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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Useful i-phone Apps In Japan

Japanese sentence of the week 

onaka suita - I am hungry

Days 1824 - 1830
Sunday, March 17 - March 23, 2013

Day 1824 ( Elderly Japanese Got Defrauded of 45 Million yen )
Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stayed in all day. Ate pizza for dinner


Identity fraudster steals 45 million yen from elderly woman

Police said Wednesday that a woman in Kawasaki has been defrauded of 45 million yen by a man posing as her nephew.
According to police, at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, the man called the woman, who is in her 70s, and pretended to be her nephew. TV Asahi reported that he claimed he had accidentally left a check worth 45 million yen in a convenience store toilet and asked her to replace the money. The victim reportedly took the 21 million yen she kept at home, withdrew 24 million from a bank account and handed the cash to a man dressed in a suit who met her at a convenience store car park.
A short time later, the woman’s son telephoned her nephew to confirm the story, at which point the deception was discovered. 



Day 1825 ( Dragon Ball Bottle From KFC / Android OS Full of Malwares )
Monday, March 18, 2013

Rode to work today then gave a goodbye speech in the gym / auditorium. I did my speech in all Japanese. The principal and almost everyone else thought that this would be my last day, but actually I have 2 classes next week. The same thing happened last year at this school. Well actually it was worse last year. Coming to work like normal, then the teachers were waiting on me. As soon as they saw me, they were signalling me to hurry to give my goodbye speech????? Huh... And why wasn't I informed???

Anyway, did the speech, 3 classes then left. They gave me this book:

Jamaica Jamaica
All classes wrote something inside. My Japanese friend said she could notice the difference between the teachers who don't really care about English and the ones who try to make an effort.

They also gave me this bouquet of flowers.

In all honesty, I don't like getting flowers as a form of gift. I like giving it but not getting it. Even though its beautiful and I like the kind gesture etc. but, I think flowers is what you give to females. So when I get flowers, I either give them away to females or quite frankly, throw them away.


I stopped by KFC to try my luck (which is normally not so good) at a dragon ballz campaign they are having now. I got this bottle.

Goten and trunks FUSION!!! Gotenks created
Yeah I was a huge Dragon Ballz fan between 1998 - 2000.


Android OS top malware virus target

The Android operating system accounts for 79 percent of all malware infections on smartphones and the threat is multiplying, a security firm said Thursday.
Finland’s F-Secure said in a report that the free Google operating system, which has been gaining smartphone market share globally, has become the dominant platform targeted by hackers.
“Every quarter, malware authors bring forth new threat families and variants to lure more victims and to update on the existing ones,” F-Secure said in a quarterly report. “In the fourth quarter alone, 96 new families and variants of Android threats were discovered, which almost doubles the number recorded in the previous quarter.”
The only other platform with any significant share of malware was the Symbian system dropped by Nokia, which F-Secure said accounted for 19 percent. Other major platforms, including Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, each had less than 1 percent of mobile phone infections.



Day 1826 ( Graduation at My Worst School / Japanese Train Ties For World Fastest )
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NOTE...This is not my school

Went to my worst school today to attend their graduation. Today, all my schools had graduation. Normally I would go to my main school today but for some reason, I was scheduled to go to my worst school's graduation. It went ok however, and the rotten kids were quiet and well behaved.

My Japanese friend said she thinks that the reason why they probably sent me to my worst school was that my main school and the other school would be too busy and filled with people. In other words, they wouldn't have time for me. However, not many people would care too much about my worst school, so that would be  the best choice for them.

It was of course boring and I was falling asleep. But luckily, I could head home soon after.


After I got back home, it was time to go to my main school. I went with them to a final dinner/drinking party thing. Some teachers were asking me why I didn't attend the graduation at their school???? I told them because my schedule instructed me to go to another school. They still didn't seem to understand.... I was also confused as to why they didn't know!!!


