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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Reasons Why Foreigners in Japan Choose Japanese Women

Days 1978 - 1984
Sunday, August 18 - 24, 2013

Japanese word of the week : - anatano nihongo ga jyouzu desu / あなたの日本語が上手です。/Your Japanese is very good.

Day 1978 ( Ukai - Using birds to catch fish )
Sunday, August 18, 2013

Went to Arashiyama in Kyoto today. This is my second time coming to this location. I came here in 2009 with my friend Vany and some others.

But this was the first time I was seeing an ancient practice called ukai. I'm sure if the animal rights people saw this they would have a biiig problem. Some birds called cormorants but look like ducks/swans/geese, whatever they are, they look like ducks, so lets say they are ducks. Yeah so the guys get several ducks, make them hungry, tie their necks so that they can't swallow and keep them on strings like dogs on a leash. The ducks then catch the fish in the river, but because their necks are tied, they can't get to eat the fish. So the guys on the boat take the fish out of the duck's mouth. Is there something wrong with this?

I was in a boat with others. The boat ride was interesting. I will post the video soon. Actually it will be a part of a video blog that I am planning to create. Just don't have the time to sort it out yet.

later on I went on a duppy (ghost) train. I was hanging out with some of my duppy thugs....



Day 1979 ( Kansai Interview / Fukushima Plant Leaking Radioactive water into the sea)
Monday, August 19, 2013

I did an interview in Osaka today to take on a new job. First they gave me a test then the actual interview. The test was a challenge. This is how I know I need to do one of those TEFL courses really soon. The first question was what is a gerund........  As far as I know, that was the first time I was seeing that word... I checked my phone and realized it was when you add "ing" to a verb... Wow I'm dunce!!! And I'm an English teacher!!! You can be certain that the Japanese teachers of English know these stuff!!! Anyway, the interview was a breeze though. I got the job. And I was now fighting about when to move because they need us to start working on September 2 with a mandatory training on August 28.... I need to give my present company at least 30 days notice. So it wouldn't be a good idea just yet. But I'm still thinking. Its a big decision to make. And I'm very nervous about this move.

After the interview, I traveled from Osaka back to Yokohama using the local train thing. It took about 10 hours.


People in Japan.... Be careful of the water you drink and the food you are eating. It may contain radiation. The Japanese government is almost totally silent on the matter... You have to check international news to see what is going on in Japan. If the food/water is coming from Fukushima and surrounding areas like Tochigi etc be very careful.

Fukushima plant leaking 300 m3 per day of contaminated water into sea

A Japanese government official said an estimated 300 m3 of contaminated water is leaking into the ocean per day from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged on Wednesday to step up government efforts to stem radioactive water leakage.

Abe ordered the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to urgently deal with the water situation and ensure the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, takes appropriate action to deal with the cleanup, which is expected to take more
than 40 years and cost $11 billion.

Rate of radioactive flow to Pacific alarming

Fukushima No. 1 leaks estimated at 30 trillion becquerels since May 2011

Water releasing as much as 10 trillion becquerels of radioactive strontium and 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137 from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant has flowed into the Pacific Ocean since May 2011, Tokyo Electric Power Co. estimates.

The combined figure of 30 trillion becquerels, announced late Wednesday, implies that highly radioactive water is entering the trenches under the damaged reactors’ turbine buildings.

The three reactors that had core meltdowns are being flooded by emergency cooling water needed to keep the leaky units stable, but the water is leaking from the reactors into the basements, where it is mixing with groundwater penetrating the walls of the 40-year-old plant.



Day 1980 ( Beach Outing and BBQ/ Being Minority in Japan)
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 {5 Years 5 Months}

A guy that calls himself simply "J" who I started playing soccer with 2 weeks ago, invited me out to this Beach and BBQ outing. I thought it was only going to be a few of us. It ended up being about 30 peeps. I forgot my swimming shorts so I had to buy one at a shop nearby. But I like the one that I got.

That's my new shorts and that's J

We did BBQ by the beach. It wasn't the best but it was ok.

