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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things You Must Do In Jamaica

Days 1572 - 1578
Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 14, 2012  

Day 1572 ( China Passes Japan In Fortune 500 Company List For The First Time )
Sunday, July 8, 2012

A couple of my Japanese teacher friends did some sort of teacher's exam today. I always hear that this exam is extremely difficult and only the best of the best will pass it. If you pass it, then you are seen as a permanent Japanese teacher with lots and lots of benefits. Also lots and lots of work. If you fail, then you are a temporary teacher and you will be given only a yearly contract, not many benefits, but lots of work. The failure rate is very high.


China passes Japan for first time in Fortune 500 list of biggest companies

China for the first time overtook Japan on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest companies by revenue, the U.S. business magazine said Monday.

While U.S. firms held the plurality of slots on the list, with 132, Chinese firms came in second with 73 followed by 68 from Japan.
China's ascent marked the addition of 12 companies to the prestigious list, while the number of European firms fell to 161 from 172 in 2011.
Anglo-Dutch energy giant Royal Dutch Shell retook the top spot this year, knocking off U.S. retail titan Wal-Mart from a two-year reign.
Eight energy businesses dominated the top 10, three of them Chinese companies; Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum and State Grid.



Day 1573 ( Things You Must Do In Jamaica )
Monday, July 9, 2012

Today was extremely hot and muggy at work. After work, I went to a Costco store about 10 mins by car from my apartment. I went along with the owners of the yakitori (chicken on a stick) restaurant that is near to  my apartment. This store is gigantic and has lots and lots of foreign goods that you won't find in your everyday Japanese store. So I went on a shopping spree. I was warned early, that I should be careful because people tend to go bonkers here then when they look at their final bill, they can't believe the price. Meaning it will hurt your pocket. 

I got just a few stuff and check out my bill afterwards. 

One of my best Foods in Japan - Taco Rice

Things You Must Do In Jamaica 

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are quite a few more fun stuff to do in Jamaica. Actually many of these things, I have never done myself either because of lack of interest or no time. Here we go:

Hike Blue Mountain (Portland / St. Thomas)

I have never gone the full length of this journey before because hiking just isn't my kinda thing. However I have been to the foot of the mountain with some friends. I heard that the tracks are very narrow and it takes about 6- 8 hours to hike the entire way. I also heard that at the top is super cold.


Visit Lime Cay (Kingston)

Another area that I've never been to. I heard that this is a nice boat ride to a small islet off Jamaica.  


Go to a Ninth Night / Wake / Nine Night / Nai Night / Dead Yard (Anywhere)

Alright, this might seem strange but it's actually fun. This is some sort of tradition (more than likely from Africa) that Jamaicans inherited. A huge celebration is held on the ninth night after a person dies. Sometime its not exactly on the ninth night but there is still that celebration/mourning event on the night before the actual funeral. I think the aim of the celebration is to chase the spirit of the dead away or to celebrate the death of the person because they are no longer suffering in this life. I'm not exactly sure. 

Anyone reading this and has never been to one, may feel that there is a sad tone. But, that couldn't be further away from the truth. Many people will gather and there will be loads of food and music and fun Jamaican stuff. This is a glimpse of one.


Climb the Dunn's River Falls (St. Ann)

I have done this maybe 2 or 3times in my life time. Each time I'm in pain the next morning. But doing it was always exciting. 


Stay at a Jamaican Resort (North Coast)

There are several of what I would consider A-Class Beach resorts in Jamaica. Especially on the North Coast, tourist areas. Two of the most famous resorts in Jamaica are Beaches and Sandals, both owned by the same Jamaican-born multi-millionaire, Gordon Stewart . 


Eat Jerk Chicken / Ackee and salt fish / Fish and Bammy / Banana Chips (Anywhere)

I mentioned some of these foods in my blog post on Jamaican foodsIf you try any of them, you will understand why I told you to. 


Go Snorkeling or Diving (North Coast)

This also I have never done, because of the simple fact that I cannot swim. Hey, but It looks like fun.. 


Go Rafting on the Rio Grande (Portland)

This too seems exciting, but I've never done it before.


Play With Dolphins at Dolphin Cove ( Ocho Rios, St. Ann )

I have never even seen a Dolphin before coming to Japan. They are very much in Jamaica though...


Visit Port Royal (Kingston)

Once considered one of the richest and wickedest cities in the world. But outside of Pirates of the Caribbean, almost no one outside of Jamaica knows about Port Royal and it's history of pirates. Finally, the Jamaican government has applied for Port Royal to become a World Heritage Site. A part of the city can still be seen underwater. It sank after a great earthquake in 1692.   



Day 1574 ( Tiny Magnetic Memory Developed )
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Left work early again today. Saw a hornet devouring another insect while on my way home. This Japanese hornet ting can royally screw you over if you don't be careful. 

Later I got a call from a company that would like to give me a interview this Thursday. If the interview is successful, I will speak about Jamaica, in very bad Japanese on TV during the Olympics. 


Tiny magnetic memory developed

A team that includes researchers from Chiba University has developed the world's smallest magnetic memory storage medium, made up of a single iron atom and organic molecules.
Its size is 1 nanometer, or one-billionth of a meter — about one-thousandth the size of magnetic memory media currently available.
The tiny medium could significantly boost data storage capacities of digital media and make information terminals smaller.
The memory medium does not require rare earth minerals, which are used widely in electronic parts. As a result this should cut production costs, the team said Tuesday.
Using a single iron atom was forecast to be technologically possible in 2009, but it proved difficult to make due to unstable magnetism. The team managed to achieve stability by covering an iron atom with special carbon and other organic molecules.



