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Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Reasons Why Some Foreigners Don't Date Japanese Women / 6th Birthday in Japan

Japanese Word of the week - Tabun - たぶん / Maybe, Perhaps 

2 weeks

Days 2006 - 2019
Sunday, September 15 - 28, 2013

Week 1

Day 2006 ( Landmark Tower / Now You See Me )
Sunday, September 15, 2013

Went to church then walked around the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama for a while. Finally after over 2 years in Yokohama, I went to the top of the tallest building in Japan. The Landmark tower.

You can see a good portion of Yokohama from the 69th Floor. It offers a 360 degree view. It had the record of having the fastest elevator for about 11 years until it was dethroned by an elevator in Taipei in 2004. Here is a view from top.


Now you See Me

Watched this movie today... Really interesting. I highly recommend it but I didn't like the end. Really good acting, had some funny moments in it as well, very interesting story and twist. Good action..... Now You See Me .... You should go see it... I give it a 8 /10 only because I didn't fancy the ending.



Day 2007 ( Typhoon But Work / Pacific Islands Will sink Soon)
Monday, September 16, 2013

Today a Typhoon name man-yi hit a part of Japan with lots of rain and wind. Especially the Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara) area. The same river that I was on weeks ago, was severely flooded. 500, 000 persons were ordered to evacuate.


All I got in my area was very little wind and rain... That's it. So I had to go to teach a class at the YMCA. Only 1 student came though.


Pacific islands fighting for survival as sea levels rise

Pacific islanders challenged world leaders this week to act on climate change, warning that their low-lying atolls are close to becoming uninhabitable because of rising seas and increasingly severe floods, droughts and storm surges.

“The Pacific is fighting for its survival. Climate change has already arrived,” said Christopher Loeak, president of the Marshall Islands, which host the Pacific islands’ annual summit, attended by most of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, including the United States, China and the European Union.

The Marshall Islands, a group of 29 atolls and coral islands standing on average only two meters above sea level, and lying halfway between Australia and Hawaii, is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Earlier this year the president declared a state of emergency following a simultaneous drought and some of the worst floods ever experienced. A freak tide nearly destroyed the capital Majuro, breaching its sea walls and flooding the airport runway. The drought left 6,000 people surviving on less than 1 liter of water per day.


Day 2008 ( Kindergarten Ordered To Pay For Students' Death From Tsunami )
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Had no classes at my Tuesday school. Then went to teach 2 of my business English classes. In the first class we spoke about making a schedule in English. While in the advanced class we spoke about what they normally do during holiday periods. One student said he rode a bicycle from Nagasaki up to Aomori. 819 Miles !!!! That's further than riding from Jamaica to Florida....


Kindergarten told to pay for tsunami deaths

Kids died when bus was driven to lower ground after 3/11 quake

The Sendai District Court on Tuesday ordered a kindergarten in Miyagi Prefecture to pay ¥177 million in damages over the deaths of four children in a school bus that was swamped by the March 11, 2011, tsunami as it was being driven toward lower ground.

It was the first ruling on a damages suit filed by families of tsunami victims against operators of facilities in 3/11 disaster areas. It could affect at least eight other similar damages suits filed by victims’ relatives.

The ruling focused on whether the kindergarten, as an institution with a responsibility to protect the lives of children, could have foreseen the risks of tsunami and whether it took appropriate measures to avert those risks.

The plaintiffs had sought ¥267 million, insisting the kindergarten should have considered the danger as it had been violently rocked by the preceding earthquake.

The privately run kindergarten had maintained that it was impossible for the facility to foresee a tsunami of that scale, saying the disaster was the largest in 1,000 years.



Day 2009 ( Why Some Foreigners Don't Date Japanese Women )
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Usual Wednesdays. 3 classes at my main school, 2 classes at YMCA then my private student.  


Here I am again stirring up a bee hive. Very possible for some Japanese to mis-read or misinterpret this post.... Just remember this is just what I gained from my research. Not an attack or anything like that. Here are some reasons sighted as to  Why Some foreigners don't date Japanese women.

