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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Are So Many Hentai Guys / Perverts In Japan???

Japanese word of the week - Yamete/ やめて - Stop doing that / Don't do that

Days 1796 - 1802
( Sunday, February 17 - Saturday, February 24, 2013 )

Day 1796 ( China - The World's Largest Trader in 2012 )
Sunday, February 17, 2013

Went to church this morning then to a restaurant afterwards with some Jamaicans and others.



China world’s largest trader in 2012

China overtook the United States as the world’s largest trading nation in 2012, with two-way trade in merchandise totaling $3.867 trillion, according to data released by China and the U.S.
They are slowly and carefully taking over the world

China logged $3.9 billion more in trade with the rest of the world last year than did the United States, which logged a 3.5 percent rise to $3.863 trillion.
China’s trade has been expanding rapidly since it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, a move that allowed it to enjoy the same trade rules that govern most global trade.

Cash-rich China steps in where other lenders fear to tread

When Venezuela seized billions of dollars in assets from Exxon Mobil and other foreign companies, Chinese state banks and investors didn’t blink. Over the past five years they have loaned Venezuela more than $35 billion.

Elsewhere around the Caribbean, as hotels were struggling to stay afloat in the global economic slowdown, the Chinese response was to bankroll the biggest resort under construction in the Western Hemisphere — a massive hotel, condominium and casino complex in the Bahamas just a few kilometers from half-empty resorts.

All over the world, from Latin America to the South Pacific, a cash-flush China is funding projects that others won’t, seemingly less concerned by the conventional wisdom of credit ratings and institutions such as the World Bank.





Day 1797 ( Meeting The Missionaries / Guy Who Shot Bin Laden Speaks Out)
Monday, February 18, 2013

After work, I met with 2 Baptist Missionaries today to discuss how I could get more involved with mission work in Japan. We ate at Fridays near the Yokohama station and chatted for a long while. One of the missionary guys can speak like 5 languages and he is really good at drawing. He drew this picture in like 3 minutes seriously.


Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden breaks his silence

The U.S. Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden broke his silence Monday, recounting the night he shot the al-Qaida leader three times and the financial anxiety he now faces as an unemployed civilian.
The commando kept his identity secret in the Esquire magazine interview, but revealed his role in the daring May 2011 raid for the first time, as well as the worries he has for his family’s security.
“He looked confused. And way taller than I was expecting,” the SEAL said of bin Laden.

When the commandos came upon bin Laden in the dark on the third floor of his hideout in the town of Abbottabad, Pakistan, the al-Qaida mastermind had his hands on his youngest wife’s shoulders, “pushing her ahead.” An AK-47 assault rifle was lying nearby.
“I don’t know if she’s got a vest and she’s being pushed to martyr them both. He’s got a gun within reach. He’s a threat. I need to get a head shot so he won’t have a chance to clack himself off (blow himself up),” the commando said.
“In that second, I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap! The second time as he’s going down. He crumpled onto the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again, Bap! same place.
“He was dead. Not moving. His tongue was out.”




Day 1798 ( Why Are So Many Hentai Guys / Perverts In Japan? )
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wasn't feeling my best this morning so I took another day off. But I still ended up going to bed at 2 am. Why??? Very bad habit I am trying to change.


Why Are So Many Hentai Guys / Perverts In Japan? 

Anyone living in Japan will notice that if you pass any convenience store at anytime, you will almost always see some Japanese men reading at the glass. Do you think they are reading novels?? NO! They are reading porn. And they don't care if you see them or not.

It is the strangest thing that many of these guys read stuff about sex, but they are not doing it with their wives I gather.

I decided to ask a Japanese friend of mine about why do many Japanese men read these books. He said that it was just to waste time. Nothing else. Not that I have a deep concern anyway. I also wonder why the convenient stores allow these books to be read for free??? I guess again that's just the Japanese way to do things.