Any way it was time for the food. As always at these final parties, they served raw meat/fish!!! Which I find quite difficult to digest. Luckily, they had a little candle fire thing beneath some bowls in order to keep some of the other food warm. I simply took the raw stuff and placed them into the hot bowls with the candle beneath them to let them cook a bit. Then I was able to eat them. I also had to give a short speech in Japanese...I must admit that I had a good time there though... Good laughs.


Japanese Train Ties for World Fastest

Hayabusa bullet trains began running Saturday at a new top speed of 320 kph on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, equalling France’s TGV as the world’s fastest train in operation.
Meanwhile, a new red E6 series bullet train debuted on the Akita Shinkansen Line the same day and part of local train lines in Miyagi Prefecture resumed operation for the first time in two years, providing a sliver of good news for the disaster-hit Tohoku region.
The E5 series Hayabusa, which links Tokyo with Aomori Prefecture on the northern tip of Honshu, now reaches speeds of 320 kph between Utsunomiya and Morioka — the capitals of Tochigi and Iwate prefectures.
The Hayabusa’s previous maximum speed — 300 kph — was eclipsed Saturday as operator East Japan Railway Co. revised its service schedules. The bullet trains now cover the 714-km distance between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori stations in two hours and 59 minutes — 11 minutes faster than before.




Day 1827 ( Useful iphone Apps In Japan )

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 (5 YEARS!!!)

Today makes exactly 5 years since I am living in Japan. Yeah me!!! But I do realize that I am getting old. Look what came out of my nose today!!!!!

Gray hair in my Nose!!!!!! Ohh come on now age 

I went to the YMCA today even though today is a public holiday. They had a graduation / English festival of sorts. I watched my students do poems and performed some other stuff in English. I also did a dub poem in half Japanese and half English. They seemed to like it. I also handed out certificates and gave a short speech promoting the YMCA and my classes.


Useful i-phone Apps In Japan

Google Maps

If you get lost easily... (I know I do) Then this is the app for you. It even has a 3D view thing.


This is like Microsoft Word, but for your i-phone. It can add pictures write and store stuff plus even make voice notes to store for later.

Navitime (Japanese Langage Only!!)

This is in Japanese only but it accepts roman letters as well. It tells you train times, the train platforms to take,  and how long it will take you from place A to place B... Along with alternatives. Again, the only draw back is that it is Japanese only.

Booking.com and Hotels.com




These are both nice apps for finding hotels anywhere in the world. There is also TripAdvisor and kayak.com.


Use this to convert your currency.


This one can also convert currency but not as good as XE... However if you have trouble converting inches to centimeters, Celsius to farhenheit etc. This is the app for you.

imiwa? (Formerly known as Kotoba)

This is the best Japanese dictionary on the i-phone hands down. It is even better than some of those expensive  electronic dictionaries. This can even teach you Japanese if you want.


This is another good app but in Japanese only. It helps you search for new and used cars all over Japan.


This is for those of you who like cheap stuff in Japan. This app informs you when there are sales and discounts in Uniqlo.


You have probably heard about dropbox. Possibly the best cloud computing software around. Well its also on the iphone. You can upload your pictures and other files straight from your i-phone. And it will sync with the dropbox on your computer.


You know what else is popular in Japan outside of anime, games, technology and temples??? Yeah EARTHQUAKES!!! This app warns you 10 seconds before an earthquake actually hits... Well it should... Sometime its late, other times it doesn't respond at all. But it has a 90-95%% success rate with me so far.



Day 1828 ( Goodbye Worst School / Chile Unveils World's Biggest Observatory )
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taught 4 classes then did a farewell speech at my worst school today. I used the same speech at all my schools. Only thing I have a teachers version of it... The thing is that, only my main school asked me to give to give 2 speeches. One for teachers, the other for everyone including students.


Chile unveils world's largest astronomical observatory

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera Wednesday presided over the launching of the world's largest astronomical observatory in the remote Atacama Desert of the northern Chilean Andes.
Home to the world's most powerful telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array(ALMA), the observatory is the result of a collaboration between Europe, the United States, Japan and Chile.