- Cultural Differences 

This is an obvious one. Some foreign men just simply can't deal with the cultural differences. They have no interest in taking on the adventure.... Actually I was like this before I came to Japan and for my first say 5 months here.

- Language Barrier 

This can also put a great hamper on relationships anywhere. Some would say love is a universal language, but if you can't communicate well, then there are bound to be some serious trouble coming. So some foreigners avoid the potential disaster.

- Tried, But Bad Experience 

I've heard some interesting stories from men from many different racial backgrounds that dated Japanese women before. I remember one guy from England telling me how his ex-fiance threw his TV and couch, 5 floors down ... because he stayed by his friend's house who was sick !!!! He said he will never date another Japanese woman in this life time because of that experience.

- Some Japanese Women are only Interested simply because you are Black/White (insert race here) No other Reason

Yeah some Japanese women are only interested in a foreigner because he is this or that...So it means 2 things... (1) If you are not of a particular race you will be left out (2) If you are chosen .. then its not because of your personality, its because of your race.

- The Japanese women are not interested in them

If a Japanese woman deem a foreigner as unattractive, then he might have some difficulty landing a date. Even if he is interested. However, some Japanese simply just love a Black/White man and doesn't give a damn how good looking, old or stupid he is....

- A vicious Rumor (or is it?) Exists About No sex after marriage / After the first child

Some foreigners learn about this rumor (or fact) and just decide not to even bother dating Japanese women.

- Their parents don't like foreigners

Many Japanese parents, scarcely approve of foreign boyfriends.

- Their thinking is basic, childish and/or strange to western foreigners 

Japanese thinking is way different from us in the west. A Western man will find it weird if a Japanese woman is still living with her parents after 35. We want to get away from our parents as soon as we leave High School. Some men simply find this kawaii (cute) culture very annoying, crazy and/or childish.

- A very few foreigners simply aren't interested in Asian women 

A friend of mine said he is not at all attracted to Asian women so he wouldn't date one. One of my cousins also said that the Asian skin colour is simply not his kinda thing.

- Their Strong religious belief forbids them from Dating Outside

A very devout Christian, Jew, Muslim (insert religion) may not be interested in dating a Japanese woman. Or Japanese women may not be interested in dating them...



Day 2010 ( Happy Birthday Dave Collymore - My 6th Birthday Celebration in Japan )

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yeah Me!!!
First thing on the agenda for my birthday was to teach my "Business woman" private student. I told her yesterday that it would be my birthday today ... :)
So she got 2 pairs of Ralph Lauren (My favourite brand) Socks for me.

Then I got a Ralph Lauren wallet. All just by chance... I told no one of my love for Ralph Lauren stuff.

I'm not so sure what to put in the wallet located in this box, because this school year I'm broke!. Don't worry about how you see me going here and there lol.

I was then invited to a Spanish restaurant in Kawasaki. The food was fully delicious.

Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday via phone, electronic means or where ever. Of course most of the wishes came from facebook. I feel like 45. I got home at 12:30 am


Oh I made a part 1 for my video blog. I made it um 2 weeks ago !!! It is about a Japanese reggae thing that I went to during the summer. Here is the video.



Day 2011 ( Nintendo's Former President Dies At 85 )
Friday, September 20, 2013

I was planning to play soccer with the High School students today but I intentionally left my soccer gears because I was tired from my birthday celebrations yesterday. So I was introduced to them and plan to start playing with them next week. So I went home after being introduced to them then went to the YMCA to teach one class. When I went to the YMCA, I was greeted with this drawn picture of me.....

They were saying that my drawings and writings are terrible... So they drew me based on how they imagined I would have drawn myself..... Come on guys... I'm much better than this ....... I got home at 10 pm.


Former Nintendo President Yamauchi dies at 85

Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran Nintendo Co. for more than 50 years and led the company’s transition from traditional playing card maker to video game giant, died Thursday. He was 85.