Also why is chikan ( men touching females inappropriately on trains ) so common? I was watching a TV show recently where the host asked a group of ladies, how many of them experienced chikan on trains before. More than half of the crowd held up their hands. Why don't the guys just simply try talking to the females? And why don't most of the females rebel when this criminal act is taking place? The answers that most females on the show gave was that, they didn't want any attention to be drawn to them!!!! However, about 2 of the girls responded violently. With one even showing her karate skills on the dude.

I think the smiling dude in the gray is involved

A stranger story yet... A Japanese lady told me that her HUSBAND!!! was arrested briefly for being involved in an "up skirt" video ring production business of sorts. She said she remembered getting a call telling her to come to the police station. Only to see her husband in hand cuffs. He got caught videoing up a female's skirt on a trains. I was shocked to say the least. That leads also to another question. Why do many Japanese females, especially the high school ones, wear these short skirts when they know many many of these strange guys are around??? I think the answer is "Because short skirts are cute "



Day 1799 ( Boy Attends School Via Robot with Camera )
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 ( 4 Years 11 Months )

Spoke to my evening student today about my new computer as well as about marriage stuff.


Boy attends New York school remotely via robot

In a school hallway, a teacher takes her students to the library, leading a single-file line of giggling boys and girls that is perfectly ordinary — until you get to a sleek white robot with a video screen showing the face of a smiling, chubby-cheeked boy.

Devon Carrow’s life-threatening allergies do not allow him to go to school. But the robot with a wireless video hookup gives him the school experience remotely, allowing him to participate in Winchester Elementary School’s classes, stroll through the hallways, hang out at recess and even take to the auditorium stage when there is a show.

What is most remarkable is how unremarkable this technology is viewed by his classmates. In a class of 7-year-olds raised on video games, avatars and remote-controlled toys, they don’t see a robot — they just see Carrow.



Day 1800 ( Unruly Children )
Thursday, February 21, 2013

My most disgusting class should have done a short skit today. The class was arranged in 6 groups. But half of the boys didn't want to do anything. I am curious to know what these kids are going to be like in the next say 5-6 years. One guy even threw away the skit paper and it grazed my left leg. The Japanese classroom teacher got a bit verbal but the guy who threw the paper was just there doing his own thing, not listening. I didn't get angry this week because this is possibly the last English class I will have with them.

For the second consecutive week at this school, a teacher forgot that they had English class. I didn't even alert the vice principal or anyone else. I simply sat and waited until the time ended. While messing around with my phone.



Day 1801 ( My Hanko )
Friday, February 22, 2013

After work, I had 3 classes at the YMCA because I had to substitute for another teacher who was sick.


I found out just this year that I have to pay a renewal fee if I want to stay in my apartment for another 2 years. This is how apartment agencies and companies in Japanese major cities rip people off. Unfortunately it is the standard in Japan. So my renewal fee for a further 2 years is 150% of my rent. Which will equal to 70,000 yen or just under US $700. Still relatively cheap for Yokohama but still robbery. So good bye spring vacation trip to Thailand.

Anyway, I had to sign some papers and mail back some information to the company that owns my apartment then I should pay that 70,000 yen by the end of February. The apartment agency called me saying that they had some problems with thing I use to stamp my Japanese signature called a hanko.

Here, stamp your life away

After 2 years, they just figured that my real name and the Japanese sign on my hanko doesn't match. So they were wondering if I BORROWED someone's hanko!!!!!!!! I have never heard such foolishness. You have to use this thing to do pretty much everything important... Like opening a bank account. Then 2 years down they are wondering if I borrowed it from some one!!!



Day 1802 ( Black History Month Event Missed )
Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taught 2 classes at YMCA then went home. In the evening, I went to Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya then to a "Black History Month" thing in Roppongi, Tokyo. I was suppose to perform there but I got there late. Mainly because... you guessed it, I got a little lost. Well also because I was at the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya too long. I did meet up with some Caribbean and some American friends there though.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Japan - A "Cute / Kawaii" Culture / Bionic Eye Revealed

Japanese Word of the week is: Konbanwaa /こんばんは/ Good Evening/Night 

Note : Konbanwaa is only the pronunciation.. It is actually spelled konbanha... ha is pronounced wa in this case.