But I had to spoil the fun because I had work in Hiratsuka, which was kinda far away from this beach. So for the first time I got to my business class in Hiratsuka late. I was about 25 mins late and one student was there waiting on me. When I got there, my boss was kinda upset but she played it off well. About 10 mins later, a few more students showed up. For the advanced class, only the lone female in the group showed up. Recently, it has been only her.


I saw this article and I agree with it. Its a long article so I didn't post all of it. But you can read it by clicking the link below that I posted. What stood out to me the most in the article was this ....

Your small brush with discrimination in Japan is something that has been a lifelong battle for others who were born into a life of being a minority in our own countries. And many of them suffer far worse than we do in Japan.
Try being an African-American in the U.S. Or an aboriginal in Australia.
All too often what happens when a majority suddenly enters the minority, is accusations toward the other culture. When really, it should make us look more closely at our own.

What being a minority allows us to see


Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before — many times. Someone called your child hafu (half) and you take offence. Or your contract is only one-year renewable, whereas your Japanese coworkers have “lifetime employment.” Or maybe someone called you a gaijin as you walked by. I’ve heard these stories dozens of times and while having myself been in some of the same situations, and while I can empathize, I also feel these “victims” are missing the point.

First of all, I’d like to say that discrimination is never acceptable. We all know that. Yet it continues to happen every day in Japan. Perhaps you have been told you are not allowed to enter a public bath because you either you have a tattoo, or because you’re a foreigner (and thus, it is believed, will behave inappropriately). Or maybe it’s that the clerk at the convenience store is visibly nervous that a foreigner has approached the counter, and that she, the clerk, may have to speak English. Or worse, the clerk doesn’t even listen to your flawless Japanese and responds inappropriately because she wasn’t listening to what you said in the first place.

Yes, this is Japan. Now, let’s jump to the rest of the world. Everyone admits that while discrimination (and stereotyping) are wrong, they happen all over the world, even in our own countries. So why is it that the very people who are discriminated against in Japan can’t empathize more deeply with those who are discriminated against in their own countries? Why is it still, as long as they are in their home countries, something that doesn’t concern them?

The Japanese are no more racist than Americans or people of many other countries. The only difference is that when you come to Japan, for the first time in your life, you are a minority and get to see what it’s like to be one. But for some reason, while here in Japan, discrimination suddenly becomes a personal affront, because it’s happening to you. And unfortunately, what follows tends to be the same conclusions: “The xenophobic Japanese!” Or “The Japanese are racist!” Now who is doing the stereotyping?

After being subjects of discrimination here, we scream like spoiled children, “Unfair!” While we have suddenly gained insight and an ability to see though the eyes of minorities around the world, we are blinded by our own self-worth and don’t suddenly empathize with other minorities struggling to achieve equality. No light bulb goes on in the head making us think: Aha! This is why the pilgrims fled England for North America! Or: So this is what the African-Americans in the U.S. struggle with every day!

Day 1981 ( Why Foreigners in Japan Choose Japanese Women )
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today was my first free day since June 4. I have been running all over the place doing random things as you may see if you are keeping up with me. I can't even keep up with myself. Anyway, I stayed in all day reading news, writing reports, reading manga, watching anime and catching up on the final season of Dexter.


Why Foreigners in Japan Choose Japanese Women

I'm 585 readers late with this disclaimer... but better now than never. Many people read the following post and got offended which wasn't my intention. If its going to be your first time reading this post, please read my disclaimer before going ahead. try not to misunderstand the title nor the things I wrote...

This post created quite a stir... Far more than what I expected. Mostly from females misunderstanding my blog post. Some foreign females were offended and to my surprise, some Japanese females were offended as well. Sorry about that but I re-read the post several times and didn't see the reason to be offended. Unless there was clearly some misunderstanding. And there were many. I had no ill intention nor any strange motive. It was just to highlight what is going on in Japan and some possible reasons why. I've blogged about several controversial topics before but this one was the first to hit 500 readers in less than a day. So here goes.....

>My blogs are never ever to disrespect anyone in anyway.

>Foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean any race in particular it means just foreigners (Chinese, Indians, Blacks, Brazilians, Whites, Other Asians ... )

>Male foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean me (Dave) or only Black people or only Jamaicans... It means male foreigners ...

