Gay Marriage - Yay or Nay? What's Your Say? / She Took Off His Penis!!

Japanese sentence of the week - Sore ha omoshiroi / それは面白い - That is interesting.

Days 1851 - 1858
Sunday, April 14 - April 20, 2013

Day 1851 ( A Good Day To Die Hard )
Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stayed in today again. Called my pastor in Jamaica and spoke to him for over an hour. Haven't spoken to him since I returned to Japan from my winter Jamaica trip.

Played lots of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I'm getting closer and closer to the end.

Later in the evening I watched:

It started off a bit boring, but with lots of action which can be expected in all Die Hard films. Some parts were predictable and just blaaaah. When there was about 45 minutes left in the movie, a huge twist happened, that was what renewed my interest in the remaining portion of the film. The acting and the story wasn't too bad at all. However, there were lots of predictable parts in it and too much unnecessary explosions. I think part 4 was better. Overall I give it a 6/10.



Day 1853 ( Record Fall In Japan's Population )
Monday, April 15, 2013

Once ago I hated Mondays, but since this new school term, I love Mondays. I stay in most of the day, then I have a class at the YMCA at 4:50 - 5:35. Teaching at the YMCA is a bit hard but it pays the bills. Most of the children who go there, have to go because their parents send them. They however don't really want to be there. Then we have to follow this lame book. Luckily this is not my main job or I would go nuts.


Japan’s population falls by record level

Japan’s population fell by a record 0.22 percent to 127.515 million as of last Oct. 1, while people aged 65 or older surpassed the 30 million mark for the first time, the government said. 

The decline of 284,000 in the total population, which also included foreign nationals, was the largest of its kind since officials began compiling comparable data in 1950.

Ministry officials attributed the decline to the number of deaths exceeding births and a rise in the number of foreign residents who left Japan compared with those entering the nation because of the impact of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami and the economic slump.



Day 1854 ( You Are A good Teacher!!! )
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My company called me yesterday saying that, the English coordinator at my school today, called them. The message was that I should get to school 10 mins before the class begins, not exactly when the class begins???? What the? Isn't that the normal thing to do? Why did they need to call? Any way I got there at least 20 mins before the class started. And guess what? There was no class!!! The teacher said she forgot that she should call me????? I found this especially strange, since 5 mins before the class started, she told me repeatedly that she will send a student to call me. But when the class ended, she came back to me apologizing, saying she forgot... Hmm interesting... But I'm not complaining at all.

Oh and remember how the teachers seemed nice last week? I guess my honeymoon was only for that day. Today, most of the teachers didn't even greet me. I was even getting some random strange stares, like when I'm in the train. Anyway.. Lets keep positive!!!

I ended up doing 10 mins of class ONLY...But that's ok... Because afterwards, I had to go teach the Komatsu workers for 3 hours. Its interesting to teach them though because we can actually have good conversations.

I was lucky this week, when one student came to me after the class and asked me if I would like a lift to the train station. I of course accepted. Normally I would have to wait until 8:50 pm to take the bus to the train station. After he dropped me at the station, I told him thanks and he said, "Don't worry, you are a good teacher" .... I was surprised to hear this. But happy at the same time.  



Day 1855 ( Gay Marriage - Yay or Nay? What's Your Say? )
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taught 3 classes at my Wednesday/Friday high school today. At least at this school I have some work to do.
After these classes, I was a bit exhausted. But I still had 2 classes at the YMCA, then my private student.


New Zealand is 13th country to legalize same-sex marriage

The halls of Parliament echoed with a traditional Maori love song after lawmakers made New Zealand the 13th country in the world and the first in the Asia-Pacific region to legalize same-sex marriage.
Supporters of the bill, including hundreds of gay rights advocates, stood and cheered after the 77-44 vote was announced.

So many of these first world countries are slowly legalizing same-sex marriage, after Obama and his administration made it legal in the US. Well in certain states it is. But should the world follow? Should same-sex marriage be legal? What do you think?

Honestly, I have taken an unpopular stance on this issue as well. Please don't stone or condemn me to death Christians, Muslims and/or Jamaicans.....

I know in countries like Jamaica, we tend to have the most negative view of gays. Especially the male ones. We tend to turn a blind eye on the lesbians. However, in this day and age, I believe people should be allowed to do whatever the heck that they want to do. As long as it doesn't harm anyone. If 2 people fall in love and they want to get married, then why should society stop them? That's their business.

Born that way

Remember, this is my opinion, no facts here. I personally believe that many (not all) who are gay, were probably born that way. Something went wrong in the gene pool that made them more attracted to the same sex, and less to the opposite sex. If you are going to say that this isn't true, then I would love for someone to explain to me how hermophodites came about.... What sex are they? Who should be their partner? If one can be born a hermophodite, then it must mean that its very possible for a man to be born with more female hormones or a woman to be born with more male hormones. I would equate this to being born handicapped of sorts.... Not that they are handicaps, just similar in someways, where something went wrong in the gene pool.