Day 1575 ( China's Political Game, Pulled From Apple Store )
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Had evening conversation after work, where my student mainly spoke about his trip to Hokkaido last week. 


China and their hating Japan crap again.

Apple pulls Chinese game with island-invading ninja

Defend the Diaoyu Islands
A "Plants vs. Zombies"-style game that depicts Japanese ninja and sumo wrestlers invading an island chain claimed by Beijing and Tokyo has been pulled from Apple Inc.'s App Store.
The game, "Defend the Diaoyu Islands," which had been available on the Chinese-language version of the App Store, was no longer listed Wednesday.
The company that made the game, Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co., said it was given no explanation for the move, the China Daily newspaper reported Wednesday. The company apologized to players and is in negotiations with Apple over the game, the China Daily said.
In the game, players defend the islets by unleashing various attacks on the invaders, which include soldiers carrying Japanese flags, ninja and sumo wrestlers. The game plays music from "Tunnel Warfare," a Chinese movie about the war Japan fought with China from the 1930s to 1945.



Day 1576 ( Interview )
Thursday, July 12, 2012

Went to a place in Tokyo known as Akabane Bashi after work today. It is very close to Tokyo Tower. I did a brief interview in Japanese, while a camera was rolling. They asked me quite a few questions about myself and Jamaica. Some of the questions I didn't understand that well, then the interviewer had to make it simpler for me. In all it took about an hour, and it was a great experience. I'm not sure if I will be selected but lets see.  

Saw a small snake on my way home from Tokyo. Summer has officially opened the gate for all manner of insects and animals in my area. 


This stupid Japanese, put up a video of himself breaking the law on youtube.

YouTube post backfires on speeder

A business executive who gunned his Lamborghini along Hiroshima's streets at more than double the speed limit has been nabbed after posting footage of his hot-rodding exploits on YouTube, according to police.
The 38-year-old man charged around 60-kph speed zones in the city of Hiroshima at nearly 160 kph for around an hour two years ago, but only recently uploaded images from a video camera rigged inside the vehicle, police said Tuesday.
Police tracked down the motorist and arrested him for traffic violations after a viewer saw it online and alerted authorities.



Day 1577 ( Alternative Capitals, If Tokyo Gets a Big Earthquake )

Friday, July 13, 2012

Had normal work, then rushed off to the YMCA then to the Kawasaki area to meet a friend of mine. 


Quake left 20-meter crack in Fuji

A 20-meter-long crack was found halfway up Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit on March 15, 2011, centered around eastern Shizuoka Prefecture, local authorities revealed Tuesday.

They ruled out the possibility of an eruption.
"No abnormalities have been observed regarding Mount Fuji and the mountain shows no signs of an eruption," an official at the Meteorological Agency said, indicating the crack was caused not by volcanic activity but by the temblor.
Both the width and depth of the crack were several centimeters, and it has subsequently been covered by sand and pebbles, according to the Yamanashi Prefectural Government.


Five cities named alternative capitals in case Tokyo devastated by next Big One

A government panel will recommend that the central government transfer its functions to one of five major cities, including Osaka and Nagoya, if an earthquake devastates the capital, according to a draft interim report.
The other three candidates are Sapporo, Sendai and Fukuoka, a task force studying emergency measures under the Central Disaster Prevention Council said in the draft.
Serious damage to core political, administrative and economic functions could "affect our country's fate," the draft stressed, also calling on the government to make backups of disaster-related data for use at the emergency headquarters.
Let me see...Kobe, which is very close to Osaka ... had a big earthquake in 1995.
Nagoya ... Maybe ok
Sapporo ... Too far away up north 
Sendai ... Got hit by the last earthquake and too close to Fukushima where the Nuclear fallout is. 
Fukuoka ... Lots of rain, hurricanes and too far down south



Day 1578 ( Japanese New Copyright Law/Snow White )

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today was my last Saturday at the YMCA for the next 2-3 weeks. A welcomed relief, trust me. I realize that a few persons are telling me that I am getting slimmer. This maybe the cause. Getting extra money but, working like crazy. 

Went to a little party in the night, and while heading home, I saw another black dude on the train, which is a very rare siting in my area. So he asked me if the train was heading to Tomioka, to which I said "yes, that's where I am heading" .... We chatted for a bit, then when we got at the station, I saw a friend of mine there waiting on me to my surprise. 


Copyright law with teeth leaves download masses puzzled

The bill to revise the copyright law that cleared the Diet on June 20 has confused many Internet users, especially over two major changes that take effect Oct. 1

The law penalizes people who knowingly download illegally uploaded music or movie files.
It also bans the ripping, or copying, of DVDs or Blu-ray Discs, which are encrypted to curb access, regardless of whether the discs have been purchased or rented by the user.
Many people remain unclear about what is exactly banned under the law.


This law may affect me too (Clears throat vigorously). Just like how I watched a movie today (I will not say how, where and by what means). But yeah I watched Snow White and the Hunts Men. It was like a clash between one of those mid-evil times war movie like Alexander, along with Lord of the rings. It was a good watch but it wasn't extremely great. I give it a 6.5/10.


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - does the Japan Costco only accept Cash and special cards as well??

Blue Mountain hike is the best - u not a Jamaican until you do it. And if you go in the day - it's not that cold at all.

Why you saying your Japanese is very bad - you slack off again. You caan in Japan for so long and can't speak Japanese - that's just laziness!!!

davay colly said...

Yeah Richard the costco only accepted cash and credit cards.

Bwoy mi nuh like long walking suh Blue mountain hike can stay till a next life.

Mi not fluent but mi can help mi self. Mi shudda start study back again