>Female foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean Jamaicans or Americans or Chinese only... It means all female foreigners ...

>I'm not praising Japanese women in anyway .... nor putting down other races ... In fact, some Japanese women were offended, but then again, most Japanese are easily offended.

>I'm not hinting in anyway that Japanese women are better at anything than foreign women. As far as I know, the only thing Japanese women are better than foreign women with is being Japanese...

If you can understand all of this and read with an open mind then you should be fine.... Go right ahead

No that's not me.... come on now guys!

I know I'm going to get into some hot water with some females here in Japan on this one. But hey, warm water is nice ((: Most if not all the foreign men here in Japan are either going to totally agree with me on this one or be silent on the matter, from fear of the foreign females reaction.

Here are 10 reasons why foreign men choose Japanese women :

Its Relatively Easy

Depending on where in Japan you are located, its fairly easy to go on date with a Japanese lady. If you are thrown in the country side then God help you. But in the city? All you need to do is give a little attention, speak a little Japanese and that is all. Seriously!!! Foreign females are a little more complex in that sense. And most men I know would rather go the easy route than the long winding road. Let me repeat... not all men but most....

In my case, because I was thrown in the country side, plus I get nervous around females... It took my around 5-6 months to get a first date which flopped http://davecollyjap.blogspot.jp/2013/03/back-in-time-part-1-my-first-date-with.html

Cook / Clean / Wash etc with little or no fuss

I think Japanese women grow up with a natural instinct to cook, clean, pamper etc etc. Many are changing now-a-days I was told by some Japanese male friends of mine. But the vast majority of them will do these stuff just naturally. Some foreign women (many I know) will complain and whine about these stuff. We men like these things, and if its all natural.... even better. Actually I heard some Japanese women will complain bitterly if they are doing too much house work and the husband does nothing......That makes them equal with foreign women :)

Follow you wherever

Many (of course not all) Japanese girls will follow their husbands where ever he goes. No matter what prefecture, what country, they will give up their jobs and follow. Try asking a foreign girlfriend/wife that...Well I don't know but some may and some may not. Didn't quite research this.

We are in Japan - hence, mostly Japanese

Just the mere fact that you are in Japan, it means that 99% of the time you will be around Japanese people. Especially in the country side. So in some situations, there is really no choice. Other than to keep to yourself.

Foreign women not interested in us

This case is not very common... But heck it happened to me!!! I came to Japan single, I was 27 and I had absolutely no interest in Asian women. So I stuck to what/who I knew about ... Jamaicans. And I got turned down left, right and center. So what to do????

They want us 

Of course this is not always the case, actually as far as I know, most Japanese women would rather not date a foreigner. They will be silently ridiculed by other Japanese and be stared at, causing them to feel awkward. However.....There are some that date foreigners exclusively...and others who dream of dating foreigners, especially White foreigners.

Why date a foreigner when you are in Japan ?

This is not my idea at all but some foreigners here think like this. I remember when I just came to Japan, I was telling a friend of mine that I was interested in a Jamaican girl. My friend asked me if I was crazy and why in the world I would date another foreigner when I am living in Japan. In other words, get a new experience, not something I'm already used to. Go on an adventure.


Japanese women have a cute, innocent look about them that sort of draw us foreigners in. Not saying that there aren't many cute foreign ladies here. But the Japanese are far more abundant.

In the case of maaany Jamaican men - Long hair / brown skin

The average Jamaican male likes long hair and lighter skin tone. Listen to any Jamaican song and you will hear about the prized "browning" - meaning lighter skin female. Some people say it's a hatred of self, others say it's simply a choice, while others yet still say its how Hollywood sold it to us. Whatever the reason, it is what is so it's a win win situation in Japan.

Exotic effect 

Some of us are simply attracted to Japanese because of what I call the "exotic effect". They look different from us, we don't see them very often in our own country and we just want to know more about these people. Their eyes, their hair, their way of thinking etc.


There is also the flip side as well. There are some very sad break up and divorce stories. It seem that most Japan and foreigner marriage end in divorce. I will come to that another time.