Located 5,000 meters above sea level, the assembly of ALMA's antennas was recently completed and the telescope has already provided "unprecedented views of the cosmos with only a portion of its full array," the observatory said.
ALMA "is able to observe the universe by detecting light that is invisible to the human eye (and) will show us never-before-seen details about the birth of stars, infant galaxies in the early universe, and planets coalescing around distant suns," the observatory added.
Already "astronomers are having to rewrite a major part of the history of the universe," the observatory said, because the telescope has shown that the strongest star bursts in the cosmos " took place much earlier than previously thought."



Day 1829 ( Farewell Main School / New Pope From Argentina )
Friday, March 22, 2013

Gave 2 farewell speeches at my main school today. One to the teachers, then another to the students. They also gave me flowers... Oh boy flowers again.... I then did 3 classes then headed home.


Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina elected new pope, chooses name Francis

Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope on Wednesday, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. He chose the name Francis, associating himself with the humble 13th-century Italian preacher who lived a life of poverty.
Looking stunned, Pope Francis shyly waved to a crowd of more than 100,000 people who packed a rain-soaked St. Peter’s Square for the announcement, marveling that the cardinals needed to look to “the end of the Earth” to find a bishop of Rome.
In choosing a 76-year-old pope, the cardinals clearly decided they didn’t need a vigorous, young pontiff who would reign for decades but rather a seasoned, popular and humble pastor who would draw followers to the faith and help rebuild a church stained by scandal.



Day 1830 ( Speaking To Street People )
Saturday, March 23, 2013

Went to a sidewalk church this morning to speak to some street people. I spoke to them about hope in the future. My heart goes out to them. One guy said he was from Okayama (The prefecture where I lived for 3 years). They were then given large amounts of bread.

In the evening I went to a dinner party of sorts, held by a guy who I will be working for part time starting April. I may not have mentioned it before but starting April I will only be doing part time jobs. Just something I decided to try because :

i) Maybe I will be moving to the Kansai area soon (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara area).

ii) I need a rest after 5 years of running and jumping around with Japanese kids

iii) I just want to see how this will go not working a 9-5 Job so to speak.

I know this is going to be a bit rough... But lets see how it works out. So far I will be doing YMCA, teach business English to some company workers, teach 2 high schools I think and my evening student. This alone won't equal the salary I got from jumping around with kids.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back in Time Part 1 - My First Date With a Japanese -

Japanese word of the day: Hon - 本 - ほん - Book

Days 1817 - 1823
Sunday, March 10 - March 16, 2013

Day 1817 ( Another Lazy Day / Iran's President in Trouble )
Sunday, March 10, 2013

Again, because I was sooo busy and tired last week, I stayed in all day for a second day. Fooling around the computer, my i-phone and my playstation 3.


Ahmadinejad under fire for hugging Chavez's mother

Senior Iranian clerics have scolded President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for consoling Hugo Chavez's mother with a hug - a physical contact considered a sin under Iran's strict Islamic codes.
The rebuke follows a widely published photo showing Ahmadinejad embracing Chavez's mother at the funeral of the late Venezuelan president in what is seen as taboo-breaking behaviour in Iran.

Iranian papers on Tuesday cited clerics from the religious centre of Qom who described the hug as "forbidden," inappropriate behaviour and "clowning around."
Iran's strict Islamic codes prohibit physical contact between unrelated members of the opposite sex.
The clerics did not spare Ahmadinejad.
"Touching a non-mahram (a woman who is not a close relative) is forbidden under any circumstances, whether shaking hands or touching by the cheek," said one of the clerics, Mohammad Taqi Rahbar, adding that such a contact, even with "an older woman is not allowed ... and contrary to the dignity of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran."
Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Iran's former judiciary chief and a religious leader in Qom, said Ahmadinejad was "clowning around" and his hug shows he failed to "protect the dignity of his nation and his position."

