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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Movies Of All Time ..... To Me Part 2

Days 1670 - 1676
Sunday, October 14 - Saturday, October 20, 2012    

Day 1670 ( Happy Birthday Simone / Mis-Communication Disappointment  )
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Went to my Jamaican friend Simone's birthday party today in Tokyo. A good few of us were there including mutual friends from our company, her dancing friends and her husbands' friends. We ate some random stuff boiled in a pot that they call "shabu shabu". As well as some "serve yourself" food. It was good being there, and I even did a free style dub poem for her. I am still waiting for the video but my other friend who took it, seem to be having some difficulty uploading it.

Happy Birthday Simone
Bwoy shi sexy sah

A couple of them also went to karaoke afterwards. Unfortunately, I had a dub poetry performance at a Jamaican style bar near my apartment. Or so I thought. In my mind, I was running late, so I rushed from the location, missing lovely karaoke, to go to my "performance". A las, when I got to the location and saw a crowd of people, I was greeted with "Please pay 1500 yen to enter". So I said "NO, I should be performing so I'm not paying". So the guy at the front who was collecting the money, went and spoke to the bar owner ( Who told me about this event ). The money collector dude then came back and said "Sorry, you are not performing, so please pay 1500 yen". I told him to go call the owner, because I am not paying even 1 yen. He then told me that the owner was very busy. Another restaurant owner who I knew was also there, and he said he will go and call the boss. So the boss eventually came out with a cheerful greeting. I asked him "Whats up, and if I shouldn't be performing". He said No, he was only inviting me to the event. He then apologized for the misunderstanding. I was there still trying to convince him to make me perform, but he said the event is already full.

I was visibly upset, but I made it slide. Next time I will try to get more details and I should also study more Japanese. the main reason behind the misunderstanding was that, when I went to this bar back in July, he told me he would make me perform at the events they have. Then he called me a couple months afterwards, telling me that they will be having a live show of sorts. I of course instantly thought this was the event where I was suppose to perform at. So not only did I miss the karaoke in Tokyo, I also wasted my time to go hear some stupid Japanese band singing over our reggae songs, to the joy and glee of the almost Japanese only crowd. Anyway, there will be other times.



Day 1671 ( The Best Movies Of All Time ..... To Me Part 2 )
Monday, October 15, 2012

Took on a challenge this morning. To ride my new bicycle to work. It was fun except for a few slopes. But good exercise. It took roughly 20 mins to get there. Taking the train, combined with walking would have taken about 30 mins. So I cut off 10 mins + saved 260 yen.

Saw Usain Bolt on Japanese TV today. Its kind of foolishness but its a short clip. Here is the video...


Continued from last week, here is part 2 of the best movies ever made.

The Lord Of The Rings 3 (2003) - (The Return Of The King)

All of the movies in The Lord of the rings franchise are pretty decent. The mere box office gross of all of them speak volumes. I liked them all but I especially liked part 3 - The return of the king. You have to watch them one by one, because if you attempt to watch only part 3, you will definitely get lost. I remember watching this on DVD back in 2004 after a camp, and it had me glue to the TV screen for over 3 hours, even though I was extremely tired after camp. This franchise undoubtedly changed the future of fantasy films forever.

Give me the ring (in Smeagol's voice)
IMDB gives it a 8.9 / 10


Armageddon (1998)

Yeah this was sometime ago but it was a decent movie. This one almost made me shed a tear but I was having one of my "Big man don't cry" days, so I sat strong.

Seriously though, what if a gigantic asteroid
should hit earth one day?
IMDB gives it a 6.4 / 10 maybe it had too much stuff about America.



Transformers ( 2007 )

Part 1 was good but the other 2 that followed lacked a good story line. So the first one and the first one only was really good. It actually caught me by surprise because I thought it would suck. But it proved me wrong.

If you miss the others its ok, just watch this one
IMDB gave it a 7.2 / 10



300 ( 2006 )

This was one bad ass, full of gore flick that will send chills up your spine. And I heard from some girls that it is like porn for them. We men watch it for the action, the guts spilling etc. Gerard Butler did spectacularly in this film. It has one of the best fight scenes ever!!!! And one of the all time best catch phrases.

"This is madness" ... "Madness?" ...  THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!!!

IMDB gave it a 7.8 / 10 .... Just wrong...


Avengers (2012)

Watched this recently and it was action packed plus had some science stuff to geek you out. And if you are a fan of Iron Man and/or The Hulk and/or Thor then this movie is where it's at. For me, the hulk scenes were incredible x 10.