Day 1982 ( Shinjuku and Shibuya Visit )
Thursday, August 22, 2013

Went to Shinjuku today to sort out some business. Haven't been to Shinjuku in a while.

Then went to Shibuya at the Jamaican restaurant.

Shibuya 109

Good Wood Terrace

To my surprise, I met two different set of people I knew. First I saw my friend Yamato who lived in Jamaica for a while.

Then my Japanese female friends and their husbands who I haven't seen in over a year....  Choco duh nuh badda wid di foolishness...

Miki with the glasses in the center is 5 months pregnant.
No its not mine ...... Honestly its not!!!



Day 1983 ( Another Free Day )
Friday, August 23, 2013

I got another free day again wow. My plan was for this entire week to be free.... I managed to get only 2 out of the 7. I stayed in a blogged all day.



Day 1984 ( A Day at the Pool / Castlevania for PS3 / Steel Pan at Oasis )
Saturday, August 24, 2013

Went to a cheap public pool in Yokohama today. This was my second time going there. Came here before last year with some foreigner friends.

I still can't swim very well.

After the pool, I went to bookoff and softmap and bought Castlevania for PS3 for a mere 500 yen / US $5... A PS3 game for 500 yen is unbelievable. The problem is I have not the slightest clue about when I will get the time to play this game.

Later I went to Hayama to the usual summer nightly events. Tonight was steel pan night. We missed most of it but managed to catch like the last 10 mins. It was still good .... Video coming up one of these days...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Jamaica Dominates Moscow

Days 1971 - 1977
Sunday, August 11 - 17, 2013

Japanese sentence of the week - nani shiteiru no / 何しているの/ What are you doing?

Day 1971 ( Last Day in Niimi for 2013 / Heat Causes Laziness and Violent Behaviour )
Sunday, August 11, 2013

A British guy who lived in Kyoto for a while and married to a Japanese, read my blog sometime ago when he was doing some research about Niimi. He decided to contact me last year to get some more information about Niimi because he was planning to relocate there with his wife. We kept in touch for over year via email. We finally met today at Jenny's house. I had a younger image of him in my head, but he said he has 2 daughters, one is 35, the other is 29. I think the 29 year old one was either a winner or runner up in the Miss Japan beauty contest.

Later on I met up with possibly my best friend in Niimi, Soji. His 2 year old daughter is running around like crazy now, so he is busy but happy. We met up in an Okinawa style restaurant called marin. Actually I was there yesterday as well. I love the food there. The owner and her son who works there are crazy about Jamaica and Jamaican stuff.


Heat Causes Laziness and Violent Behaviour

A study conducted in the United States has concluded that crime and violence in Jamaica can be partly attributed to the weather. 

A group of scientists from the University of Berkeley in California have discovered a significant correlation between high temperatures, economic productivity and aggression globally. 

The study found that marginal changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a reduction in productivity and a rise in murder and other forms of violent crime, including group conflicts and war. 

One of the co-authors of the study, Ted Miguel, says there’s data to suggest that people become aggressive when it’s very hot. 

Miguel says in the case of Caribbean countries like Jamaica, both the neuro-physiological mechanism and economic mechanism are contributing factors to rates of crime and violence. 

However, some international critics have branded the research as reductionist, explaining that crime and violence is just one expression of a collection of competing socio-economic and political factors that the study seemingly overlooks. 




Day 1972 ( Japan is Hotter than Jamaica )
Monday, August 12, 2013

Leaving Niimi
Go to Niimi and Experience Nature!!

Left Jenny at 8:00 this morning and took the 14 hour trip back to Yokohama. So again spent the entire day in the train and got to Yokohama at around 10pm.


Most Japanese I know automatically assume that Jamaica is hotter than Japan. Most Jamaicans think so too. However this is a big misconception. Jamaica probably never passes 35 C... This is a ususal thing for Japan in summmer.

Mercury rises above 40 C/104 F for second consecutive day

Japan remained in the grip of a severe heat wave on Sunday, with temperatures topping 40 C for the second day in a row, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The temperature hit 40.6 C in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan, and 40.4 C in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, western Japan.

