Back In Time Part 2 - My First Japanese Girlfriend

Japanese sentence of the day: ikura desuka? いくらですか?- How much does it cost?

Days 1845 - 1851
Sunday, April 7 - April 13, 2013

Day 1845 ( North Korea Making Every One Nervous) 
Sunday, April 7, 2013

My former classmate from community college days (1998-2000) said I shouldn't leave any day empty in my blog. She also said I should give some more comments on movies and on certain topics. So I will try my best doing that my dear friend.

Today, even though I stayed in all day being lazy, I also tried studying some Japanese as well as played Lords and Knights on my iphone. In this game, I own several castles and I am in an alliance with some other powerful guys from all over the globe. We are at war with some other alliances and they attacked a few of my castles. So I stayed up late trying to defend my castles. I lost 1 castle but successfully defended the others. Yeah I know I'm crazy, no need to say it.


If no one yet realizes that North Korea is just joking around then you know now. I don't think they have any plan whatsoever to attack anyone. They are always making threats and saying random stuff to make the world worry. But they don't normally do anything.

North Korea sows confusion over launch

Pyongyang repeatedly moving missiles, launch vehicles around

North Korea has been repeatedly moving multiple missiles around in an apparent bid to confuse outside intelligence gatherers ahead of an expected launch, Yonhap reported Thursday.
According to intelligence analysis cited by the South Korean news agency, two midrange Musudan missiles have been repeatedly moved in and out of a warehouse facility in the eastern port city of Wonsan.

At the same time, at least five mobile launch vehicles have also been spotted swapping positions in South Hamgyeong Province. They are believed to be launch platforms for short-range Scud missiles, which have a range of 300 to 500 km, and medium-range Nodong missiles, which can travel 1,300 to 1,500 km.



Day 1846 ( Second Studio Recording - Boom Boom )
Monday, April 8, 2013

Boom Boom

Woke up at about 12 noon today because I went to bed really late, defending my castles that I mentioned about yesterday. As soon as I woke up, I went to Tokyo to do a second recording. It took about a hour and a half. Had to pay 7500 yen for the recording. Expensive, but still cheaper than the studio that I went to last month. Honestly, I do prefer the recording from the expensive studio, but that's just too expensive for me right now.

Here is it on youtube.... I beg of you to ignore the random photos and if you see your pic there, try to ignore that as well. I just used random pics because youtube won't allow you to upload audio by itself. Just listen to the audio. And tell me what you think.



Day 1847 ( First Day At High School )
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I still haven't received a schedule for my high schools yet. So I went to my first high school today, not knowing what to teach. A Jamaican friend of mine said that normally, the first day we do absolutely nothing. But I still had something ready just in case. So yeah I went to one High School today. I met first with the principal and the vice principal. They both spoke with me for about 20 mins then they handed me over to the English coordinators.

The English Coordinators were very happy to see me. One teacher said "I'm so happy to see you". This was strange for me, because I'm not used to this!!!! Anyway, they were relieved that I was there to help them with planning lessons. They were all smiles..... I didn't teach any class though. The English teachers showed me around the school, which was quite big by the way..... They told me that even they get lost every now and again. I was also introduced to a few other teachers. Overall I have a very good impression of the school so far. And the English teachers were exceptionally nice. It could be the honeymoon period as well. But lets see.

The teachers had a staff meeting at around 2pm, so I watched some students doing karate. It wasn't my style of karate, but it was interesting to see. I may join them, not so sure I will have the time though.

I left there at 3pm and had to rush to my business English classes which is about 1 hr 30 mins away...I had to stop and eat something quickly though, because I was starving. Again I taught 2 classes, the intermediate then the advanced group. They both went well I think. And again, I didn't get home until 10:30pm. Tuesdays are my busiest days.........



Day 1848 ( First High School Class / My First Japanese Girlfriend  )
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Went to my next high school today. Yokosuka-Otsu High School. I still don't have a schedule!!! Again, the English teachers were very happy to see me and they introduced me to the other staff members. I had to do a short self introduction at this school but I didn't get to meet neither the principal nor the vice principal. I had to do a class today though. I did the exact worksheet that I created last week for my presentation at the high school training.

The class I did was for a set of third year high school students who chose English as an elective.

My worksheet

When the class started I said "Hello" to which they responded with deafening silence!!! Just like what everyone who taught high school told me would happen. Eventually, I got them to speak little by little. Next year, these students should be going to university or otherwise.

After this, I taught 2 classes at the YMCA, then my private student. All are relatively close by so it wasn't so bad. But, Wednesdays are my second busiest days. I got home at around 8:45pm


My First Japanese Girlfriend

No that's not her. 

Ok let me be totally honest with you. I decided to write about this only as an experiment to see how many people would view it. I noticed that when I wrote about my first dating experience with a Japanese,

it gained over 300 views and still growing. So let me spill a bit of my private life (which I usually hide away) now, about what took place back in 2008. Lets see what the viewing results will be like.

Here begineth....

