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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back To Jamaica 2012 / 2013 pt 2

Days 1747 - 1760 (2 weeks)
Sunday, December 30, 2012 - Saturday, January 12, 2013 

Day 1747 ( Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios )
Sunday, December 30, 2012

Left from the villa in Ocho Rios and went to Dunn's River Falls. I climbed the falls then went to the beach.

Saw another Jamaican currently living in Japan at the beach there. I heard someone calling my name then when I turned around, it was my friend Dale. He was taking his winter vacation in Jamaica also. We went to the same high school.

Other photos on the beach.

After the beach, we took a bus to the Ocho Rios Jerk center where the Knutsford Express bus would come and pick us up. While at the Ocho Rios Jerk center, we stopped and got some seriously delicious jerk chicken and jerk pork. I also saw yet another Jamaican who is currently living in Japan there. He should be leaving Jamaica on January 3rd.

The best jerk anything you will find in Jamaica

The Knutsford Express then dropped us to New Kingston where my mom and sis picked us up and headed back to Portmore.
View from Mt. Rosser while coming back from Ocho Rios

Sun down in Portmore



Day 1748 ( At The Banks )

Monday, December 31, 2012

Went to the bank today with my mom and spent over 4 hours there just to open 2 accounts.

After the bank, we went to the KFC in Portmore mall. The last time I came here was 2009 and it looked nothing like this.

After KFC, we went back home then to what we call in Jamaica - a "Watch Night" service. This is basically going to a church service that begins at around 9:30 pm (On Dec 31) and yes ends at or around 12 midnight (On January 1). They allowed me to do a dub poem there entitled "New Year". Here it is:

New Year Dub Poem

Me performing the Dub Poem - New Year

The truth is, after I performed, I started falling asleep in the church. Too tired from the trip to Jamaica and around Jamaica.



Day 1749 ( Happy New Year - 2013/Other Siblings )

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Happy New Year to my faithful and no so faithful readers/followers. I have somehow managed to triple my readership throughout 2012. I am now at over 87,000 views. Thanks for checking up on my stuff, where ever you are in the world. Continue checking and click on any advert that may interest you :)

After the watch night church service ended at midnight, I went back home and slept a bit. Then I went to a gathering of sorts where my dad lives in Kingston. So I met some more of my siblings whom I've never seen before.

Here are the pics:

Big sister Marcia, meeting for the first time

Dad is in the center in green, his wife is front center

My nephew and niece, meeting for the first time

Big sister Pat, met back in 2004, Big brother Junior, first time meeting

Nephews Xavier (classmate at University), and his bro Garvin with his son

My sister Pat works with the Jamaica sports foundation or the Jamaica Olympic Association, I am not sure which or the exact name of it for that matter. But she was at the Olympics in London 2012 and she attends any cricket and basketball stuff that Jamaica is involved with all over the world. She gave me a few Puma apparel.



Day 1750 ( Licence Renewal Issues / More Japanese In Jamaica / Tracks and Records)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Licence Renewal Issues

Dropped my friend at a Blue Mountain Coffee outlet shop today in Kingston. Then went to the Tax office in Constant Spring to renew my Jamaican driver's licence. Luckily I had a friend who works there so I didn't have to join any of the long lines. But there was a problem. They needed my Tax Registration Number (TRN) and when they looked for it on the system, it had me registered as a female!!!!! WHAT!!! I got my TRN since 1999 and some how the system had me on there as a female, even though I can do no transaction without my TRN. Interesting! and sloppy!!!

My friend pulled some strings and had them change it on the system for me, but I still have to go back there tomorrow to collect my new licence.


More Japanese In Jamaica

Met with some Japanese persons who are currently living in Jamaica. 1 of them has been living in Jamaica for over 8 years and he is a gymnastics teacher. He and his wife recently went back to Japan briefly. 1 person is a JICA/JOCV volunteer in Jamaica. They do various things including: teach special education, help with sports programs, work at the Japanese embassy among other things, depending on their area of specialization. 1 other person I met initially in Japan back in October or November of 2012.

Tracks and Records / Car Trouble

While heading to Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records restaurant today, my car started over heating. I took the necessary precaution of pouring water into the radiator before leaving my house, but water couldn't go in, so I thought it was already full. How wrong I was.

Anyway, while at a stop light in an area called 3 mile, some guys always wait on the stop light to flash red, then attempt to wipe your car windshield for a fee. Most people ignore them or tell them NO!!! I told them no. But, my car started overheating. So I turned it off a bit to make it cool down. Then when the light went on green, my car couldn't re-start. This was scary. I had to put on the hazard lights to allow other motorists to pass me. This is the second time I can recall my car failing me like this. Anyway, I was lucky to get it re-start at the next green light. I stopped nearby a church and poured coolant into the coolant area plus some water as well. Then drove to tracks and records with the car still overheating a bit.

Finally, I made it to the restaurant to meet my best friends from university. I have to meet these guys every time I return to Jamaica. All 5 of them. We helped each other through university. We ate and chatted for a while, but I had to leave after about 2 hours.

My Best Friends !

Left Tracks and Records at around 11pm I think and headed home. My car started over heating again. Had to stop and let the car cool down. Called my cousin who luckily lived not too far away from where I decided to stop. He came then that was when we figured out that a part of the radiator cap got stuck in the radiator. So while I thought that radiator was filled with water before I left my house, It was actually empty!!! Like not a drop of water in there.... We then filled up the radiator and then it started running smoothly again. Finally I got home.