Temperatures exceeded 35 C at 297 of 927 observation points across the country, recording 39.9 C in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, 39.8 C in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and 39.5 C in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, the agency said. The temperature in central Tokyo reached 38.3 C.

Temperatures set new records at nearly 40 observation points, while they went above 30 C at 700 points.

The severe heat caused the death of at least three people.




Day 1973 ( Hayama Beach Festival 2013 / Egypt in a mess again )
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anybody who has been following my blog for a year or more, would know that I love Japanese festivals. They are mad fun. Crowds of people dancing, eating, chatting... I love the atmosphere.

Today I went to Komatsu to teach, not knowing that there was no class. I wasted 2 hours travelling there plus the fare that I won't be getting back :( Because the company I work through said they gave me a schedule ??? If I do have one, I have no clue where it is.

But luckily, there was the yearly Hayama festival tonight. So it canceled out my disappointment.

I asked this dude to take a picture of me and my friends... And look what he did.................

Anyway, he eventually figured out how to use my phone...

This was what the festival looked like....

A little less exciting than the Niimi festival but still fun. After the festival, a rasta Japanese guy started talking to me in Patois (Jamaican dialect) so I was of course shocked... He said "Yuh nuh memba mi? (Don't you remember who I am?)" ... Instantly I remembered him. We met at the one love festival in May... And I think he said he has some sort of Reggae bar in Kamakura... I hope to visit one of these days.


Egypt declares emergency; over 400 dead

Egypt’s military-backed interim leaders were forced to impose a state of emergency and curfew after riot police smashed two protest camps of supporters of the deposed Islamist president Wednesday, touching off street violence that killed over 400 people — the bloodiest day since the Arab Spring began.

Health Ministry spokesman Khaled el-Khateeb raised the death toll Thursday to 421, and said the number of injured had risen to 3,572. He said an even higher death toll was likely.

The crackdown drew widespread condemnation from the Muslim world and the West, including the U.S., and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei resigned as the interim vice president in protest — a blow to the new leadership’s credibility with the reform movement.



Day 1974 ( Jamaica Dominates Moscow  )
Wednesday, August 24, 2013

Had lunch with my good friend Vany today at Fridays near the Yokohama station. We then walked around looking for damn games!!!! Can't believe I saw 2 playstation games for 500 yen (US$5) a piece. Maybe I will get them another time because I can't tell the last time I turned on my PS3. The convenient i-phone has won the competition.


Most of us Jamaicans are quite pleased with our performance at the recently concluded IAAF World Championships in Moscow.

Many people still are awed by the fact that we are such a small somewhat poor country but can produce such world class athletes....

Here are the videos of of the Jamaican take over of Moscow......

4x4 Mens Final --- SILVER ------------------------------

200 M Womens Final --- GOLD -----------------------------------------------

 200M Mens Final ---- GOLD --------------------------------------

4x1 Mens ------- GOLD ------------------------------------------

4x1 Women's --- GOLD ---------------------------------------

100 M Womens --- GOLD ----------------------------------------

100 M Men's --- GOLD ------------------------------



The gold in our flag has more than one meaning :)  I AM JAMAICAN!!!



Day 1975 ( Heading to Kansai Again / Big Fire Works Explosion in Kyoto, 1 dead)
Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spent a good majority of the day heading to Kyoto via local trains. At least it took only 9 hrs as against going to Niimi which takes 14 hours. I have a special meeting (interview) in Osaka on Monday.


Kyoto fireworks festival blast probed

The explosion that ripped through a row of food stalls at a summer fireworks festival Thursday evening in Kyoto Prefecture left 59 people injured, firefighters and police said Friday.

Eighteen of the victims suffered major burns and other serious injuries, including a 13-year-old boy who remains unconscious in a hospital in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, and a 10-year-old boy who was being treated in the intensive care unit at another hospital.

The injured people ranged in age from 3 to 85, the officials said.

The blast occurred at around 7:30 p.m., just before the start of the fireworks, in the main viewing venue on the banks of the Yura River in Fukuchiyama, across from the launch site, authorities said.

