Group Dating (Gokon) In Japan (合コン) / Hurricane Sandy

Days 1677 - 1683
Sunday, October 21 - Saturday, October 27, 2012    

Day 1677 ( Only Immigrants Can Save Japan )
Sunday, October 21, 2012

Went to church this morning then spent the remainder of the day in my apartment. 


Read this very interesting article recently. Japan is losing its population at an alarming rate. If they continue down this path, then its possible that by the next 500 years or so, there will be no more Japanese left on the planet. They will become extinct like the Mayans and Arawaks. So, my Jamaican male friends, come here (no pun intended. Or maybe just a little) and help repopulate this nation. The main problem is that, it is almost always expected of you to marry a girl if you should get her pregnant. If not, the female will be embarrassed possibly for the rest of her life. Unless her parents are open minded to that kind of stuff. Which is highly unlikely.  

Only immigrants can save Japan

The real alien registration card
Don't leave home without it.
The Japanese police can harass you at will anyway.
Japan as we know it is doomed. Only a revolution can save it. What kind of revolution?
Japan must become "a nation of immigrants." That's a hard sell in this notoriously closed country. 
"Japan as we know it" is in trouble on many fronts. The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, and the subsequent tsunami and nuclear disasters, struck a nation whose economy had been stagnant for 20 years while politicians fiddled and government floundered. But that's not Sakanaka's point. He is focused on demographics. "Japan," he said in a recent telephone interview, "is on the brink of collapse."

The nation's population peaked at 128 million in 2004 and has been in accelerating decline since. By 2050, the government's National Institute of Population and Social Policy Research estimates, 40 percent of Japanese people will be 65 or over. Twenty-three percent already are, as against a mere 13 percent aged 15 and under.
The birthrate is 1.3 children per woman, one of the world's lowest. The population is set to drop to 90 million within 50 years; to 40 million within a century.
No nation, barring war or plague, has ever shrunk at such a pace, and as for aging, there are no historical precedents of any kind. The nation needs a fountain of youth.



Day 1678 ( Group Dating In Japan )

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rode to work again today. Hey this is getting easier and easier. Plus more fun than just simply walking. And the ultimate, I save money. Even though this act is highly discouraged by my company .... 


The dude hiding his face in the back won't get any
So there is this group dating thing in Japan called Gokon (合コン) or Konpa (コンパ) . It is where random "mostly" single people get together, eat, drink and chat, with the hope of picking up a partner at the end of the night. It is not so much of a bad idea especially in this culture where people are ultra shy. And where approaching a female in public is frowned upon. 

At these gokons, sometimes they play games in order to reduce the tension in the very Japanese atmosphere. But after a few drinks, everyone will be chatting. With the males telling their friends which female they are going to make a move at. Sometimes only a few females get all the attention while others (the not so attractive ones) get totally left out and ignored. 

Before world war 2, this practice was almost unheard of unless it was peers of the same sex. (This possibly explain why some of my male students avoid the females like a plague. Generational curse?) But after world war 2, this kinda stuff became increasingly popular. Maybe something else need to be developed in order for both the men and the Japanese population to "rise again". This is Japan, they will figure something out. 

Group dating.....anime style.

I accidentally went to one of these gokons by mistake (honestly it was). It was an American friend of mine that invited me, and he himself wasn't sure what it was either. His Japanese friend simply told him, "hey lets go eat and drink with some people, and you can invite some friends if you want". Only to realize that a good couple of males and females were there as well. In all, about 20-30 of us or more. It was obvious that they were only 2 girls that the other guys saw of interest. Because at the end of the Gokon, all the males were flocking these 2 girls. The others had to sit back and watch. It was interesting and funny at the same time. Just watching the 2 girls being rushed by a barrage of Japanese men, while the other girls there just looked on. One of the girls had her hands at her jaw, just looking out into space. Welcome to group dating, Japanese style. 



Day 1679 ( World War 2 Bomb Found And Defused)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My main school is killing me with these 6 period of classes. I guess to make up for the many classes that were cut because of their sports day practicing. I seriously don't think I can do this even one more year. 


WWII bomb defused

A section of a major street in central Tokyo was closed, and some people evacuated, to remove an unexploded bomb believed to have been dropped by the U.S. military during World War II.
The unexploded bomb, found Sept. 20 at a construction site near Akasaka Mitsuke Station was removed in the morning with the help of the Self-Defense Forces, police and firefighters, Minato Ward officials said.
"The bomb was at risk of exploding if it received a shock. But the disposal went smoothly," an SDF member said.
The bomb, about 120 cm long and 36 cm in diameter, still had its blasting fuse in place when it was found, the SDF said.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government cordoned off everything within 100 meters of the site as a precaution and helped evacuate the occupants to a junior high school nearby.



