Why Am I Not A Head Teacher? (From The Ranting Files)

Japanese sentence of the week - dare desuka - だれですか - Who is that?

Days 1894 - 1900 
Sunday, May 26 - Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1894 ( Life of Pi / Argo )
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stayed in today bored as ever and watched 2 movies. The first was "Life of Pie"

The visuals in this movie was Amazing!!! If you like colours, nature, beautiful scenery, art and that kind of stuff, yeah, this movie is for you. The story is interesting but lacking. You will spend a good hour or more, just watching a dude with a tiger on a boat. It is also a bit emotional as well. Overall, I give it a 7/10.
And with my friend's rating list, I give it a

5 - Download/Stream Worthy (Want to see a movie badly? Don't want to waste money? Are you ok with stealing/downloading and/or sharing/streaming movies? If your answer is yes to any or all of these, then this is for you.... I have a feeling many people fall into this category)


The other movie I watched today was "Argo"

which is based on a true story about some American hostages in Iran, back in 1980 there about. This can be quite an intense movie if you pay attention to the details. It had me on the edge of my seat for a good while. The acting and the movie setting etc was really superb. It brought me into 1980s USA and Iran. I give it a 7.5/10 with last week's snitch. And also a

5 - Download/Stream Worthy (Want to see a movie badly? Don't want to waste money? Are you ok with stealing/downloading and/or sharing/streaming movies? If your answer is yes to any or all of these, then this is for you.... I have a feeling many people fall into this category)



Day 1895 ( Japan To Invest Heavily in Africa Through the Yokohama Declaration )
Monday, May 27, 2013

Taught 1 class at the YMCA today. Taught them about the months of the year and made them draw an image relating to each month. I then went to Western Union to send some money back home to Jamaica.


The fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Yokohama 

Prime minister Abe among African leaders

The fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development ended Monday with adoption of the Yokohama Declaration, a pledge to promote private sector-led growth in achieving sustainable development.

A five-year action plan for 2013 to 2017 was also adopted at the end of the three-day meeting. It details the processes of achieving goals such as accelerating growth and reducing poverty. The Japanese government and Africa will hold regular meetings to monitor and follow up on the plans.

“Japan will support Africa’s growth. (Japan), as it always has done, will fulfill the promises it makes,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the closing ceremony.

During a press conference that followed, Abe stressed the importance of Japanese investment in Africa, saying the continent will be the driving force of the global economy by midcentury.

Also read




Day 1896 ( Japan - The Top Creditor Nation in the World )
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Did a special introduction class today at my Tuesday High school. When I just walked into the class, I forgot that it was going to be an introduction lesson. So I was wondering why all the students were opening their eyes wide, staring and whispering. That's when it struck me, "Oh they don't know me yet" ... Unfortunately, this is probably the only time they will be seeing me, because it was just a special arrangement.

Later on, I had to teach the 2 business classes at Komatsu.


Japan retains status as top creditor nation

Japan kept its position as the world’s largest creditor nation for the 22nd straight year in 2012, government data showed Tuesday, as the dollar’s gains helped inflate the value of overseas assets.

Tokyo was followed by mainland China and Germany in the ranking, which reflects the difference between the value of assets held abroad, including foreign debt and property, minus a nation’s liabilities, such as foreign purchases of its own debt and domestic assets.

In Japan’s case, net overseas assets stood at ¥296.3 trillion at the end of last year, up 11.6 percent from a year earlier, the Finance Ministry said. The rise for the second straight year came mainly because the yen equivalent value of the assets grew under the currency’s depreciation.



Day 1897 ( Why Am I Not A Head Teacher? <From The Ranting Files> )
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Had a class at my main High School today then 2 more classes at YMCA, then my private student. I started feeling a pain in my left ear today.


Why Am I Not A Head Teacher? 

Not to toot my own horn or anything. Just wondering aloud. Since I started teaching in Japan in 2008, I've heard several teachers, vice principals, principals, co-workers etc. tell me that I have exceptional teaching skills. Especially with children. This happened both in Okayama and Yokohama. I was even recommended by a head teacher, to do a test run of becoming a head teacher. Honestly, I think I failed that little test run, and the person who was helping me out with that test run, actually became a head teacher. During the little test run, I wasn't so confident, nor did I demonstrate exceptional leadership skills.

In all honesty, it felt strange, because all she did was help me out. She did an excellent job though I must admit. And is doing well as a head teacher now. But it still feels a bit awkward, after being with a company for so long (5 years) and not climbing up the status ladder. I'm still just a regular AET/ALT, that's it. In Jamaica, it took me a year to step to a senior instructor. And even before year 2, I was already acting as a head of section. What is happening here then? For now all I can do is just work with it and improve myself where possible. What else can I do really? I can't help but wonder. These were the things I came up with while wondering.