Kyoto-based Nintendo said Yamauchi, who was also known for owning the Seattle Mariners baseball club, died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan.
Yamauchi was Nintendo president from 1949 to 2002, and engineered the company’s global growth, including developing the early Family Computer (Famicom) consoles and Game Boy portable devices.

Nintendo, which makes Super Mario and Pokemon games as well as the Wii U home console, was founded in 1889.

Reputed as a visionary and among the richest men in Japan, Yamauchi made key moves, such as employing the talents of Shigeru Miyamoto, a global star of game design and the brainchild of Nintendo hits such as “Super Mario” and “Donkey Kong.”



Day 2012 ( More Work On Saturdays )
Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Saturdays when I should be at home relaxing, I have to get up earlier than during the week. And today, work longer than usual. Started teaching at 10:15am I would normally end at 12:30... But they added 2 special needs group that started at 2:15 and end at 4:15....

I then went to Yokohama to search for football boots (spikes) and a barikan (barber share). I ended up going to several stores in the general Yokohama area. And Halloween stuff were already on sale. Check them out.

Iron man Dave

She seems familiar.... hmmm where have I seen her before??? Some movie?

I was then treated to some food at Fridays...... They also gave me a birthday cheese cake.

Tuggs wid pink drinks......

After fulling my stomach, I ended up having to go to Kamioka... about 8 mins by train from the Yokohama station. That's where I finally found the football spikes and the share... I'm about to start trimming my own hair in order to cut expenses .....

I got this exact pair of football spikes called Ligera 3.

And this share. Got home at around 12 am.

That was my Birthday Week pretty much.





Week 2

Day 2013 <Don't confuse it with the year...This will never happen again>

( Performance in Koenji Tokyo )

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Had rehearsal at 12 noon today for my performance. But I was too tired from yesterday so I went to the practice at around 2:30. My friend I-Marcus (below)... set up a band so that we could perform together....

My friend Camille came through from Saitama. Haven't seen her in over 2 years.

The show went pretty well and some persons came up to me saying "good job" .. One dude said I reminded him of some reggae guy... Don't quite remember his name...Didn't even realize that the people were liking what I was doing... Because my voice was going.....

This was the first one.... Boom Boom ....

Then I did one of my favorites .... Gi mi a bly .....

I think we performed for a total of 40 mins together. I'm not used to being on stage for so long. I-Marcus is ok with this because he did tours in Guam and Saipan etc. After my first poem/song my throat started acting up. I was coughing. At the end of the 40 mins performance. I had a splitting headache. But it was mad fun....



Day 2014 ( Performance in Sagamihara )
Monday, September 23, 2013

So just as how me and I-Marcus finished yesterday night... We also did a performance this afternoon at an African Heritage festival. They had many food stalls and African cultural stuff there in Sagamihara, about 1 hour from where I live. Its like I'm on tour but not getting paid lol.

My friend Vany took the video for me.... I already added too many videos up top.. I won't put another one in this post.... Thanks for coming out Van and Er...

We had dinner afterwards and I ended up getting home at around 12.



Day 2015 ( Wrong Pronunciations / Apple Ordered to Pay US $3 Million to Japanese Guy)
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So at my Tuesday school, most of the English teachers they don't really think in advance. They just come up to me as soon as they see me, then start planning there. Anyway, I had a class with one of my teacher friends today, and he asked me to pronounce some words. One of them was "Women" ... So I said "Women" as how we would say it in Jamaica.... But the teacher said the students are more used to the American way of pronouncing which sounds like "Wimen". So I had to repeat it that way.... Now, I felt a bit tense after the teacher explained that to me.... I was then given a passage to read from their English text book... So I saw the word "woman" .... I was thinking to myself now... darn.... "how do Americans pronounce Woman???" ... I saw the word and stupidly said "Wiman" ...... then thought about it ....... After reading the entire passage I thought "They are probably going to fire me now" lol ... What kind of English teacher am I... "Wiman???" I've never heard such a thing in my life ....