Days 1789 - 1795 
Sunday, February 10 - Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 1789 ( Yokohama China Town / Small Tsunami Hit Japan's Coast) 
Sunday, February 10, 2013

He hates you, can you tell?

Today was China's New Years Day. So what better place to go than China town, which is about 30 mins by train from me. There were maaaaany people there. So getting into a restaurant was next to impossible. Me and my friend did mange to find a restaurant after waiting for only 20 mins.


Small tsunami reach Japan from Solomon quake

Whats up with the Pacific and Tsunamis? 

Tsunami 40 cm high were observed at Hachijo Island in the Izu chain off Tokyo last week following an 8.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, the Meteorological Agency said.
Tsunami about 10-cm high were also observed at Chichijima in the Ogasawara island chain, at Owase in Mie Prefecture, as well as at Kushimoto and Nachikatsuura, both in Wakayama Prefecture, the agency said.
Observation data from other locations along the Pacific coast were mostly within the range of 10 to 20 cm or less.
The Solomon quake prompted the agency to issue a tsunami alert for Japan’s Pacific coast.



Day 1790 ( Japan - A "Cute/Kawaii" Culture / Jamaica Skaters Got Medal in Special Olympics )
Monday, February 11, 2013

Today I stayed home all day as it was another national holiday in Japan.


Japanese females generally thinks almost anything is cute. Even somethings that we westerners have to wonder about. But generally speaking, they are obsessed with cute stuff. Another reason why they tend to spend hours in the mirror putting on makeup, trying to (and some successfully do) make themselves look cute.

Hello kitty is especially famous here. I never knew about this character until I came to Japan. My sister would love it here. Why is "cute" such a big thing in Japan? Your guess is as good as mine.


You probably won't hear about this news anywhere else outside of Jamaica or possibly the Caribbean but hey.....

J’can skaters win historic medals at Special Olympics

Nigel Davis and Tamra Mitchell broke new ground for Jamaica yesterday when they won two silver medals in ice figureskating here at the Special Olympic World Winter Games.

Davis, who has previously won gold in speed skating, was confident and expressive during his ice dance routine at the Yongpyong Dome ice rink (skating surface), but had to settle for second place behind the small-framed Yuktotorah Ho of Hong Kong in the Singles Male Level One category.
Mitchell and Davis then combined to win Jamaica's second silver medal at the Championships when they were bested by the Hong Kong connection of Sze Hou Ho and Ka Man Ng in the Teams Level One segment.




Day 1791 ( Information About Jamaica / Russia Also Messing With Japan)
Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The guy who is trying to start a English class thing with me, is also recommending that I start to expose information about Jamaica more to Japanese people. So he offered to set up a website and asked me to supply some information.


Russian fighters intrude into Japanese airspace on isle row day, spurring protest

Two Russian fighter jets briefly intruded into Japanese airspace Thursday off Hokkaido, the first such incursion in five years, the Defense Ministry said.
Tokyo lodged a protest with Moscow over the incident, asking the Russian side to look into the case, the Foreign Ministry said.
But Russian media reported the same day that the nation’s military denies its aircraft intruded into Japanese airspace.
According to the Defense Ministry, two Russian Su-27 fighter jets intruded into Japanese airspace for roughly a minute from 2:59 p.m. in an area southwest of Rishiri Island, which sits near the northern tip of Hokkaido.
Air Self-Defense Force F-2 fighter jets were scrambled to the scene, while the Russian jets flew southward over the Sea of Japan before turning back north, according to the ministry.




Day 1792 ( Marriage Talk / Jamaica Restructuring its Debt)
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spoke to my evening student about some marriage stuff after work today. Who knows? You might be hearing some big news this year!!!!


This is the first time I'm seeing news about Jamaica in a Japanese news paper. Sadly, it isn't even good news.

Jamaica to restructure its debt again

Jamaica will restructure its local debt for the second time in three years as the Caribbean island struggles to boost economic growth and secure a new accord with the International Monetary Fund.
The nation asked bondholders late Monday to exchange “higher-interest debt for lower-cost debt,” Finance Minister Peter Phillips said in a speech with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. There will be no “haircut” on the principal investment, he said.

