Myths About Japanese Women - Geisha

Days 1313 - 1319

Day 1313
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Went to watch a famous festival in Kyoto known as the Jidai Matsuri ( Festival of the ages ). This festival depicted the different era's in Japanese history, using authentic dress patterns, weapons etc. for each era.

For example they displayed the Heian era (Kyoto Era) when the cap

ital of Japan was in Kyoto. The Kamakura era when the capital was in the prefecture that I live now, but in a city known as kamakura. They also showed the Edo era, when the capital just moved to Tokyo.

The festival wasn't too bad but the problem was they closed off one side of the road for the matsuri, while the other side had bus, trucks, cars and everything driving along. Me and my friend just happened to be on the side where the vehicles were.

I then took the high speed train (shinkansen) back to Yokohama and got to my apartment at about 11pm.



Day 1314 ( Tokyo Workers get less sleep )
Monday, October 24, 2011

Just normal work today. Got home and did devotion via skype with some friends from Niimi.

Tokyo workers sleep less

I'm not in Tokyo but near enough for this apply to me as well. I am not getting enough sleep at nights I think.

Tokyo office workers sleep at least 30 minutes less than their New York, Paris, Shanghai and Stockholm Peers each night, averaging six hours, or 14 percent less than the recommended minimum, a study said.
Tokyo workers went to bed at 12:18 a.m. on average, the study by Stanford University and foodmaker Ajinomoto Co., which sells Glyna, a sleep supplement, found. The U.S. National Sleep Foundation urges seven to nine hours a night.
The study was presented at a meeting of the World Sleep Federation in Tokyo Wednesday along with other research that highlighted sleep deprivation among Japanese. A separate study presented at the forum found an "extremely serious" lack of sleep among junior high school students in Japan.



Day 1315 { Happy Birthday Mom/ 11 Million yen found in the Ocean }
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love you more than words can say.

Today was another normal day at work.
Called my mom for her birthday after I got home.

11 million found in the Ocean

An overnight bag containing ¥11 million in cash has been recovered from the ocean floor 23 km off Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, the municipal government said.
The bag, raised by a trawler Oct. 8, may have been swept out to sea by the March 11 tsunami, local officials said.
It contained 1,100 ¥10,000 bills, but nothing to identify the owner, they said.
The cash will go to the person who found it if the owner doesn't come forward by April 27, six months after the official notification that was posted Friday, the officials said.



Day 1316 ( Siri for iphone 4s/Myth about Japanese Women )
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Vice principal at my school today showed me that she has an iphone 4s. She showed me the siri application that you can speak to and it executes some of your commands. It also writes your messages if you speak properly. The vice principal said she got her phone DIRECTLY from an electronic shop????? So why am I waiting for almost 2 weeks now for mine?

Had my new English conversation student today after work. We spoke mostly about sports but also about some other random stuff. He didn't do his home work but that's no problem. That is his duty. I think he speaks English pretty well, he just needs some new vocabulary words and more speaking practice.

Myth about Japanese Women

I found this article on the internet. Its an interesting read about Japanese women.

I visited my friend in a small town in Quebec, Canada, for two weeks in summer 1995. It was such a tiny town that no one seemed to know so much about Japan.
One night, my friend’s dad who worked at a paper factory came home and said, “My co-workers told me that I am lucky to have a geisha at home!” My friend and I looked at each other and we laughed. It’s really funny to even think that people in small towns think that all Japanese women are geishas (hey, don’t get a wrong idea and buy an airplane ticket to go to Japan tomorrow!) and there are samurais still living in Japan. But, to be honest with you, before I moved to the U.S., I thought all American people are like the ones I see in Hollywood movies.
When I lived in Japan, I didn’t give so much thought to geishas. Geishas are very foreign even to us, the Japanese. I remember: my family and I were watching a documentary about geishas on TV, I said to my parents that I wanted to be a geisha because they were pretty, and my mom got upset.
Geishas live in a certain area in Kyoto. Unless you live there, you don’t see them and I haven’t seen them in person. After I started living abroad, I started hearing about geishas more (even Halloween costumes for kids!) and people have asked me about them, too.
Sometimes people tell me that they heard that Asian women are submissive. I can’t speak for other Asian women because I don’t know so much about them. Japanese are more liberal, so it makes a difference. But, is it true? Are we submissive? I don’t think so. Most Japanese women I have met in the U.S. don’t give me that impression. They are working hard to support their family in a foreign country still they are very cheerful and friendly.



Day 1317 ( Head Teacher for a Day )
Thursday, October 27 2011

So there are about 150 English teachers with the Yokohama branch of my company. The parent company is known as Selnate. But the main company under selnate is known as interac. The Yokohama branch which I work for is known as Maxceed. There is however a little trick involved in all of this. ( Actually I shouldn't be writing about my company but I will let it stay and if they have a problem with it I will take it down).

So yes there is a little trick involved. The Yokohama branch that deals with elementary schools (That I work with) is known as Maxceed. But the Junior high school section is known as Interac Yokohama. It is the same staff, the same phone number for both the same office, basically everything is the same, except the name. I heard it has something to do with dodging tax and excessive payments but whatever. I have a job with them and it pays the bills.

Anyway, as I said earlier, there are about 150 English teachers (I think) with Maxceed (The elementary section). They split us up into groups of about 7-10. Each group has a head teacher. I was asked by the head teacher of my group, if I could monitor the group for him Today. He asked me because He has to leave Japan for a bit. I was a bit hesitant at first but hey, this can only help me to develop as a teacher and as a person. So I did it. I think it went pretty well overall.



Day 1318 ( Got My iphone 4s / Halloween Party )
Friday, October 28, 2011

While in my apartment yesterday, I got a call from softbank (a mobile service provider in Japan) saying my white iphone 4s, 64GB was ready. So I went to collect it after work today. I had to wait for over a hour though. I also need to order some accessories for it like a case and a screen protector.

After picking up my new phone, I went back to my apartment then to an area in Tokyo name Akasaka, to go to my first ever Halloween party in Japan. It was organized by, the company that gets me evening students. The party was ok but the place where it was held was a bit small.



Day 1319
Saturday, October 29, 2011

Went to Yokosuka today, where the US navy has a base. Surprisingly, this is only 4 train stops away from where I live, but I have never been there before. In Yokosuka, there are foreigners galore. Young, old and in between. Also quite a few half Japanese are there as well. I went to a restaurant there and the food was great!!!

There is still kind of a weird feeling here though. I think because most of the Japanese in the area will automatically think that I am in the US-Navy. And they have a bad reputation in Japan.

There were some Halloween concert things going on with some Japanese kids dancing to hip-hop music. Also some dogs dressed in Halloween costumes (Check out Super dog). I should visit this place more often, the people still stare but not as much as where I live now.


Anonymous said…
I also have been working for the Yokohama Maxceed.interac ect.. Im not sure that I have noticed you. Perhaps you are in the Jr. High group.

Anyway as for the comment about the company, from what I have heard, it's basically so that they can fake competition with it self and get the contracts year after year.

Interac: we want 60man per teacher
Maxceed: We'll do it for 50man

This I believe is the main reason we have to say we work for interac if asked at a JR high or maxceed if working at a high school.

Not sure if you work for them, but just some fun info (sarcasitc).
davay colly said…
wow This is sme good info sis/bro... I worked in the elementary school section for 2 yrs (2011-2013) I'm now part-time doing high school.