Day 1680 (Tropical Storm Sandy Hits Jamaica )

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just a normal day today, nothing really special.


Hurricane Sandy roars across Jamaica

A category 1 storm / Hurricane swept by Jamaica today with lots of heavy winds. It destroyed quite a few stuff on its way. The worst thing is that the storm has the nickname of my sister. 

Jamaica got bowled over

A dark day in Jamaica turned into a dark night as most of the island was without power and one person was killed as Hurricane Sandy passed through. CNN affiliate TV J reported a man was killed when he was hit by a boulder sent tumbling downhill by the storm's rain.TV J said 70% of the island was without power. More than 1,000 people went to shelters, the Office of Disaster Preparedness said. A curfew was in effect until Thursday morning, according to the Jamaican Office of Information.

Hurricane Sandy rolled over Jamaica on Wednesday, bringing 80-mph wind and torrents of rain to the island, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.The storm made landfall near Kingston about 3 p.m. ET, the center said. The storm was expected to bring rainfall amounts between 6 and 12 inches.

It also destroyed portions of Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas and is now heading for New York and its environs. 



Day 1681 ( Happy Birthday Mom / Japan Has The second most Millionaires )

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom.

After work, had to go to a company meeting. We have these meetings on the last Thursday of every month. I realized just now while writing this, that I am the only Jamaican male in my branch of the company I work for. There was 2 of us, but the other dude relocated to Tokyo. Anyway, when the meeting ended a couple of us Jamaicans and another friend went to TGIF to have dinner. 

Hey I wasn't as hungry as it may appear!!

World Boss


Wow Japan has more millionaires than the entire population of Jamaica.....

Japan No. 2 in total millionaires in 2012

Japan has about 3.58 million people with net assets worth $1 million (¥80 million) or more this year, the second-highest number after the United States, which has 11.02 million millionaires, according to an estimate by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group AG.
The figure for Japan represented an increase of around 83,000 from the previous year. The bank is projecting the figure to hit 5.4 million in 2017.
France ranked third with 2.28 million people with a net worth of $1 million or more — the balance of financial assets plus real estate and other nonfinancial holdings minus household debts, Credit Suisse said.
On the list of superrich adults with net assets of $50 million (¥4 billion) or more, Japan drops to fourth with some 3,400, after the United States with around 38,000, China with 4,700 and Germany with 4,000.



Day 1682 ( Hybrid Microsoft Windows 8 )

Friday, October 26, 2012

Was supposed to start swimming lessons at the YMCA today after teaching. But my swimming instructor had a meeting so I had to re-schedule.  


Hybrid Microsoft 8 OS makes debut

The Windows 8 operating system debuted worldwide Friday, with Microsoft Corp. looking to gain a competitive edge in the market for mobile devices by focusing on smartphones and tablets.

As Apple Inc. and Google Inc. continue to increase their presence in multiple markets, Microsoft views its new OS as crucial to counter competition from its archrivals, according to experts.
"Microsoft is taking a big gamble over the next few months with Windows 8," U.S.-based IT consulting firm Gartner Inc. said last month. "It is a risk Microsoft must take to stay relevant in a world where mobile devices offering new experiences are becoming the norm."
A major difference between Windows 8 and its predecessor is that the new OS can be controlled via a touch screen, creating a user interface more oriented toward smartphones and tablets. But users can also use a traditional Windows desktop screen and a mouse.
The new display, consisting of tile-shaped applications, was first used for Microsoft's smartphone operating system that has lagged behind Apple's iPhone and Google's Android system for smartphones. With Windows 8, Microsoft is hoping to unify the user interfaces of such devices as computers, smartphones and its Xbox video game console.

Since Microsoft still has a large market share and considerable influence over the OS market for PCs, experts said it is looking to spread its new unified system from the desktop and laptop markets to the mobile sector — the exact opposite of Apple's strategy.
"Apple was not really able to grow its share of the PC market, but it improved its brand image through iPods, iPhones and iPads, which then attracted consumers to Apple computers. I think Microsoft is trying to create a flow in the opposite direction," said Hiroshi Sakai, chief analyst at SMBC Friend Research Center.



Day 1683 ( Bicycle Ticketing )


Went to work at the YMCA this morning. Did a short Halloween thing with the kids, where they walked around the YMCA and collected sweets. 

After I was finished at the YMCA and got back to my station, I noticed that my lovely bicycle was missing. I looked around then finally saw it at a different location with a paper attached to it. I thought initially that I parked it at a wrong location but my friend said that it is probably an area where people should pay for parking their bicycles. 

Bicycle ticket
Nuh lef yuh bicycle yah suh
(Do not park here or we will take away your bicycle)