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Ahmadinejad-under-fire-for-hugging-Chavez-s-mother#ixzz2NsStgfnL



Day 1818 ( 2 Year Anniversary of Mega Quake )
Monday, March 11, 2013

Had 4 classes today, then bought some groceries at the supermarket then went back home. Just one of those normal days.


Nation marks second year since calamity

Grief continues as rebuilding lags in regions forever changed

Japan on Monday marked the second anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Tohoku’s coastline and left some 19,000 people dead or missing amid the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Interrupting the slow progress on reconstruction, memorial services were held in the three northeastern prefectures hit hardest by the tsunami as well as in Tokyo and elsewhere, with a moment of silence observed across the country at 2:46 p.m., the time the magnitude 9.0 quake hit exactly two years ago.

Along the Pacific coast, relatives of those killed offered prayers early Monday.
Antinuclear events were also held in parts of Japan to call on the country to abandon atomic power.
The meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant heightened public anxiety about the safety of nuclear power, forcing all but two reactors in the country to remain offline after being suspended for regular maintenance.

But Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that idled reactors will be restarted once their safety has been confirmed to ensure stable electricity supply and affordable energy costs.



Megaquake felt in space

A European Space Agency satellite circling the Earth was able to detect the massive 2011 quake.

“The atmospheric infrasounds following the great Tohoku earthquake . . . induced variations of air density and vertical acceleration of the GOCE platform,” said a report published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

The Gravity Ocean Circulation Explorer is the European Space Agency super-sensitive satellite that acts like an orbital seismologist.

Scientists argue that earthquakes not only create seismic waves that travel through Earth’s interior, but large tremors also cause the surface of the planet to vibrate like a drum. This produces sound waves that travel upward through the atmosphere.

GOCE is designed to capture and register these signals.
According to the report, the magnitude 9 temblor on March 11, 2011, sent shock waves through the atmosphere that were picked up by the satellite.




Day 1819 ( Back in Time Part 1 - My First Date With a Japanese -   )
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did 6 classes today of only Grades 1s and 2s then had to rush to meet my Australian friend in an area called Hiratsuka.

Trying to look good for the lesson viewing

It took more than 1 hour from the school I went today. My Australian friend introduced me to an evening, English teaching job. It starts at 5:30pm and ends at 8:30pm. the pay is 3600 yen (US$36) per hour   plus transportation. Then after 3 months, it will go up to 3800 yen. The company I will work through has a contract to teach English for a huge construction / excavation company in Japan known as KOMATSU.

So I went to see my Australian friend teach today, in order to get an idea of how to handle the students. But the class is more or less reading and answering questions from 2 business English books. So actually I started to fall asleep within the first hour. When the class ended at 8:30pm, we had to wait on a bus that comes at 8:55pm. I got home at about 10:20pm.


My First Date With a Japanese Girl

Decided to dig in my archives again for some old posts I made that I thought were kind of interesting, but many haven't read yet. So I came across this one......

Riiiiight so back in 2008 when I just got here and was in Okayama prefecture, I met a girl on a train. Not many people know this, but I am actually kind of shy when it comes on to approaching females... YES I AM!!! However, because of my exposure and me performing poetry at different places, I am somewhat used to being in the lime light. So it was never too difficult for me to meet girls. And all I would have to do is tell them of my interest in them, and pretty much that was it. Not all the time it worked, but I had a pretty good success rate. However, for me to just go and approach a girl like that...... hmmm that's kind of difficult. And If I get turned down!!!! Its like the end of the world and I would just crawl back into my shell.