Day 1751 ( Busy Day And Meeting More Friends )

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Went with my cousin to drop off my friend at the airport early this morning. Police stopped him and gave him a ticket for speeding. He was doing 90 in a 50 zone. We dropped off my friend, then I went back home, slept, then another friend who now teaches at my former high school came to visit me. She dropped me in Half way tree where I met another friend who was at tracks and records with us yesterday. I forgot my bag with some important papers there, and he took it for me. He introduced me to his daughter who I finally met after 2 years.

He then dropped me at the tax office again for me to finally get my renewed Jamaican driver's licence. I then took a public bus back to Half way tree and bought a small bongo drum, 2 pair of reggae socks and a Jamaican colored scarf.

I then met an old class mate from high school, whom I haven't seen in like 15 years.

We spoke for a while then I headed to New Kingston to meet some more friends. But first I stopped at a famous patty shop "Juicy Patties" to purchase a cheese Patty....

It has been 2 years... I missed you

Later on I met some more friends at restaurant name Cuddy's.

My friend Lance in the blue shirt then dropped me home. We spoke quite a bit about what we were going through for the past 2 years.



Day 1752 ( Final Meetings Before Heading Back To Japan ) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Went to another bank again today to set up another account thing. And again it took around 4 hours. After this I again took public transportation to Half way tree then to New Kingston. There I met a Jamaican girl who is in love with Japanese culture. I actually met her via the internet over 2 years now. But finally met her in person. She visited Fukuoka in Japan back in 2011 for 2 weeks she said. And she is crazy about going back. Its so strange how I ended up in Japan without previously knowing much about this country and its culture. Just came here and developed a liking for it slowly.

Anyway, met more friends again at Cuddy's. Left there at around 11pm and my friend Tamara dropped me home.



Day 1753 ( Heading Back To NY and Japan )

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I think I managed to do everything I intended to do in Jamaica. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I still didn't get to meet up with many more persons who I wanted to see over the 2 weeks. This was my 4th trip back to Jamaica and I think possibly the best one. If only my sister would care the car more, I would have had less embarrassing situations.

Took some pics with my mom and sis before leaving.

Then my sis dropped me at the airport where we took more photos.

I then got on a 7:20 am flight to NY. It took 3 hours to get there. My flight to Japan was going to be at 6pm so I had a long wait. Luckily my friend is only like 20 mins from the airport, so he made his nephew pick me up and we stopped by his house in Long Island.

My friend's child

His wife who is also in love with Japan

Stayed at the house for a couple of hours then headed to the American Airline area to take the 14 hours flight back to Japan. Surprisingly, the 14 hours only felt like 6 hours. I slept out the other 8.





Day 1754 ( A Day In the Plane / Taken 2)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Basically spent the day in the plane, flying 14 hours into the future. I watched the movie Taken 2. Part one was awesome.

But Taken 2 sucked. Poor plot, poor acting by the enemy dudes and just overall a bad sequel. I give it a 4.5/10

Landed in Japan at around 10:30 pm and cleared customs easily. All the guy asked was what is my purpose in Japan. When I told him I was a teacher, he looked pleased. He asked about 2 more questions then sent me on my way. Japan was like.... Welcome back to the cold!!!! I hate the cold.... Anyway, I got back to my apartment at around 12 midnight.



Day 1755 ( Jet Lag Day 1 )

Monday, January 7, 2013

I was smart enough to take the day off today since like November. Because there is no way I could function properly the next day at work, after a 14 hrs flight. but I stayed up after getting back to my apartment, checking mails etc. Then fell asleep at 9am. Got back up at around 3pm. Paid some bills etc.



Day 1756 ( Jet Lag Day 2 )

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Had 6 classes today at my main school. What a terrible start ! And by 10:30am my head started feeling strange. It was telling me to go to bed. 1 Teacher noticed that my actions slowed down a bit, so she took over the class. When I got back to my apartment, I went on the computer a bit, then fell asleep at around 5pm. Then got back up at 9pm. I then started blogging until about 5am and fell asleep.



Day 1757 ( Jet Lag Day 3 )

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Woke up with a terrible headache and stomach ache. So I called in sick. Pretty much stayed in and tried to doctor myself.



Day 1758 (  )

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Went to my worst school today and had my worst class. I got very angry with a student today. No one can speak to this dude. But some how with the help of the home room teacher and my anger, we got him to participate.



Day 1759 ( Falling Down stairs / Wait For What? )

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did 6 classes at my main school today with a supporter guy who is over 70 years old. This guy hardly helps me with my lessons. I think they still use him because he probably has nothing to do and they are basically helping him out.

After my 6 classes, I was rushing to the YMCA. I was running a bit late and while running down some stairs, I fell, but held on to the rail. I saw a few persons looking on in shock, some holding their mouths....But I got back up so quickly and ran off that it seem like nothing happened. It was like a slow motion, matrix drop, roll and run ... all in one... It was indeed embarrassing.

At least I held the handrail!

After doing my class, my YMCA boss told me that I had a private student at 7:20pm. So I waited from 6pm - 7:20pm, but no student came. I asked her to re-check, then she realized that she made a mistake.... I am not even going to be paid for wasting 1hr 20 mins doing nothing.



Day 1760 (  )

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Had 2 classes at the YMCA today, then ran off to my friend's apartment for the 3 day weekend.



@Richard, The video you saw was a Japan year in review of sorts for 2012. Yeah I had to do some crazy stuff, many people were passing by watching. And yeah I felt dumb, I didn't even get paid for it.

Hey Nikole, yeah shame on mi fi real. I've never seen Jamaica's underwater life before...

Thanks for your comment Peta... I hope you get through fro the JET program.

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Niki said...

You're forgiven, I've seen or sea life but never been snorkeling.. need to change that.
Have you ever done the Appleton Rum Tour? If not, I think you should put that on your list for the next time you come home