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Monday, November 19, 2012

Japanese And Blood Types (Re-post)

Days 1698 - 1704

Sunday, November 11 - Saturday, November 17, 2012    

Day 1698 (  )
Sunday, November 11, 2012

Came in from an old hits reggae party this morning. It was ok, not all that fun but good enough.

Mi a try swag



Day 1699 ( On Tv Again Soon )
Monday, November 12, 2012

Heard not too long ago (while writing this very blog) that some guys or possibly a guy in Niimi is "still" spreading my name in a negative light even among the new teachers there. I haven't heard 1 positive mention of my name, like my TV show or even say the book I published while living in Niimi. I even heard that I "screwed over myself". Hahaha interesting stuff I tell you. I very well know who the culprit is. But I am still unaware of why "he" is still doing this. Anyway, I'm no longer there, and it doesn't move me one bit. Whoever wants to listen to "him",  go right ahead. I have no ill feelings towards him still or to those who want to believe this dude that just want to tarnish my character for some unknown reason. Any way moving on....


Went to Shibuya, Tokyo after work today to do a television interview with some people from a TV show name Sekai Banzuke. It will air on Friday, December 7 at 8:00 pm and also on Friday, December 14 at 7:00pm on NTV (Nihon Terebi) which is channel 4 in the Kanto area. In other areas I am not so sure what time. I said some crazy things and did some crazy stuff so you really don't have to watch it :)

They asked me some questions about news in Japan that captured my attention this year. I told them the following:

1) The opening of the Sky tree Tower ( Tallest Tower in the World )

2) London Olympics (Jamaica's performance )

3) I-phone 5 release

I spoke about quite a bit of other random stuff as well. A Jamaican friend of mine and his wife came along as well. They were also interviewed briefly.



Day 1700 ( Japanese And Blood Types  )
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just had work like normal then came home and blogged.


I blogged about this topic before 3 years ago and thought I would revisit it, about Japanese peoples' obsession with blood types.

Many Japanese people (chiefly females) believe that your blood type is directly tied to your personality and character.... It is so bad that, it is very possible that if you are dating a Japanese girl, and she finds out that you are of a certain blood type, she will break off with you there and then..... Because they are seeking someone of a specific blood type... Now, a little problem is that, a good 98% or more of foreigners, don't have a clue what their blood type is.... And if you should tell this to a Japanese female, she will be shocked out of her wits... as in " How can you not know your BLOOD TYPE ???? " kind of shocked. 

I said this to a Chinese/American girl who would attend the Tuesday English conversation thing I went to back in Niimi, and she didn't know that this was embedded in the Japanese mind...But she experienced it right there at the English conversation, because when she said that she didn't know her blood type, one of the Japanese ladies shouted in disbelief "HONTO!!!" ... REALLY!!!!!! So we all laughed and I said " you see!, I told you" ...

This is an article I found about the blood type thing:

A person's blood type is determined by what kind of antigen, a type of protein, is on the surface of the red blood cells. If a person has an A antigen, the blood is type A while a B antigen means type B blood. People with both are type AB, and those with neither are type O. The most common type is O, followed by AB andAB.
There is no solid scientific evidence that blood type is related to character. But that hasn't stopped the Japanese from believing in it.
Toshitaka Nomi of Japan has written 30 books on blood types. According to his book You Are Your Blood Type, the following are the traits of the four blood types:


People of this blood type are perfectionist, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, soft-spoken and careful.


PositiveNegativeSuitable Careers
FashionableInflexibleComputer Programmer

Reckless when drunkGossip



People with this blood type are flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent concentration.


PositiveNegativeSuitable Careers
FlexibleIndiscreetHair dresser
CandidLazyMilitary leader
SensitiveImpatientTalk show host


People of this blood type are supposed to be natural leaders, great organizers, diplomatic, rational and imaginative.


PositiveNegativeSuitable Careers
HonestEasily offendedTeacher
DiplomaticToo conservativeSales representative
OrganizedNitpickerSocial worker
StrongHard to knowWitch


People with this blood type are powerful leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.


PositiveNegativeSuitable Careers
IdealisticJealousPolitician (leader)
Clear-sightedUnreliableMinister (leader)
Good at sportsObsessive loverInvestment broker
SexyCan't shut upbaseball player

At least 2 persons have suggested to me that I am a TYPE-O .... well, I have no evidence of this so I don't know... Wikipedia says this blood type business was derived from historical Scientific Racism...

Here is another write up about it....

These beliefs even affect politics. One former prime minister considered it important enough to reveal in his official profile that he's a type A, whilst his opposition rival was type B. Last year a minister, Ryu Matsumoto, was forced to resign after only a week in office, when a bad-tempered encounter with local officials was televised. In his resignation speech he blamed his failings on the fact that he was blood type B.




Day 1701 (  )
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My first grade students drew these pictures. I chose the best 2 for display on my blog.

My evening student said he had to hire 2 Indian Ph.D students to help him out with some projects. I told him about my swimming lesson last Friday and about the lying kid who told his mom that I hit him. That was pretty much my day today.



Day 1702 ( Scary Dave / Japanese Christians Seeking New Ways To Spread The Good News )
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Got really strict with my worst class today. Even the class room teacher was surprised. A few guys didn't want to write down some English words that I told them to, so I went over to them looking very serious. I spoke to them in English very harshly and they cooperated very well. One even said "You are scary" and my answer was, "I know".


Christians exploring new ways to spread the word

At a bustling Tokyo flea market in late September, booths were filled with manga, self-published magazines, books, accessories and other goods. The crowds that gathered included women in "cosplay" outfits and men in animal costumes, while the poster promoting the event featured a manga-style girl in school uniform.

If not for the slogan on the poster — "Go for it! Our religious reform!" — passersby would have thought it was just another event for the manga crowd.
Instead, it was a Christian outreach tailored to modern Japanese sensibilities.
Christianity has become a hot topic thanks to the success of a book by sociologists Daizaburo Hashizume and Masachi Osawa titled "Fushigina Kirisutokyo" ("Mysterious Christianity"). The best-seller won the Shinsho Award and feature articles on the religion have appeared in general magazines.




Day 1703 (  )
Friday, November 16, 2012

Worked again from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm. Full time job and YMCA.



Day 1704 (  )
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Started teaching a group of kids along with their parents today. The youngest child was 10 months old, while the eldest was 3.


Safiya Brown-Cameron said...

The Blood Type thing sounds really interesting. And what's even more interesting is how much they believe it to be true. Have u figure out what ur blood type is and whether or not it conforms to the expected norms? It would be nice to know. I'm O+ and I'm not so sure. I guess Culture may influence this idea somewhat.

PS. I think ur blogs r kool. :-)

davay colly said...

Thanks for the comment Safiya. Yeah I found out that I am also O+ and the stuff there does look similar to my personality but yeah I believe its still crap... Maybe some truth to it though.