So here I am in Japan in 2008, single for like 6 months, because (1) I am scared of being turned down, (2) there are not many young girls around and (3) frankly, my Japanese ability was really poor. I was on the train heading home and a girl sat beside me. I was wondering if I should stay quiet and mind my own business.. Or should I approach her. It took me about 30 mins to think about it then finally I decided "What do I have to lose??" So I sparked up a conversation. To my surprise, she spoke English. And she seemed interested in me. Even when I stopped talking, she still wanted to talk...This to me was showing interest!!!! Anyway, it wasn't before long, we were exchanging numbers and making plans to meet again. And we did .... I even invited her to a reggae event that was going to be held the same day, and she agreed to come along with me... Horayyyy ... Or so I thought....

So we went on the date (from here on its a copy, paste and edit from that blog post back in 2008)
with the Japanese girl that I met on the train while heading to Niimi. We met at Okayama and we went to a little Spanish restaurant. She speaks and understands English pretty well as she studied English Literature in University.. she said her sister wants to meet me as well but her sister was at work. After we ate and chatted for about a hour or 2, she said she had to go because she had work the next morning!!!!. I was like "Didn't you promise to come to the reggae event with me tonight" Then she started apologizing none stop. 

I'm trying to look cute.... it didn't work ..... Is that the toilet behind us???

I was of course down and she noticed, so she followed me to the Jamaican restaurant (where the reggae even was being held) then she went home afterwards. She said she worked at an internet company and she is extremely busy... Any way, that was the date pretty much...
Yes I know very boring, all we did was chat and eat... I was fore-warned by many friends that people in Japan (both males and female..but mostly females) have no time for themselves and they LOVE to punish themselves with work. I saw it for myself... Its like the opposite of Jamaicans, we long for a holiday, the Japanese generally, don't want any holiday, because its boring.

I made contact a few times afterwards with her, but that was that. There was no meeting up again. 



Day 1820 ( Sleep Deprivation Have Consequences - I hope I Can Remember This )
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rode to work today again. The first in a while. Getting my exercise on. But the bicycle handle wasn't tightened properly, so at times when I turned the handle, only the handle would turn, not the wheel. It made me get to work a little bit later. So the class actually started without me. I was late by about 3 minutes.


Sleep deprivation has genetic consequences

Effects from disruption of DNA expression will take years to detail

My room isn't much bigger than this - Trust me

A new study, paid for by the U.S. Air Force but relevant for anyone with a small child, a large prostate or a lot on the mind, is helping illuminate what happens at the genetic level when we don’t get enough sleep.

It turns out that chronic sleep deprivation — in this experiment, less than six hours a night for a week — changes the activity of about 700 genes, which is roughly 3 percent of all we carry.
About one-third of the affected genes are ramped up when we go with insufficient sleep night after night. The other two-thirds are partially suppressed. Hundreds of “circadian genes” whose activity rises and falls each day lose their rhythm.

Among the genes disturbed by sleep deprivation are ones involved in metabolism, immunity, inflammation, hormone response, the expression of other genes and the organization of material called chromatin on chromosomes. These changes may help explain how inadequate sleep alters attention and thinking and raises the risk for illnesses such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

The researchers also identified genes whose activity depended on how long a person stayed awake. After a week of good sleep and then 40 hours of no sleep, there were 122 such genes. After a week of bad sleep, that number was up to 856.

In other words, not enough sleep day after day throws a lot of things off.



Day 1821 ( Happy White Day, wait .. What??? / Google Taking Over)
Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today I stayed home.. why?? Because it was raining and cold outside ... I used up one of my personal days.

So today was white day in Japan. Where traditionally the males should give back the females a gift, like what the females give the males for valentine's days. This is done ONLY in Japan and is done ONLY to make the rich merchants richer. Nothing else.


Google takes a big bite out of rival Apple

Google has retaken the role of tech sector superstar with a stunning stock rally as rival Apple falters.

Google has hit fresh all-time highs in recent weeks, and closed Friday at $831.52, capping a nearly tenfold rise from its public offering price in 2004 of $85. Shares in the firm are up about 17 percent so far this year.