A 44-year-old woman died Saturday after being injured in an explosion at a fireworks festival last week in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, police said.

Hiromi Takeuchi was among the 60 victims rushed to hospitals after Thursday night’s blast, which is thought to have occurred after gasoline for a food stall electricity generator caught fire.

She is the first person to die because of the accident.



Day 1976 ( Daimonji )
Friday, August 16, 2013

Took some photos for my interview... I hate this photo. I took them in the morning shortly after waking up... So I look like 50. I was encouraged to get a haircut after taking this photo.

Me in the morning

In the night, there was this big fire thing called Diamonji in Kyoto. I could see the fire from where I was. Its actually 5 big fires to mark the end of Obon - the season when the Japanese dead return....

The origins of the festival are obscure, but it is believed to be ancient. Specific families have the hereditary duty of organizing all the logistics of the bonfires, and they spend many hours annually providing volunteer labor to maintain this tradition.
Starting at 8 PM, the giant bonfires are lit, each with a distinctive shape. Three of the fires form giant Chinese characters, and two form familiar shapes. 

Me in the night

Later on I went to the Rub-A-Dub Jamaican bar.



Day 1977 ( Biwako Lake - Shiga )
Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yeah battery 16%

Went to Shiga prefecture beside Kyoto and there is this beautiful lake....Actually the biggest lake in all of Japan..... I thought it was a regular beach... But its fresh water... not salt water like in the sea.

It was a good day....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

On TV Tokyo / Niimi Festival 2013

Japanese Sentence of the week - Irashai mase / いらしゃいませ/Welcome (to our shop) 

2 weeks

I'm still alive just mad busy even in Summer.

Days 1957 - 1970
Sunday, July 28 - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 1957 (US Issues Warning on travel)
Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stayed in today then went on the beach in the evening with my friend to watch a concert sort of thing.


U.S. issues global warning on travel

Al-Qaida threat to Western interests intercepted

The United States has issued an extraordinary global travel warning to Americans about the threat of an al-Qaida attack and closed down 21 embassies and consulates across the Muslim world for the weekend.

The alert was the first of its kind since an announcement preceding the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. An attack last year on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 killed the ambassador and three other Americans.

“There is a significant threat stream, and we’re reacting to it,” said Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He told ABC in an interview to be aired Sunday that the threat was “more specific” than previous ones and the “intent is to attack Western, not just U.S., interests.” The warning said al-Qaida or its allies might target either U.S. government or private American interests.




Day 1958 ( Political Stunt Angers Japan )
Monday, July 29, 2013

Had lunch at a Thai restaurant with my co-worker in Yokohama at noon today. That was all for today.


Political stunt in Korea game angers Japan

Protest lodged with soccer body over huge banner in crowd

Japan has lodged a protest with the East Asian Football Federation demanding an investigation into a politically charged banner that was displayed at the East Asian Cup finale against South Korea on Sunday.

During the match in Seoul, which Japan won 2-1 with an injury-time goal, South Korean supporters raised a long horizontal banner referring to Japan’s 1910-45 colonial rule over the Korean Peninsula that read: “There is no future for a race oblivious to history.”

The banner, which stretched across a wide section of the stands and was written in Hangul, was displayed for about an hour from kickoff.

“I was hoping something like this would not occur this time, so it’s unfortunate,” Japan Football Association chief Kuniya Daini said Monday. “We ask the East Asian federation to thoroughly investigate the matter and act in the appropriate fashion.”
Daini said that he asked the organizer during halftime to have the banner taken away.




Day 1959 ( Lost My Suica Card )
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did nothing in the day then did 2 classes at Komatsu in the evening.

So there is this card well several cards actually that you can store money on to take trains and some buses in Japan. I have a card name Suica. There is also one called Pasmo and another called Icoca which is more popular in western Japan.

You can put money on these cards as needed, in order to pass through the gates to take the train. So because on Tuesdays, I do quite a bit of traveling, so I use this card a lot. After my final class, I swiped the card on the bus, then when I got to the train gate to swipe the card again, there was no card. I re traced my steps but I still couldn't find it :( there was 3000 yen / US$ 30 on the card.