Is it that:

1) I failed that little silent (let us see how you do) head teacher test?

2) the people who are telling me that I am a good teacher, are telling me bull?

3) I don't have the leadership skills required?

4) I am from Jamaica? (to date I've only heard of 1 Jamaican becoming a head teacher in my company...it wasn't my branch).

5) the big wigs who make the decisions don't like the idea for whatever reason?

6) company politics is involved - relating to 5 above

Whatever the reason, I don't know the truth. I don't even know if I deserve to be a head teacher or if I could manage that task with my lazy self. I'm just ranting away that's all.



Day 1898 ( Shakey's With Friends / Walmart Guilty! )
Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stayed in for the most part today. Then went to the Yokohama station to have all you can eat pizza and other stuff with some friends from the elementary school section of my company.

All we can eat ---- Wi belly full

We then took some weird Japanese style pictures. This wasn't my first time taking them.

How the heck did the green writing on my T-shirt  changed to pink?

The pain in my ear was so excruciating today, that it was even difficult to sleep. I kept waking up to a terrible pain in my left ear.


Wal-Mart pleads guilty in waste case

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will pay $81.6 million after pleading guilty in the U.S. to criminal charges of improperly disposing of fertilizer, pesticides and other hazardous products that were pulled from stores in two states because of damaged packaging and other problems.

The world’s largest retailer entered the plea in federal court in California to misdemeanor counts of violating the Clean Water Act and another environmental law regulating pesticides. In Missouri, the company pleaded guilty to improperly handling pesticides.

The plea agreements ended a nearly decade-old investigation that has cost the firm a total of $110 million.

Court documents show illegal dumping occurred in 16 California counties between 2003 and 2005. Prosecutors said the company didn’t train its employees on how to handle and dispose of hazardous materials and that waste was tossed into trash bins or poured into sewer systems.

In 2010 the company agreed to pay $27.6 million to settle similar allegations made by California authorities that led to the overhaul of its hazardous waste compliance program nationwide.



Day 1899 ( ENT Specialist Again )
Friday, May 31, 2013

Did regular classes at my main high school. Then swiftly went to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist that is near to my apartment. When I got there, the receptionist was giving me a form to fill out. I told them that I went to that doctor before. They then asked for my date of birth, which they found on their system. So luckily I didn't have to fill out that damn long form again. The doctor looked in my ear, used some sort of ear vacuum cleaning device and took out some stuff, then prescribed some medication. It took about 7 mins in total. Since living in Japan, this is my 4th time visiting an ENT specialist.

Anyway, I went to the pharmacy to get my tablets, which included antibiotics and some pain killers. So no alcohol for a while.

I then did a trial lesson for 3 5th grade elementary school girls at the YMCA. If they start, then this will mean more work. But more money as well :) so I hope they liked the class.



Day 1900 ( Work / Philosophy Cafe / Fireworks )
Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taught 3 classes at the YMCA then rushed to Kamakura to meet my friend for us to go to a "Philosophy Cafe". This was held in a very old house in an area of Kamakra called Yuigahama or something like that. 21 of us were there but only 4 or 5 of us were foreigners.

The topic for discussion was "Why do Japanese people behave the way they do". You would think it was the foreigners who came up with a topic like this. But actually it was the Japanese. They wanted the members present to think of some of the things that Japanese people do, that make us foreigners scratch our heads at times.

I couldn't catch all of what they were saying but I got say a good 30%. A German lady possibly in her late 60s made a broad statement saying that Japanese people work too hard and don't have enough "Family time" They place emphasis on work instead of family.

A guy said that younger Japanese, love to take pictures with /of foreigners. I asked them why do some Japanese get up from beside me after I sit down. It happened to me 5 times in total. 3 times in Yokohama and 2 times in Okayama. They said that maybe I look too big in comparison to them, so they think I'm probably scary. But, I told them that the main 2 reason I heard was:

i) I live near the naval base so people may think I am in the navy. Oh and Japanese tend to fear the navy dudes.

ii) Some Japanese just simply hate foreigners. That's all.

It was an interesting discussion. But it was running too long. It started at around 2:30 and ended at around 5:30.


 After this, I rushed to a fireworks celebration thing in and area close by known as Zushi. I went there along with a few of my friends. All females. Maaaany people were there waiting to see the fireworks. And outside was a bit cold in front of the beach. Look at people:

Look at people!!!

Here is the video I took.

Fire works in Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan 2013


I got home at about 11:45pm because I stopped at a restaurant to wait for the crowd to ease off a bit. Even after 1-2 hours, the crowd was still moving. Got home very tired after that long day an a peer passa passa.


marcus said…
the movies you have mentioned are my favourite ones. The new Life of Pi was a very good movie from my oppinion, even dough the classic one was rated better.