Of course there are also example like, a female who was molested by an older male, then started to despise the male specie, thus becoming a lesbian. Or cases where a male was molested by an older dude (like a priest) and liked it too much, thus becoming full fledged gay.

Also, its not like this thing is in only certain areas, or certain countries....gays are everywhere, in any country, all races, possibly in all species of animals as well. They were present in the bible days, and they are here now and will continue to exist.... So fight them all you want, they are still going to be around....

In Japan

In Japan, I don't know about the history of this stuff. But I think it is ok for gays to get married here. However, they won't be able to enjoy similar benefits as a heterosexual couple would. It does have a very slight negative vibe to it in Japan but no one really cares too much about it. Its more seen as funny.

In Jamaica

For those who don't know, Jamaica is one of or possibly the most homophobic place on this planet. I think it has eased down a bit but its still very much there. I am not sure where this came from, but it is very much a part of our culture. It is however hypocritical, as the homophobia tends to be one sided. I can't recall ever hearing of a lesbian being stoned, beaten or what not. The male ones?? Oh yeah....


Most Christians are very quick to condemn this act. And use the bible to support their claims. As in the case with the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old testament. Again this is also hypocritical. One should use the whole bible, not just sections of it to suit their agenda or personal belief. I must admit though.... Sodom and Gomorrah (known in the bible as the gay cities) were the only cities in the bible that God burnt!!!
If I was to use the bible to condemn gays (which I won't), I would use the simple God created Eve for Adam. He created a female for a male... that's all..... BUT again... what about the hermophodites????? Are we to just wish them away??? What about those who were born with strong feelings for the same sex??? What should they do???

Most of the bible based arguments are found in the Old testament. In the New testament when Jesus came on the scene.... There is silence on this matter... Instead Jesus said to Love God, and Love your neighbor....Which encompasses all the commandments. Love everyone..... Including gays and lesbians and everyone else....  

In summary

Its a free world....Let people do whatever they want to, as long as it is not causing any harm. Trying as best as possible not to offend anyone (which is extremely difficult).
Lets not be too quick to judge people because they are different from the norm. Or attack, ridicule and/or mock them because they are not like us. If one doesn't want to accept them, that's fine, that's a person's choice... Gays at the same time, shouldn't try to force people to accept their lifestyle.... Anyone can choose to do whatever they want. Some will accept, some won't for whatever reason. Everyone should strive to be in harmony.



Day 1856 ( Bad Hair Day/Week/Month? )
Thursday, April 18, 2013

Got a haircut today, from one of the female barbers near my apartment. There are 2 ladies that know how to trim my hair well. Unfortunately, none of those got to me first. The lady that trimmed me today, always make my hair uneven. And I don't know how to explain to her that she is doing a terrible job. ahh bwoy. So my hair isn't looking the best right now.


Today would normally be my rest day, but the YMCA asked me to sit in for another teacher. I gladly accepted because this means pay day. I did 2 classes.. One elementary, one with only adults from 50 up to possibly 70.



Day 1857 ( She Cut Off His Manhood! )
Friday, April 19, 2013

Taught 3 classes again at my Wednesday/Friday school. I'm still on self introduction after say 3 weeks. I haven't even started yet at my Tuesday school really... Only did 10 mins of class. Afterwards I went home, then back to YMCA at 7:45 pm.


Woman tried for drugging, lopping off ‘hypersexual’ husband’s penis

Beware of this lady

A U.S. man whose estranged wife cut off his penis accused her Wednesday of effectively murdering him, recounting his horror as she severed the organ and tossed it into the garbage disposal.

The 60-year-old man said he would never have sex again after his wife — who said she “wanted him to stop hurting her with his penis” — drugged him and tied him to a bed, before taking a kitchen knife to his groin.
Catherine Kieu, 50, is on trial in Los Angeles charged with torture, bodily injury with a knife and aggravated mayhem over the alleged attack at the couple’s home in Garden Grove, southeast of Los Angeles.
“She murdered me that night,” said the victim, identified in court only as Glen, recounting the events of July 11, 2011.



Day 1858 ( Ended Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood )
Saturday, April 20, 2013 ( 5 Years 1 Month  )

Had 3 classes at the YMCA. Today, wasn't so bad like last week. I went back home afterwards and ended Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood. Great game. I won't buy the others in the series until I'm through with the games in my apartment that I haven't even opened yet.


Niki said…
I like your answer on gay marriage. I've been struggling with it (the idea of same-sex marriage) myself. I know a few homosexuals and I have no problems with them and while I am still on the fence about the marriage I they don't bother me