Day 1960 ( Research For Spring Ting 2014 -YMCA Campus )
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Met my Uzbek co-worker on the train then we went to Misakiguchi along with my Jamaican friend and a Japanese co-worker from my main school. My Japanese co-worker said he knew about a camping area owned by the YMCA where we could possibly host our Jamaican Spring Ting camp event next year. So my friends came along with us to view the area.

The campus is huge and can hold up to 300 campers at several different locations on the campus. We walked around the campus to get a good view.

We queried about the location extensively. It would be perfect! and its cheap, near to a beach, has cooking facilities or we can ask them to provide breakfast etc if we don't want to cook.

But !!!! 1 Thing!!!! We can't make too much noise!! Because houses are not too far away. And Jamaicans... LOVE NOISE!!!  Also the beach won't be of much use at the end of April (Spring Ting Time) , which is still cold in Japan.

So I'm still searching around for other possible locations in the general Kanto area.



Day 1961 ( My new Addiction - Wind Runner )
Thursday, August 1, 2013

Had my business lady private student today. We spoke mostly about my trip to Singapore. I then took an expensive shinkansen trip to Kyoto and learnt some very shocking news. Too shocking to share.


I found a new i-phone craze. I play it mainly on long trips or if I have a few minutes to spare. Its called wind surfer. Before this, my addiction was candy crusher.

I'm coming for you too Vany
Ooh and Atsuko is one of my bosses



Day 1962 ( On TV Tokyo Representing Jamaica!!! )
Friday, August 2, 2013

Had vegan lunch today for the first time in my life. It tasted a bit weird but it wasn't too bad over all.

Went to an hospital to do some check ups then learnt in the night that I was on TV again. I didn't get to see it live because I was out. I did record it at my apartment though. So welcome readers, to my apartment....

And here is the video if you missed it. Enjoy my madness!!!



Day 1963 ( Jamaican Restaurant in Gion, Kyoto )
Saturday, August 3, 2013

Went to Rub-A-Dub, the Jamaican restaurant in Kyoto. Met the owner of a Jamaican bar that I was advertising in my apartment and didn't even know.

The Ad up top is for the Jamaican bar
in Gion, Kyoto

And here is the owner of the Jamaican bar in Gion ..... tadaaaa!!!

He may not look it but....
Believe it or not.... He is a restaurant/bar owner





Day 1964 (  )
Sunday, August 4, 2013

Went back home by shinkansen... can I say EXPENSIVE!!! US $120 one way. Its cheaper to travel around Asia than to travel within Japan... Weird.



Day 1965 ( My Crazy Main Job / US Strikes Al-Quaida in Yemen )
Monday, August 5, 2013

Had a summer YMCA gig today for about 1 hour 30 mins. One group of beginner students in 2nd and 3rd grade. Then a second set of intermediate kids from 4th to 6th grade.

Recently, my main job has been calling me frantically for some unknown reason IN THE SUMMER!!! So I called back to check what it was... Only to realize that they wanted me to do an "extra job" in August. I said yes.... My friend then warned me that I probably won't be getting pad. So I called them back to clear up any misunderstandings. Only to find out they wanted me to work for free!!! When I could be getting extra cash from another side job... Heck NO!!!! I cancelled instantly. If I do it or not it would be a half salary thing for August... I rather hustle around and collect here and there than do something for the day and get nothing in return.


U.S. buys time in Yemen with drone strikes

The Obama administration authorized a series of drone strikes in Yemen over the past 10 days as part of an effort to disrupt an al-Qaida terrorism plot that has forced the closure of American embassies around the world, U.S. officials said.

The officials said the revived drone campaign — with five strikes in rapid succession — is directly related to intelligence indicating that al-Qaida’s leader has urged the group’s Yemen affiliate to attack Western targets.

The strikes have ended a period in which U.S. drone activity in the Arabian Peninsula has been relatively rare, following a seven-week stretch with no strikes.



Day 1966 ( Happy Independence Day Jamaica 51 )
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today is a holiday in Jamaica. It was 51 years ago in 1962 when we were recognized as a independent nation from England.