Watch it for The Hulk!!!

IMDB gave it a 8.4 / 10



Day 1672 ( Softbank Japan Buys Sprint USA )

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rode to my nearest school today, but trust me....I feel like its better walking. There are too many slopes. After work I just stayed in.


Softbank plans $20 billion Sprint buy

Softbank Corp. and Sprint Nextel Corp. have entered into definitive agreements under which Japan's third-largest mobile phone carrier will pay $20.1 billion (about ¥1.57 trillion) to acquire a 70 percent stake in the No. 3 U.S. cellphone firm, Softbank said Monday.

The deal would create one of the leading communications groups in the world, boasting 90 million mobile phone subscriptions.
Softbank will pay $12.1 billion, or about ¥946.9 billion, to Sprint shareholders and the deal includes $8 billion, or ¥624 billion, in new capital, the company said.
The move came as mobile companies are actively making investments to boost infrastructure for high-speed data communications using the Long Term Evolution network service.


Upstart Sprint suitor Son stands apart

Masayoshi Son, the billionaire behind a deal that will create the world's third-biggest mobile company, spent his childhood in a slum, where he proudly rode in a stinking wheelbarrow filled with pig feed, pushed by his grandmother, a Korean immigrant.

The unlikely success story of the Softbank Corp. president has taken another leap with his latest mega-deal, announced Monday, to take a 70 percent stake in U.S. cellphone carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. for $20 billion.
The biggest foreign acquisition in the history of Japan Inc. underlines Son's unusual status in a corporate culture that has long favored stability over risk-taking. Yet big deals are not the only reason Son, 55, has stood out.




Day 1673 ( Fare Well DJ Ace / 1 yen Tickets To China!!!!! )

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rode to and from work again. This time I almost had an accident with a crazy Jr. high or high school guy that was not looking where he was going. Everything was ok though.

In the evening I went to a farewell get together for a Japanese selector / DJ who is madly in love with Jamaican culture. He goes by the name Ace. He is going on a DJ tour to Hawaii, New York and also in Jamaica. Look out for him Jamaicans.


Spring Airlines offering ¥1 tickets to China as island dispute hurts ridership

Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines will sell one-way flights on its route linking Saga and Shanghai for only ¥1 from Wednesday to Dec. 17.

Round-trip flights connecting Saga, Japan to Shanghai, China run three times a week. The ¥1 fare applies to up to 50 seats per flight.
Spring Airlines set the low fare in response to falling passenger numbers amid the worsening relations between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands.
On top of the ¥1 airfare, fuel surcharges and other costs will total ¥7,080.




Day 1674 ( Man Go On Stabbing Spree )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Used another paid vacation day today because I wasn't feeling well. Fall season going into winter is a terrible time. The nights are already cold. I don't have to use the heater yet though which is good. I am avoiding it as long as possible. Heater means high electricity bill.


Six wounded in Fukuoka stabbing spree

A knife-wielding attacker injured six men at JR Hakata Station in the city of Fukuoka, causing five to be taken to a hospital, firefighters said, noting their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police subdued and arrested Kimitaka Nakano, 26, on suspicion of breaking the Sword and Firearm Control Law after he allegedly attacked six men at the station using a kitchen knife with a 17-cm blade.

They quoted Nakano as saying he "wanted to stab people.




Day 1675 ( Swimming Lessons Soon )

Friday, October 19, 2012

Had a full day of work today basically from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm. My full-time job and also at the YMCA.
I told them at the YMCA that I want to start swimming lessons. Teachers get a 20% discount. I was surprised that it was such a small discount we got. I was expecting 50% or more :) So I signed up for swimming lessons. My first one should be next Friday, October 26. 3 lessons for 7600 yen / US$95. A bit over priced I think. 3 swimming lessons for the cost of my tablet PC.



Day 1676 (  )

Saturday, October 20, 2012 ( 4 Years 7 Months )

My first time back at Saturday YMCA since the end of September. Basically a welcomed 2 weeks break. One of the employees told me that a 3 year old kid got used to my teaching, so if I am absent, and he sees another teacher, he will start crying. So his mom wants me to always teach him. In other words she is trying to tell me not to use my vacation days hahahaha.... Apparently she thinks I am Japanese. If I have vacation days, I am going to use them.



Hey Thanks for keeping up with me Stephen. As you may have seen, things are not too bad overall.

@Richard... The Jamaicans in Japan group is a closed group on facebook. The creator of it holds all permission. I can't do a thing.

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