Soooo here I was in kawaii land. In the country side of a rural prefecture (state/parish/province) in western Japan. Where all you can see are: mountains, rice fields and old Japanese people. As soon as the clock strikes 7pm, the place becomes silent.... actually it's always silent. It becomes even more silent. With the exception of a few restaurants and bars that actually open at this time. Yeah anyway, boredom, you get my point.

Not only was I bored, I was also brokenhearted. Why? I broke up with my girlfriend of  2 and half years in Jamaica, to come to Japan to experience boredom. A month after our break up, I begged her to let us try a long distance relationship for a year, after which I would go back to her in Jamaica. Sadly, she would have none of this. Actually, as soon as I came to Japan, in the space of a month or 2, she was already in the arms of some other dude. In less than a year...... she was pregnant with his baby. And here I was lonely and sad as ever, with no one to turn to and all manner of crazy thoughts going through my head. I lost a couple of pounds too. Not only because of my distressing situation, but also because I couldn't deal with the Japanese food just yet. Its not like Jamaica when you break up, you can find someone quickly, or even have friends to talk with. I was in country side Japan. There are hardly any girls around my age. If they were any, they more than likely wouldn't be quite interested in a black dude.

Eventually, I started to do stuff to cheer myself up. Started attending some English conversation stuff. Started hanging out with some folks, a couple of those who mostly weren't too keen on having some black dude around. And I started playing soccer and doing karate. Slowly but surely I was getting back myself together. It was now time for me to go and explore the possibilities of dating a Japanese girl. Something that never once crossed my mind before coming to Japan. My confidence was back. Not even close to what it was back in Jamaica, but I got back to over 65%. That's when I won the date with that Japanese girl that I blogged about earlier. This was around the same time when I saw the girl who would become my very first Japanese girlfriend back in September 2008.

No... That's not her either and that's not me.... It says 1953 !!! I was born in 1990

I saw her at an English conversation class, and taught she was really attractive. She also drove a nice car (this had nothing to do with my interest however). I didn't say anything to her until like one time in October 2008. She didn't come to the English conversation classes regularly, so I didn't see her again until the following month, November 2008. I spoke to her and some others a bit at the English conversation class. Then we exchanged telephone numbers. She then sent me a message saying "Please teach me English". From my readings and from information I gathered, this actually meant "Please take me out, I want to know you better".

So we met up one Sunday night in a park. And we spoke for over 3 hours about random stuff. I figured out that she liked me if she stayed with me so long. So I decided to ask her out again to which she said yes. We ate and spoke some more. That's when I decided to ask her if we could start something serious. (with ray and nephew rum cream) <= ignore what I just wrote in the brackets........ She was a bit hesitant at first, then she said yes. Believe me, I was one of the happiest men alive on that day. My self-esteem sky rocketed. And I felt like I was on top of the world. Coming from 8 months of depression and loneliness. I now felt like anything was possible. ANYTHING!!!



Day 1849 ( Meet My New Uzbekistan Friend  )
Thursday, April 11, 2013

After all that work on Tuesday and Wednesday, I am fortunate that today is a day off. I work everyday except Thursdays and Sundays now. I slept for most of the day then I went to meet a friend of mine.

My new Uzbek friend from high school training last week, wasn't sure how to fill out the company's transportation claims sheet, so we met in Yokohama and I showed her how its done. She speaks Russian, Uzbek, Japanese and English. We had lunch/dinner, then we went to a book store. I hope to take the level 4 or level 3 Japanese proficiency exam this summer. I hate tests and exams.



Day 1850 (  )
Friday, April 12, 2013

Had 3 classes at Yokosuka-Otsu high school today. I teach at this school on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:50am - 3:15pm. The first class was kind of quiet. But the second class was very lively. At the end of both classes, several students wanted to take my photo. And they also found me on youtube already...... yikes!!!!

After teaching at this school, which is very close to one of the YMCAs that I teach at (I now teach at 2 YMCAs), I went home, slept a bit, then had to go to YMCA (the one near to the school I went to earlier today) then did a class from 7:45-8:45pm. Got home at around 9:30pm. If only I can find something to do between 3:15 pm (when I finish at the high school) and 7:45pm (when I start at the YMCA).



Day 1851 ( Anger Management )
Saturday, April 13, 2013

Did 4 classes at YMCA today. The same YMCA I went to yesterday. I now have to teach 1 and 2 year olds English with their parents.......... Again!!! The other guy stopped.... I wonder why....

After the toddlers, I had the same brats I taught last year. You have no idea how much I don't like teaching these kids. I got very angry in my second class and had to hit the desk at one point, when this one guy was laughing around and disrupting the class constantly. In an instant, they saw my potential to get angry, and they were all silent for a good 15 minutes. Seriously and unfortunately, I am doing this ONLY to get paid.... Sad but true. If they don't learn a thing, that's just too bad. I wish I cared.

After the brats, I had English conversation with an adult. Now, adults I do enjoy teaching or talking with. That is why I opted to stop teaching elementary school full-time. But I still have to encounter them at the YMCA. This time with no team teacher to quiet them down. If I could only get a job at a university here. Even part-time would be great.... Full-time would be too good to be true.