The Caribbean nation swapped $7.8 billion of local bonds for securities with longer maturities and lower interest rates in 2010. Since then, central bank reserves have fallen to about $1 billion from a peak of $2.6 billion in the first half of 2011.




Day 1793 ( Happy Valentine's Day / Bionic Eye Reveled )
Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love you

Today, a special needs child gave me a chocolate. I got chocolate from about 4 different persons today. I also got a pair of thick, warm socks. If you didn't know, the coldest places on your body in winter are your fingers and toes. So I really appreciate the socks.

I also ordered a new Laptop computer today.

I was suppose to meet with the guy who want me and him to start the English school today, but I cancelled.


We have the technology: Bionic eye makes debut

After years of research, the first bionic eye has seen the light of day in the United States, giving hope to the blind worldwide.
Developed by Second Sight Medical Products, the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System has helped more than 60 people partially recover their sight, with some experiencing better results than others.
Consisting of 60 electrodes implanted in the retina and glasses fitted with a special minicamera, the Argus II has already won the approval of European regulators. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to follow suit soon, making the Argus II the world’s first widely available bionic eye.
“It’s the first bionic eye to go on the market in the world, the first in Europe and the first one in the U.S.,” said Brian Mech, the California-based firm’s vice president of business development.




Day 1794 (Meteor Shower Over Russia )
Friday, February 15, 2013

Today was one of my rough days. Where I work from 8:30 - 8:00 almost none stop.


Flying glass hazard in central Russia meteor shower

Nearly 1,000 people injured as a meteor shower rained down on central Russia were mainly hurt by flying glass.
No one was killed in the celestial event in Chelyabinsk, but the country’s Emergencies Ministry says nearly 1,000 have been hurt - including children.
Speaking from Chelyabinsk Hospital, surgeon Vladimir Basmannikov said: “The wounds that people have are mainly cuts and bruises, due to windows and window frames breaking and flying around. And you can see how many people are here. We’ve already treated 60 or 70, and we still have a corridor full of people.”
The meteor explosion and shower may be connected to an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool that is due to pass Earth at a distance of 27,520 kilometres – however, the link has not been confirmed.




Day 1795 ( Got New Laptop )
Saturday, February 17, 2013

I received my new Laptop today that I ordered 2 days ago.

It is a Asus X301A (Asus is the 5th largest PC Vendor and is based in Taiwan)

It is a 64 bit system with Windows 8.
4 GB of RAM (DDR3)
500 GB Hard Drive
Intel Pentium 2.4 Ghz Processor


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is there going to be a war between China and Japan?

Days 1782 - 1788
Sunday, February 3 - 9, 2013

Japanese word of the Week - Tabemono - 食べ物 - Food

Day 1782 ( Surviving a Bomb Blast !! )
Sunday, February 3, 2013

Went to church today at the Yokohama International Baptist Church (YIBC), which I started visiting since late November/early December of 2012. Its a bit further than the first church I used to go to but I some how feel more at home here. Maybe because 2 of my Jamaican friends also goes there plus there are more people to interact with.

After the service, 6 of us went out to have lunch. The restaurant was jam packed, so it took us about 45 minutes to be seated. The guy seated beside me is an Australian, who is an exchange student, but will be leaving soon.

Farewell Denish

The food was absolutely incredible. Even though it took us a while to get served. One of the females who was their with us, her dad is a diplomat for the Japanese government. She is half Filipino, half Japanese. She speaks Japanese to her dad, but English to her mom and pretty much has been all over the world. Such is the life of a diplomat's daughter. Actually she went to first grade at one of the schools I currently teach at.

Anyway, she told me that they had to flee from Pakistan not once but twice!!! I think once was with the 9/11 plane incident in America, while the other was a little more "closer to home" so to speak. She said while in church in Pakistan one day (the church by the way is in a well protected, secured, don't try to come in here area), she was in the church basement attending Sunday school probably. While her mom was in the service. Her mom saw 2 guys and a child speaking to each other constantly throughout the service, then suddenly, one of the dudes got up, opened up his jacket which had some explosives, and blew up himself, simultaneously with the child and the other dude. Body parts, blood and projectiles were flying everywhere.

