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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Japan a - "Game / Comic / Anime" Culture / Marley The Movie

Days 1775 - 1781 
Sunday, January 27 - Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 1775 ( Wedding Party )
Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stayed in all day then went to a wedding party in the evening. My second since living in Japan. It was pretty decent for the most part, plus I was with some teachers from one of my schools. The teacher that got married today, invited me to his wedding party. Not the actual wedding, which I would have to find 30,000 yen.

My teacher friend proposed to his bride in a helicopter.... WOW. And he met her in summer of 2011

He proposed to her in a helicopter!!! Yes a helicopter!!!

They told me that I will be next. I don't know how true that is.



 Day 1776 ( Japan - "A Game / Comic / Anime" Culture )
 Monday, January 28, 2013

After work, I met with the guy who want me and him to start an English school. But he keeps proposing new  ideas and plans that I can't keep up with. Initially it was supposed to be for children only. But now he want us to do children and adults. The adult classes would be preparing them for the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) test. I have never taught this before. So I would have to go prepare myself for this exercise. But lets see how this goes.

Japan - "A game / Comic / Anime" Culture

Anybody who knows about Japan, should realize by now that Japan is big on video games, Comics (Manga) and anime (Japanese cartoons). This is not the reason why I came to Japan but it does add a little to why I am still here. Just a little bit really. Many of the biggest game developers and gaming systems were created right here.

Game Consoles



Ignore the X-Box ... The PS3 is Better 


Then there are comics, better known as manga in Japanese. These are mostly stories that eventually will become anime. I read the Naruto and Bleach mangas every week without fail. Mostly to waste time and also because I find them interesting.

A page from the Bleach manga - maybe 3 years ago


Growing up I watched quite a bit of cartoons. I remember rushing home to watch Teenage mutant Ninja turtles back in about 1993/1994. Then I went on to start watching loads of X-men on the weekends until I eventually took a break. I actually still remember the theme songs for both of them.When I started college, it was Dragon Ballz. And nothing was better than Dragon Ballz. Nothing! After I saw all the episodes I took a long break from anime once again, until I came to Japan.

When I just got here, I watched them every night, until I became very busy. Now I only watch them every once in a while. Like once a week maybe. The only ones I watch now are Naruto and One Piece.



Day 1777 ( Flu Creating Havoc )
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did 6 lessons today. One teacher was complaining about having a stomach ache. He was sent home shortly after because flu and a another weird virus are infecting many students and teachers. I went home tired and started watching the movie, Marley.


Flu patients rise to 2.14 million

The number of people diagnosed with influenza came to an estimated 2.14 million in the week through Sunday, up around 740,000 from the week before, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Friday.
The number of reported flu patients averaged 36.44 across some 5,000 medical institutions nationwide, the institute said.
By prefecture, the number of patients per institution was the highest in Niigata, at 53.81, followed by Chiba with 53.22, Nagasaki with 50.91, Saitama with 49.53 and Aichi with 46.65.



Day 1778 ( Japanese Word Of The Week )
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Made the students at my school today do some short skits in English. They weren't as good as the students at my main school but they tried and were extremely nervous.


Spoke to my evening student about random stuff this evening, including computer programming and Cisco routers etc.


Check out the snow in Niimi (where I lived before coming to Yokohama).


Japanese Word of the Week

Decided to start a Japanese word of the week thing. I should start studying Japanese again but I am on and off and I really don't have the motivation. Any way, the word for this week is:

Naruhodo - なるほど - That's right / indeed / I see



Day 1779 ( Hub The English Pub )
Thursday, January 31, 2013

My worst class of all surprised me today by actually co-operating together in planning their skit. It was the class that usually behaved well I was having trouble with. And the teacher as usual, didn't give a rats ass.

Went to a company meeting after work for a little over an hour, then to a UK style bar/pub to eat with some friends.



Day 1780 ( Marley - The Movie )
Friday, February 1, 2013

Had only 2 classes at my main school today then went home. Afterwards I went to the YMCA and made them do the English skit. They were acting a bit shy but they still tried.


I then went home to watch the remaining portion of Marley. The documentary about the life of the Jamaican Legend, Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley). I recommend every Jamaican to watch this film. This man was greater than we can imagine. He actually helped in some way to make Zimbabwe get their independence from England!!! He did have some strange womanizing ways like maybe the average Jamaican man But he truly was a legend, a revolutionary. I give the documentary 8 / 10. Simply because its a documentary and not a movie.



Day 1781 ( Open Day )
Saturday, February 2, 2013

Had open day at my main school today. So instead of going to YMCA, I had to go to work like normal. But, the good thing is that I will be getting next Tuesday off.

Many parents came to see my 4 classes. I then had lunch and left.

I think I am more of an entertainer than a teacher

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