My Favourite Places To Visit In Jamaica

Days 1586 - 1592
Sunday, July 22 - Saturday, July 28, 2012  

Day 1586 ( New Venture / Serious Heat Stroke)
Sunday, July 22, 2012

I was supposed to go to a beach party today then do a performance. But the weather looked messed up and my phone says there would be a 60% chance of rain. So I opted to stay in then followed my friend to a French restaurant in the evening.

While I spent the day in, I ordered some Jamaican stuff with the hope of selling them here. But the site I tried to order from was having some issues. I am going to try sell these stuff:


If you are reading and you are interested, let me know .... 


5,467 hospitalized for heatstroke

The number of people taken to hospitals by ambulance due to heatstroke in the week through Sunday more than doubled from the preceding week to 5,467, preliminary data showed Tuesday.

The figure, up from 2,622 in the week to July 15, hit the highest for a single week this summer, according to the data released by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.
Deaths caused by heatstroke increased to 13 from five in the preceding week.
Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture had the most victims, with ambulances called for 388 people each. They were followed by 382 in Aichi Prefecture and 372 in Osaka Prefecture.
People aged 65 or older accounted for 45.9 percent of the total.
Since the agency started this year's survey on May 28, 11,116 people were taken to hospitals as of Sunday. Twenty-three people have died.



Day 1587 ( My Favourite Places To Visit In Jamaica )
Monday, July 23, 2012

First day of summer vacation and I simply used today to get some much needed rest.


My Favourite Places To Visit In Jamaica

These are just a few of the places I like to visit in Jamaica:


There is something about Mandeville that makes me always want to visit there. The temperature there is cooler than the other parts of Jamaica, and there is this feeling of peace and tranquility. It is said by many that this is literally the center of Jamaica, being approximately 2 hours from any major point in Jamaica.


Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios

I mentioned this 2 blogs ago but yeah Dunn's River Falls is a fun place to visit. Climb the falls and be in pain the next day but all a part of the fun.


Scotches Bar and Restaurant, New Kingston

I went to this restaurant for the first time back in 2010 when I was on my "Save the Dave Book Tour" . They have Jerk everything!!! And everything there tastes great. Maybe a bit pricey but great nonetheless.


Cool Runnings Waterpark, Negril

Went to this Water park (I looooove Water parks) back in summer 2009 and had a great time. I am sure you will too if you should go there.


Hellshire Beach, Portmore

Within the Kingston metropolitan area, this is the most famous beach. So on any given holiday, this place is gonna be filled with people. It is only 10-15 mins away from my house by car. They sell great fried fish, lobster, and some really good sea food....


Sunset Jamaica Grand Resort, Ochorios

If I start behaving myself and manage to get a wife, then I would really love for us to have our honey moon at this place. Honestly, I have only been there once but it was too awesome to forget.


Likkle Ochi Restaurant, St. Elizabeth 

I mentioned here 2 blog posts ago as well but its worth mentioning again. Its about 3-4 hours away from Kingston and they sell really wonderful sea food. I think they take a while to prepare it though.


Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay 

Hey, Jamaica is a tropical island so don't complain about me mentioning too many beaches ok!! Any way, another fine beach to visit is Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay, St. James.


Nutshell Baptist Camping Site, Trelawny

I grew up going to church, and it has been a part of my life ever since. I don't plan to depart from it. So one of the places I used to visit 'religiously' since 2002 (Wow over 10 years now) was our Baptist camping site in Trelawny. Its a very quiet, rural area but when many people from all over come to camp here, the place transforms. I think its more of the company of the people than the location I like but, the location just happened to be here.



Day 1588 ( Usain Bolt Documentary / Farmer Carved Usain Bolt Figure)
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just stayed in all day again. Watched a documentary about Usain Bolt. It was an interesting documentary for 1 hour. Here is a link to it.


Farmer Carved Usain Bolt

A British farmer has carved a unique tribute to Usain Bolt in a field. Only effectively visible from the air, the huge likeness of the Jamaican sprinter performing his famous "TO DI WORLD" pose took weeks of planning and ploughing.



Day 1589 ( Small Jamaican Style, Japanese Party )
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I met a guy who owns a restaurant, not too far from my apartment. He really loves reggae music and Jamaican culture (Reggae Baka). He had a party tonight at his restaurant and he invited me. I was the only foreigner there but it was pretty decent.



Day 1590 ( My First Audition )
Thursday, July 26, 2012

After 7 months of joining this talent agency, I finally got selected for an audition. I normally get kicked out at the first stage, which is the picture selection stage. But I realized why today, when I saw the pictures they used for my profile. The main picture was one they took of me when my hair was a mess. How could they not realize that this was a bad photo???

Anyway today was an interesting day. The audition was about seat belt usage for a company called Graco. They wanted a black actor/model. So 16 black dudes came to audition for this 1 part. All these dudes had experience. Me??? My first time. Yeah I have been on TV but never done an audition. There is always a first time for everything anyway. But I do not expect to get this part over these guys. Some of whom actually take this thing on a full-time basis.

After the audition, I met up with a Jamaican guy who now lives in England. He found out about me through this blog.... So I guess this was not such a bad idea at all ranting about my life in Japan as a Jamaican. We went to the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya and spoke about a range of stuff. He is a specialist in Oracle.



Day 1591 ( Machines May Begin To Rule :O )
Friday, July 28, 2012

Went to Shibuya again in the evening. The Jamaican guy who works at the restaurant in Shibuya invited me to an event that the restaurant organizes once per month. It was a total waste of my time. Especially because I plan to go to a pool tomorrow which is not too far from my apartment. So I robbed myself of some sleep.


Rise of machines could pose existential threat to human existence, warns expert

One of the founding engineers of Skype and Kazaa has warned the human race that machines are becoming so intelligent that they could pose an existential threat.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Jaan Tallinn said that the machines are becoming smarter than we are, warning that if we are not careful this could lead to a "sudden global ecological catastrophe".

Tallinn argues that the human-driven technological progress has largely replaced evolution as the dominant force shaping our future.

He said that the US military is experimenting with robot fighter pilots, while the majority of trading on the stock market is done by computers in what is known as "algorithmic trading".

"My core main message is actually that this thing is not science fiction, this thing is not apocalyptic religion - this thing is something that needs serious consideration," Tallinn, who gave a talk on his theory at the University of Sydney, said.

He said that we are witnessing an 'intelligence explosion', with neuroscience advancing in leaps and bounds to the point where scientists could replicate the human brain by the middle of this century.

The event when machines surpass human levels of intelligence and ability has been dubbed "the singularity".



Day 1592 ( Yokohama Pool Center )

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Got to my apartment at about 7:00 am this morning from Shibuya and was supposed to meet another English teacher (who work with my company) today at 8:30am. I asked for an extra 2 hours because I was too tired. So I woke up at 10am took a quick shower and headed out to meet my friend.

We took a train near to the pool area, then walked for about 10 mins to the pool. We left there at around 5pm. It was great and the weather was great also. Food there is good and cheap, and the entrance to the pool is just 800 yen. Almost unheard of for anything in Japan. I highly recommend this pool for the summer.

We left the pool and went to the main Yokohama station and randomly saw another English teacher from our company. We stopped and chatted for like 1 hour. By now I was dying to go sleep. So I went back to my apartment and passed out on my bed.


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