She said her mom got some pieces of metal stuck in her body up to this day. I think when they were leaving Pakistan at that time, the metal detector kept going off, because it was detecting the stuff in her body. So she had to explain to the security what took place.

I have never met someone who experienced this kind of thing. Almost unthinkable.



Day 1783 ( Wrong Location!! )
Monday, February 4, 2013

Had a part time job interview after work today in an area called Zushi. Initially I got an email from a Canadian dude telling me he saw my resume on a "Job advertising" website called gaijinpot.com . The last time I applied for a job via this site was over a year ago. I am not sure why they decided to contact me just now. They are known as Cosmos. Anyway, the guy didn't give me proper directions, so I searched the internet for the address. I found it and decided to go on an adventure to this interview location. I took a bus from the Zushi station and headed to a location called Highland, which was about 15 mins away by bus from the Zushi station. This was a very high class neighbourhood with massive houses and expensive cars everywhere. When I got to the place for the interview, the receptionist came out to meet me and eventually told me that I was at the wrong location. So I had to take the bus back to the Zushi station.

I then went to the correct location which was very near to the Zushi station and viewed a class briefly before doing the interview. The class that I viewed was that of the guy who sent me the email inviting me to the interview. The Japanese children in his class all spoke really good English. Not with a Japanese accent either. They sounded native. So it was weird, because I've never met Japanese kids whose English was so good and clear. Except for like 2 of my students who lived abroad for a while.



Day 1784 ( Ted / Is there going to be a war between China and Japan? )
Tuesday, February 5, 2012

Got a day off today because I worked last Saturday for open school. So I stayed in all day. I watched a movie name Ted, with a talking, foul mouth Teddy Bear. It was really funny though. Definitely not for the kids and the ultra conservative I assure you. I give it a 6 / 10 because it made me laugh some.


Is there going to be a war between China and Japan? 

China and Japan has been at each others' throats for centuries. But things really escalated since last year when the Japanese government purchased a set of islands from the Japanese private owners. The Chinese got furious and started destroying random Japanese made vehicles and destroying Japanese company buildings in China. They also started boycotting Japanese products etc. The truth is, China ignored these islands for years, until the UN found out that the islands were rich with resources.

China has since been provoking Japan almost non-stop by sailing their military ships in the area and flying their war planes in "Japanese" air space. The Japanese defense minister even said that China locked their guns on Japanese radars.

Here is an excerpt:

Japan considers disclosing evidence on China radar lock

The Japanese government said on Saturday it was considering disclosing evidence to bolster its claim that a Chinese frigate locked its weapon-targeting radar on a Japanese ship, after Beijing rejected the charge.
The incident, which Japan said happened last week, marked the first time the two nations’ navies have locked horns in a territorial dispute that has some commentators warning about possible armed conflict.
The neighbors—also the world’s second and third-largest economies—have seen ties sour over uninhabited Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea known as Senkaku in Tokyo and Diaoyu by Beijing, which claims them.
“The government is considering the extent of what can be disclosed,” Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said on a television program Saturday.
The comment came a day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe demanded that Beijing apologize and admit the incident had happened.
Tokyo also charges that in the middle of last month a Chinese frigate’s radar locked on to a helicopter, in a procedure known as “painting” that is a precursor to firing weaponry.



Here is a video put together by a group known as "minute MBA" about the possible effect of a show down between China and Japan. The US is however constitutionally bound to defend Japan.

The Economic Impact of a War Between Japan & China

Global economists are keeping their eyes glued to the Asia-Pacific region, where a bitter feud is brewing between two of the world’s most powerful nations over a small collectivity of islands in the East China Sea. The Chinese government argues that a treaty signed during the first Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) conferred ownership of the islands to China. Japan has long disputed these claims, and today argues that the islands are integral to its national identity.

