only 12.

My Jamaican friend who lives in Kawasaki (no not the bike), which is a city about 30-45 mins away from me, said he finally got a new job, after quitting his other job in December last year. His last job was sorting out some recycle stuff, doing over time in sun, rain, wind and snow.

Remember in my last blog I spoke about a kid calling me Eddie Murphy? Well I wasn't aware that Eddie Murphy starred in a show called...... MEET DAVE!!!


Day 1133 { Sony PSN Hacked!!! }
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bought dinner from Dominoes again after work. I need to stop doing this and try to start eating more healthier stuff.

I know this is late news now but, I couldn't help writing about how Sony Playstation Network got hacked. Now millions of users' information and credit card details are at the mercy of these hackers. You would think that a company like Sony would have a pretty secure network... Nope I guess not. I am overjoyed though that I did not enter my correct address in that thing, nor did I enter my credit card details. Here is the news:

Network shut down; info on 77 million users said compromised

Sony Corp. said Tuesday that the credit card data of PlayStation users around the world may have been stolen in a hack that forced it to shut down its PlayStation Network for the past week, disconnecting 77 million user accounts.

Some players brushed off the breach as a common hazard of operating in a connected world, and Sony said some services would be restored in a week. But industry experts said the scale of the breach was staggering and could cost the company billions of dollars.

"Simply put, one of the worst breaches we've seen in several years," said Josh Shaul, chief technology officer for Application Security Inc., a New York-based company that is one of the country's largest database security software makers.


Day 1134 { Pizza Night / Ipad 2 in Japan }
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I had to teach some first graders today and wow.... It's like 30 of them in each class and they are all full of energy.

I received the drawer set thing today, that I ordered on Sunday.

Later in the evening, I went out to meet some other ALTs to have Shakey's pizza. Here, you can pay about 1500 yen and you can eat pizza and whatever else you see in sight, for the remainder of your time in the restaurant. I am not sure if this was a special offering or what. But it sure was worth it.

Ipad 2 in Japan

Apple Inc. released the latest model of its iPad tablet device in Japan Thursday after delaying its launch for a month because of the March 11 disaster in Tohoku.

Compared with the original iPad that debuted last May, the iPad 2 has a dual-core processor that is twice as fast and that will enable the 9.4-inch touch-screen device to run games, e-books and Internet applications faster than before.

It is also 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the previous model, Apple said.

The launch was originally slated for March 25 but was postponed because of the disaster. Its new debut date was officially announced late Wednesday.

Softbank Corp., the data services provider for the iPad in Japan, often organizes events to celebrate new Apple releases, but refrained this time out of respect for public sentiment in the wake of the disasters.

Still, many people appeared excited about Apple's latest gadget, with hundreds lining up as usual on the sidewalks outside its stores.


Day 1135 { First AET Meeting }
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woke up a bit late and I almost got to work late. I however ran and got at my desk exactly as the chime went off for my first class to begin. Then 2 mins later, the kids for class came for me along with the teacher. It was at that very moment, the teacher asked me what exactly is my plan for today. Luckily over the 3 years, I have managed to develop a built in lesson plan in my head. So I told him my idea. We tried it, and it went perfectly well.

With this new branch of my company in Yokohama, (which actually has a different name from the main company) we have meetings on the last Thursday of every month. As against every 3 or 4 months with my previous branch. Today was the first of such meeting and over 100 Teachers were present. We are actually now known as AET (Assistant English Teacher) and not ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) with the Yokohama branch. At the meeting, we met our head teachers. The persons who were at the training in April also came along. Those from the training in April (including myself), ended up listening to an exact presentation that we heard from the training earlier this month. Guess what? We also got HOME WORK!!! We are supposed to develop 3 continuous lesson plans. Like a 3 part series of a lesson so to speak. We should submit this at the next meeting.

After this meeting that lasted about 1 hour or less, I went to one of the AET's apartment, along with 4 other friends. We ate, talked, drank and had a great time. I got back to my apartment at about 12:30 am. I could do this because tomorrow is a public holiday.


Day 1136 { MY BED!!! }
Friday, April 29, 2011

Stayed in for most of the day. I finally received my bed after 4 weeks. Now my apartment even looks smaller with the bed here now. But I'm happy I finally got it.

In the night, I went to the yaki tori ( baked chicken on a stick) restaurant near my apartment to eat some of that good stuff. I ended up meeting this Japanese guy who speaks pretty much perfect English. He was there with an old female friend of his. We spoke for a while along with the Filipino lady who works at the restaurant. The guy and girl then showed me that there is actually a darts bar pretty close to where I live. So we went there and played darts a bit. The guy actually is going to Arizona tomorrow for a week. The girl is going to New York in May for her sister's graduation.

Day 1137 { Lets go to Shonon-Enoshima on the Mono rail }
Saturday, April 30, 2011

I had no plans today. That was until one of the guys I met up with on Thursday night asked if I was free to come along with 2 others, to go to a beach area name Shonan-Enoshima. So I got out of bed and rushed to meet them, about 30 mins away from where I live. We went on this thing called the mono rail (Its a train that travels in the air). It took about 15-20 mins to get to our final destination. I couldn't help but think, just what if an earthquake should hit now!!!!

Anyway, we got to the beach area and it wasn't all that great a view but my new friends were pretty cool. The area was really windy and a bit chilly as well. Actually since Wednesday, some really strong winds have been blowing.

We then had lunch then headed back on the mono rail, air train thing.

While heading back to my apartment, I could not help but notice that a bicycle that looked exactly like mine, was parked near to the train station closest to my apartment. I looked at it for a while and thought that someone must have had a bicycle that looked exactly like mine!!! I don't normally lock my bicycle since living in Niimi, so I didn't see the need to lock it here in Yokohama either. I had my apartment key in my pocket, that also has a key for the bicycle. So I decided to test the key on the lock. Walla!!!! it was my bicycle. Who in their right mind would move a foreigner's bicycle??? Well I guess the person, who is probably 99.99% a male, apparently thought the bicycle owner was a Japanese. I took back the bicycle which was quite convenient for me with my bag of groceries.

In the evening, My good friend Peter from England, who was at the very first company training with me back in 2008, decided to take a visit to Yokohama. the last time I saw this guy was when I went to Fukuoka in December 2008- January 2009. We met up along with a couple of his friends to eat and drink.

Yes today was a day packed with activities.


@ Richard -, The company that give the 200mbps internet is known as yahoo bb. It somehow doesn't seem like its 200mbps however :(
Mi realize dat mi belly a get big from wah day day suh dont tink dat mi a stay slim at all.

@Latasha -, I can't guarantee that you won't be discriminated against, whether subtly or otherwise. However, if it does happen, more than likely it won't be from a Japanese person.

@ Anonymous writer -, thanks for your comment. Your video about Chernobyl did indeed caught my attention. Wow thats some serious stuff that went on at Chernobyl. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for me to return just now. I pray that I don't regret that decision in the future. I am however considering the possibility of returning home next year. That video was heart breaking.... The worst thing is that we don't know for sure about the radiation levels in Tokyo area. I haven't drunk any of the tap water so far, but of course I take baths.