Part of the explanation comes from the rise of its Android mobile operating system, at the expense of Apple. Android is free but gives Google the opportunity to deliver more services and ads to users. “The negativity that is surrounding Apple at the moment is giving positivity to Google,” said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Apple, which traded as high as $700 last year, has slumped more than 35 percent and ended Friday at $431.67.
For Google, “there’s a lot going forward at the moment,” Milanesi said, noting that the company is successfully “getting consumers into their ecosystem.”

Google now appears poised to beat Apple to the symbolic $1,000 share price, some analysts predict. Analysts at Jefferies said Google set a price target for $1,000, saying it has been benefiting from a wide range of services beyond its traditional Web search ads, including shopping and mobile ads.


Day 1822 ( 10 Years of Dub Poetry - March 15, 2003 - March 15, 2013 )
Friday, March 15, 2013

Had 6 classes at my main school then 2 classes at the YMCA today. Another one of those long days.


It was exactly 10 years ago when my pastor decided to have a youth day. He pastors 2 churches (1 in Waterford, the other in Edgewater ) both in Portmore, Jamaica. He wanted the youths to visit each other more, plus have a moderator to keep events for the youths. So he wanted some items for the youth day event. That was when I decided to try out this dub poetry thing. I normally write poems but never tried a dub poem before. I was inspired by this guy I saw doing a dub poem at a camp. The crowd was really into it and couldn't get enough it seemed. I asked him what was his secret, and he simply said, "if you can write a poem, then you can write and perform dub poems".

So I decided to try out this dub poem ting. I started writing my first piece, with the help of this girl I was fooling around with at the time. It took me about 2 weeks to perfect it. So on March 15, 2003, I performed it at the youth day even. At my surprise, the crowd roared and asked me for an encore. I never expected this kind of response. So I started writing more on different themes, like love, peace, joy, hope etc.

This is how I looked while performing my first set of dub poems 10 years ago...

Yes that's me between 2002-2003

Another church in Spanish Town asked my youth group for an item, and I decided to go ahead. Again, the crowd was cheering me on and asked for an encore. After these 2 performances, in the space of a year, I was travelling all over Jamaica performing my dub poems. I got so busy between 2004-2006 that I was performing at least once a week, if I was in the country. My first overseas performance was at my friend's wedding in Miami in 2004. Again the crowd was really into it. Everything actually slowed down after I came to Japan.

This is the first recorded performance I have in my archives.


Here is a youtube playlist of some of my performances between 2003-2013.


To date, I have performed in the following countries:

Jamaica (of course), USA, Grenada, Trinidad, The Bahamas, Germany, Panama and Japan.



Day 1823 ( Performance At African Heritage Festival )
Saturday, March 16, 2013

Did my last 2 classes for this term at the YMCA, then went home for a bit. I then went to an African heritage festival thing that was being held at a station in Yokohama called Hongo-Dai. Not a lot of people were there but I still performed 3 poems.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My First Studio Recording / My Stupid i-phone Games

Japanese word of the week - Shima - 島 - しま -  Island

Days 1810 - 1816
Sunday, March 3 - March 9, 2013

Day 1810 ( 100,000 Views /  Hugo Chavez - President Of Venezuela, Dead )
Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey guys and girls... My blog has finally hit 100,000 views, blabbering about my life in Japan and random news (hey that rhymed...). Sometimes in terrible English and bad grammar. How did I become an English teacher with my bad English??? I have no idea, its beyond me. But still ... Thanks for the views over the almost 5 years.


Went to church today with 2 of my Jamaican friends, then had lunch with them.


I don't really fancy communist leadership but I admire people like Chavez and Castro who don't bow to the pressures of the US.

Hugo Chavez, passionate but polarizing Venezuelan leader, dead at 58

Some in anguish, some in fear, Venezuelans raced for home on Tuesday after the government announced the death of President Hugo Chavez, the firebrand socialist who led the nation for 14 years.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro’s voice broke and tears ran down his face as he appeared on national television to announce that Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. “after battling hard against an illness over nearly two years.”