The argument came to a head last September, when a boycott of Japanese products led Chinese demonstrators to target fellow citizens who owned Japanese cars. Three months later, the situation escalated when when Japanese jets confronted a Chinese plane flying over the islands; no shots were fired, but the act of antagonism has set a troubling precedent between the military forces of both nations.
The conflict between China and Japan has put the United States in a precarious position: if a full-scale war were to erupt, the U.S. would be forced to choose between a long-time ally (Japan) and its largest economic lender (China). Last year, China’s holdings in U.S. securities reached $1.73 trillion and goods exported from the U.S. to China exceeded $100 billion. The two countries also share strong economic ties due to the large number of American companies that outsource jobs to China.




Day 1785 ( Crooked/Snaggle Tooth Craze In Japan )
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wasn't feeling too well this morning plus some heavy, cold rain was falling. So guess what? I called in sick and stayed in all day. My company was afraid that it may be the nasty flu that has been going around, so they wanted me to go to the doctor. I didn't have a fever so I didn't go anywhere.


Japanese Snaggletooth Craze Spawns Dental Procedures, Girl Group

New Trend in Japan !!!
Americans regularly fork over $US5000 to fix a crooked smile with braces. But in Japan, women are spending about $US400 for just the opposite. On the other side of the planet, imperfect teeth are becoming a thing of beauty. 

Japan's beauty trend, dubbed "tseuke-yaeba," has reached a fever pitch, with young women paying hundreds for snaggleteeth

Bagelheads: Shocking New Trend in Japan 
The procedure first made headlines in 2011, but since then, it has grown in popularity, even spawning a Japanese pop girl group whose members sport the snaggletooth look. The girl group, TYB48 or "Tseuke-Yaeba 48," was created by the Taro Masuoka--the very same dentist who pioneered the procedure. 

"A lot of my patients are fashion-conscious and very cute. I wanted to find some way to take advantage of this, so I formed TYB48," Masuoka, of Tokyo's Pure Cure dental salon, told Japan Today

The group-whose debut album, seriously titled "Mind If I Bite?" dropped last April-turned the child-like vampire mouth into a bona-fide phenomenon. But they're far from Japan's first famous females with mangled mouths. See the smiles on country's popular news anchor Mika Sugisaki and Japan's crown princess Masako. 




Day 1786 ( New Down Coat ) 
Thursday, February 7, 2013

After work today, I had dinner with the gardener at my main school. He saw me one day after work and said "hey lets go drinking" so I said "sure thing". We had some drinks, ate some yaki tori and chatted for about 2 hours. I then went home and collected a nike down coat that I ordered online.



Day 1787 ( Office 2010 Installed )
Friday, February 8, 2013

Should have had my final swimming lesson today at the YMCA. But for some reason or another, my instructor/examiner either forgot that my swimming lesson/exam was today. My boss wanted me to stay and wait for 1 hour for the class but I insisted that she check if he was available. When she checked, just I thought, he had another student. I received no prior message telling me this .....

Anyway, I went home and was bored, so because windows 8 was released with Office 2013 recently, I decided to install office 2010. Upgrading from 2007. It looks pretty much the same, but it is killing my computer resources, oh... I need a new computer!!!



Day 1788 (  )
Saturday, February 9, 2013

Went to the YMCA this morning then to an outlet mall about 30 mins by foot from my apartment. I bought a couple of clothes that were on sale.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Japan a - "Game / Comic / Anime" Culture / Marley The Movie

Days 1775 - 1781 
Sunday, January 27 - Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 1775 ( Wedding Party )
Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stayed in all day then went to a wedding party in the evening. My second since living in Japan. It was pretty decent for the most part, plus I was with some teachers from one of my schools. The teacher that got married today, invited me to his wedding party. Not the actual wedding, which I would have to find 30,000 yen.

My teacher friend proposed to his bride in a helicopter.... WOW. And he met her in summer of 2011

He proposed to her in a helicopter!!! Yes a helicopter!!!

They told me that I will be next. I don't know how true that is.