Had the 2 classes at YMCA similar to yesterday. Just taught some random stuff and let the kids had a good time then ate lunch with them. Later on I went to Hiratsuka to teach the Komatsu group. Only 1 student came for the intermediate group while no one showed up for the advanced group, so I left 30 mins earlier than normal. Trust me, that makes a difference with the bus system.



Day 1967 ( Soccer after 1 year )
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

After spending a looong day at the Y, I had to run to catch my Wednesday evening student who I haven't seen in 3 weeks. He went on work related trips to Alaska then to California over a 3 week period. I then had to grab some food and quickly purchased a 900 yen pair of shoes to go play soccer in. Well, I haven't played soccer in a year, so I am wondering how this is going to go.

I was about 30 mins late to meet the guy who was introducing me to soccer in Yokohama. I was extremely tired but I wanted to play. It started at 9pm.

This is how I looked after the first 5 mins of play.

I was exhausted to say the least. Eventually I got back into it though and even scored 2 goals. Here is the crew.

It was exhausting fun!!!



Day 1968 ( Back to Niimi <where I lived for 3 years> with train delays )
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Caught my first train from Yokohama at 6:31am this morning and started my loooong local trains only trip back to Niimi. This is my 3rd time doing this 14 hour trip. But this time, there was a delay in Okayama city. The final leg of the Yokohama to Niimi trip. I got delayed for about 2 hours in Okayama. I do this because it cost only US $25 as against US $150 if I took the speed train. I have time so I trade off time for the money.

I eventually got to Niimi at 10:00pm. What's that 15 hrs and 30 mins of travelling ???? Then to top it off, my phone battery died so I couldn't call the lady who I was going to stay with. So I walked from the train station in Niimi ... to Jenny's house which took an additional 40 mins. I know I am crazy.

Jenny said I could have used a pay phone to call her but (1) I don't know how to use the Japanese pay phones. Not the slightest clue. (2) I don't have Jenny's number written down anywhere. Well I do, but that book is back in Yokohama.



Day 1969 ( Dinner With Niimi Friends )
Friday, August 9, 2013

Stayed in for most of the day because I was too tired from the long trip yesterday. However, in the evening, my friend Kiyoshi and his English conversation group (that I was a part of) had a little dinner session for me. It was good to see old friends again.

After the dinner, I visited the darts bar that I once frequented when I was in Niimi. The bar owner said he saw me on TV a few times.



Day 1970 ( 2013 Niimi Home Town Festival )
Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today is the grand day of the festival. The main reason why I go back to Niimi yearly. This is the ONLY time that I can get to see a whole bunch of friends, old co-workers, former students, people who hate me, people who love me etc. at one big gathering. Maybe 10,000 peeps or more yearly.

First thing I did today was meet up with my old friend Shomura sensei, who was a co-star in my TV show when I was in Niimi. I went to his house and met his brother, mother and nephew. He worked with the Niimi Board of Education for 6 years And was the president for the teacher's section of the Board of education for a year or 2. He is now out of the board of education and is a principal for an elementary school.

Also met up with Justin who has been living in Japan for 10 years!!! 3 years of which was in Niimi. He is the Caucasian guy to the right.

After about 2 hrs at Shomura sensei's house, he dropped me back at Jenny, then Jenny dropped me at the matsuri, where I of course met many old friends. My Jamaican friend Raul and Chiyoko who I met in Jamaica also came along. Raul was living in a prefecture called Toyama, but because the cold was messing with his asthma, he requested a warmer area. So they sent him to Okayama. I spent 30 mins trying to direct Chiyoko and Raul to the matsuri then another 30 mins greeting old friends while walking to the matsuri.

Don't be angry he isn't serious

Old students playing Yugioh

My karate teacher

Old Students

Good old friend, darts and karate partner - Andrew

Canadian friends

Old vice principal friend
I'm glad I left when they moved him from my main school
He is one of my best friends

More old students

Here is the video for this year...Crazy Jamaicans

After the matsuri, we were hungry so I stopped at another old friend, but he was full. So we went to another restaurant afterwards.

That was it for this years Niimi festival... Always fun, laughter and enjoyment.