He did not say what exactly killed Chavez, although the government had announced the previous night that a severe new respiratory infection had severely weakened him.
Just a few hours earlier, Maduro made a virulent speech against enemies he claimed were trying to undermine Venezuelan democracy.

“Let there be no weakness, no violence. Let there be no hate. In our hearts there should only be one sentiment: Love. Love, peace and discipline.”
All across downtown Caracas, shops and restaurants begin closing and Venezuelans hustled for home, some even breaking into a run.

Many had looks of anguish and incredulity on their faces.
“I feel a sorrow so big I can’t speak,” said Yamilina Barrios, a 39-year-old clerk who works in the Industry Ministry, her face covered in tears.
“He was the best this country had,” she said, disconsolately weeping. “I adore him.



Day 1811 ( My First Studio Recording )
Monday, March 4, 2013

I mistakenly forgot to pay the January segment of my tax of 37,000 yen (US$370). So a letter came to my apartment on Friday saying I need to pay my tax. I was so sure I paid it when I returned to Japan after my two weeks spree in Jamaica. Apparently I didn't. So I went to the post office bank to pay it after work today.

My First Studio Recording

I then met up with a Rastafarian guy who has been in Japan for over 15 years. He said he liked my dub poetry and encouraged me to record them professionally in a studio. A professional studio is EXPENSIVE!! Well in Japan it is. So yeah I met the guy in Shibuya, Tokyo, then we went to a studio in Shinjuku, another famous part of Tokyo not far away. I did 1 hour in the studio and it cost roughly 10,000 yen (US$100) but the Rastafarian who is a recording artist, said I should only pay 5000 yen while he pays the other part. I do think the quality was superb though and he said its still not totally done with just yet.

I made a youtube video with it playing in the background and a few of my pictures showing. And no I'm not obsessed with myself, I just enjoy taking photos for good memories. ^^ Simply ignore tho photos and focus and music OK!!!!!

I then stopped by the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya to have dinner.



Day 1812 ( Interview At Robert Walters )
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Interview At Robert Walters

After work, I did a brief interview for a somewhat famous Recruiting/Headhunting/Consultancy company in Shibuya, Tokyo name Robert Walters. I signed up with them online to see if I can get back in the computing world and get out of this English teaching trap!!!

When I signed up online, the Robert Walters website placed something on my computer so almost every other website I go on, you see their advertising banner. I hate this.

Anyway, I went for the interview, and at the end, basically the lady said :

1) I am out of the computing field too long so it would be difficult to get back in, as most of my experience is in teaching.

2) My Japanese is conversational but not at a professional level to speak with Japanese customers. So I would need to realllly study some more Japanese. (Sad story)

Afterwards, I went to the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya again to have dinner.



Day 1813 (My Stupid I-phone Games )
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

After work today, I spoke to my evening student mainly about my computer and showed him how the new windows 8 functions etc.


My Stupid I-phone Games

Recently, I haven't been playing my playstation 3 much. Mainly because I don't have the time....And secondly because the games on my i-phone keep me occupied. I have sooo many game apps on my phone that it actually take up a lot of my time. I even play at work. I think the teachers know but probably either don't care or don't know what to say about it......I have too many games on here but I will tell you the ones that I have been playing recently and that takes up quite a bit of my time DAILY!!!

Fashion story

Yes it is a girly game but I like it... So what!!!! Just tap, sell and buy clothes and expand your store...That's pretty much it. If you leave this one unattended for too long, the clothes that you bought to eventually sell, will get expired and you will have to purchase them all over again, wasting money.

Lords and Knights

This one is a strategy game where you actually have chat rooms with people from all over the world. You join an alliance of people and chat with them about any random thing. You can also attack players, get attacked, build castles, conquer castles, steal castles etc. This one can have me staring at the screen for a good hour or even longer. Especially when planning an attack or getting attacked. If you leave this one unattended for too long, be sure your castles will be taken over by someone. Right now there is a big war going on between my alliance and several other alliances on the server I play on. So I went on a 5 days vacation in the game (yes we can do that).