 Day 1776 ( Japan - "A Game / Comic / Anime" Culture )
 Monday, January 28, 2013

After work, I met with the guy who want me and him to start an English school. But he keeps proposing new  ideas and plans that I can't keep up with. Initially it was supposed to be for children only. But now he want us to do children and adults. The adult classes would be preparing them for the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) test. I have never taught this before. So I would have to go prepare myself for this exercise. But lets see how this goes.

Japan - "A game / Comic / Anime" Culture

Anybody who knows about Japan, should realize by now that Japan is big on video games, Comics (Manga) and anime (Japanese cartoons). This is not the reason why I came to Japan but it does add a little to why I am still here. Just a little bit really. Many of the biggest game developers and gaming systems were created right here.

Game Consoles



Ignore the X-Box ... The PS3 is Better 


Then there are comics, better known as manga in Japanese. These are mostly stories that eventually will become anime. I read the Naruto and Bleach mangas every week without fail. Mostly to waste time and also because I find them interesting.

A page from the Bleach manga - maybe 3 years ago


Growing up I watched quite a bit of cartoons. I remember rushing home to watch Teenage mutant Ninja turtles back in about 1993/1994. Then I went on to start watching loads of X-men on the weekends until I eventually took a break. I actually still remember the theme songs for both of them.When I started college, it was Dragon Ballz. And nothing was better than Dragon Ballz. Nothing! After I saw all the episodes I took a long break from anime once again, until I came to Japan.

When I just got here, I watched them every night, until I became very busy. Now I only watch them every once in a while. Like once a week maybe. The only ones I watch now are Naruto and One Piece.



Day 1777 ( Flu Creating Havoc )
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did 6 lessons today. One teacher was complaining about having a stomach ache. He was sent home shortly after because flu and a another weird virus are infecting many students and teachers. I went home tired and started watching the movie, Marley.


Flu patients rise to 2.14 million

The number of people diagnosed with influenza came to an estimated 2.14 million in the week through Sunday, up around 740,000 from the week before, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Friday.
The number of reported flu patients averaged 36.44 across some 5,000 medical institutions nationwide, the institute said.
By prefecture, the number of patients per institution was the highest in Niigata, at 53.81, followed by Chiba with 53.22, Nagasaki with 50.91, Saitama with 49.53 and Aichi with 46.65.



Day 1778 ( Japanese Word Of The Week )
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Made the students at my school today do some short skits in English. They weren't as good as the students at my main school but they tried and were extremely nervous.


Spoke to my evening student about random stuff this evening, including computer programming and Cisco routers etc.


Check out the snow in Niimi (where I lived before coming to Yokohama).


Japanese Word of the Week

Decided to start a Japanese word of the week thing. I should start studying Japanese again but I am on and off and I really don't have the motivation. Any way, the word for this week is:

Naruhodo - なるほど - That's right / indeed / I see



Day 1779 ( Hub The English Pub )
Thursday, January 31, 2013

My worst class of all surprised me today by actually co-operating together in planning their skit. It was the class that usually behaved well I was having trouble with. And the teacher as usual, didn't give a rats ass.

Went to a company meeting after work for a little over an hour, then to a UK style bar/pub to eat with some friends.



Day 1780 ( Marley - The Movie )
Friday, February 1, 2013

Had only 2 classes at my main school today then went home. Afterwards I went to the YMCA and made them do the English skit. They were acting a bit shy but they still tried.


I then went home to watch the remaining portion of Marley. The documentary about the life of the Jamaican Legend, Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley). I recommend every Jamaican to watch this film. This man was greater than we can imagine. He actually helped in some way to make Zimbabwe get their independence from England!!! He did have some strange womanizing ways like maybe the average Jamaican man But he truly was a legend, a revolutionary. I give the documentary 8 / 10. Simply because its a documentary and not a movie.



Day 1781 ( Open Day )
Saturday, February 2, 2013

Had open day at my main school today. So instead of going to YMCA, I had to go to work like normal. But, the good thing is that I will be getting next Tuesday off.

Many parents came to see my 4 classes. I then had lunch and left.

I think I am more of an entertainer than a teacher