Paradise Cove

Another tap and collect stuff game. You start off on an island, and you can buy ships, chop trees to expand your island, buy merchants to get coins, catch dolphins and whales, speak to mermaids, attack and get attacked by pirates. There is no real consequence if you don't play for a while.

Tap Zoo

Another tap and enjoy game. Buy animals, raise them, train them and buy other stuff to put in your zoo. You can also cross breed animals to see what new animal will come about. If you leave this unattended for too long, the animals that you are raising (if any) will get sick. If you are not raising any, then there are no consequences.

Clash of Clans

This one is a strategy game similar to lords and knights where you can join an alliance and attack other people. However with this, your attack is immediate and you see stuff being destroyed in real-time. While in Lords and Knights, attacking takes some planning and some time to be executed. and you will be informed by way of reports about how far out an attack is from you etc. With clash of clans, you get attacked very often, but with Lords and knights, if you are not in a war, you probably won't be attacked.

Sector Strike 

This is a space shooting game that I downloaded recently because I wonder what Gradius 3 would look like on the i-phone. This was the closest thing I found to it and it was good enough .... The pic below is one I took while playing. But the enemy shot me down as soon as the photo was taken. Do you see that pink lazer coming out!!! yeah quite lethal.

Words with friends

This is exactly like scrabble and you can play against friends on facebook as well as random people all over the world. You can play against me if you like... But don't expect to win...... I am that confident :) Just joking, you may win if I have a bad hand... But don't expect an easy match.



Day 1814 ( Interview at Weber / Miners in Australia Fried over Harlem Shake Video )
Thursday, March 7, 2013

Had the last class with the grade 5s and 6s at my school today. My worst class was surprisingly well behaved today. One guy even started crying, I was touched. :( But nooo..... bad man nuh cry.....

After work, I did another interview. This time for a part-time job at another "Teach English or starve in Japan" Company. Next school year (which starts in 2 weeks) I don't plan to teach Elementary school. I have been doing that for close to 5 years. I am going to try high school now, but high school contracts are unfortunately part time. So coming April, I won't have a full time job. But I will be doing loads of part-time gigs.

I did the interview which went pretty well. It was more of a formality though, because the director of the company gave me the papers to sign up and asked me for my bank account information etc.


Out of step? Miners fired over ‘Harlem Shake’ video

Watch the video first........

Up to 15 miners were fired from their high-paying jobs in an Australian gold mine after a “Harlem Shake” performance underground was deemed a safety hazard, a newspaper reported Monday.

A YouTube video showed eight miners wearing safety gear while performing the convulsive dance in the Agnew Gold Mine last week. The West Australian newspaper quoted a fired worker who would not give his name as saying up to 15 people were dismissed, including some who watched the performance but did not participate.

Mine owner Barminco considered the stunt a safety issue and a breach of its “core values of safety, integrity and excellence,” according to a dismissal letter cited by the paper.
The letter noted that Barminco will not allow the dancing workers “to be subcontracted by Barminco at any site domestically and globally.”

It’s not clear from the video what safety issues are raised. 




Day 1815 ( Final Swimming Lesson )
Friday,  March 8, 2013

Did 6 classes at my main school today, then went to YMCA to do 1 class, then did my final swimming lesson. I could only manage to do 3 lessons since November. I did learn some new stuff but my instructor was trying so many things to get me to swim properly. I would need maybe 100 more lessons to be able to do this well. The instructor said the main reason is because I play too many hard sports like soccer and karate. But with swimming, I need to be calm and more relaxed. Not like fighting or kicking a ball.



Day 1816 ( Lazy Day 1 )
Saturday, March 9, 2013

I skipped YMCA today because I was feeling lazy and tired from my ups and downs of this week. I stayed in all day and mostly played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.