Apple hit with $3 million damages in Japanese iPod click wheel dispute

Apple is no stranger to lawsuits targeting the iPhone and iPad, but over in Japan, it's the company's older iPod design that has landed it in hot water. Kyodo Newsreports that the Tokyo District Court ordered Apple to pay ¥300 million ($3.3 million) to Japanese inventor Norihiko Saito for infringing on a patent covering the touch-sensitive click wheel used in the iPod Classic and older models of its iconic music player. Saito's damages come more than five years after he filed the patent lawsuit, during which time he demanded damages of ¥10 billion ($101 million), based partly on the number of iPods Apple had sold during that period. Fortunately for Apple, the final figure was substantially less than Saito's demand and it'll only have to sell a few more iPhones to cover the cost.




Day 2016 ( Futsal )
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So I've been coming in really late and sleeping really late which is of course taking a toll on my sleeping time. So I woke up a bit late this morning and rushed to my main school. I got there 5 minutes late and a teacher had to escort me to my class. When I got there, the teacher was very happy to see me, and so were the students. But after the class she said "You need to start coming earlier" .... I promised that I would....

I then had 2 classes at the YMCA... First, the naughty kids.... There were initially 2 boys in this class.. But a parent pulled one of the boys who was rebelling against English and giving none stop trouble during classes. Now there is only one boy. He is also a trouble maker but not as bad as the first one. This boy was absent today. I thought that since the boys were not around, the girls would be well-behaved.... Ha, how wrong I was. It seem as if the boys were the ones keeping the girls from getting out of control. Today the girls were doing all manner of stuff and not wanting to listen. It was a headache to clam them down. Even the Japanese teacher before me said they were mis-behaving a bit.

Later on I had my private student. I spoke to him about the 2 sides of Jamaica... The garrison areas as well as the nice resort areas that most normal Jamaicans probably can't afford.


So now I was heading to play football at 8:30pm. I was stopped by a lady selling a cooler thing.... Hot and cold machine thingy .... Ok this... I don't know the name..........Water server???

She said I would get the machine free but have to pay 1500 yen for the water.... So I said "Ok let me try, even though I'm rushing to play football". She then asked me for my address etc. and went for a contract. She looked at my address and said "Oh the water for your area is 1900 yen " ... "And you have to buy 2 bottles" ... Instantly I shut down ... and told her sorry I don't have the time... Because I'm sure she was going to add some other cost or maybe that I have to buy the water twice a month or some crap...

Anyway, I rushed to play football and had a good time there. I scored 3 goals. This is warm up to train with the High school guys on Friday. I was warned that these high school football guys in Yokohama are reallly!!! good and they don't get tired!!! I finally got home at about 12:20.



Day 20179 Million I-phones Sold in 3 Days !!! )
Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still tired but the work must go on. I spoke to my private student today about a seminar she went to recently. Also did a personality test with her that I saw posted in the "Jamaicans in Japan" facebook group.


I scored 46. Whats your score??

I then substituted for a teacher at my part-time job in Hiratsuka. I also gave them the personality test.


BTW Thanks for posting these links Elroy... Very informative..

Apple sells nine million new iPhones in three days 

Apple just set a new all-time record for iPhone launch sales: it reports selling nine million total iPhone 5s and 5c units this weekend, well over the 5 million of theiPhone 5 launch last year. While the company isn't breaking down sales by individual models, it notes that the initial iPhone 5s supply has already sold out. The company also mentioned that more than 200 million devices are already runningiOS 7. That's the fastest software upgrade in history, according to Apple. While it's difficult to put the sales and download figures into context without directly comparable numbers from rivals, it's clear that the new devices are off to a strong start. Check out Apple's self-congratulatory release after the break.




Day 2018 ( Football with High Schoolers OMG!! )
Friday, September 27, 2013

I needed a pass-time between my main job and my second job on Fridays. Because I have a 4-5 hour break between jobs. So I decided to try training with the high school guys at my main school. My main school is just one stop away from my second job. So while getting some exercise, I can avoid going back to my apartment and waiting for 4 hours.

The first part of training involved passing the ball with your right foot then your left.... "What?? My left foot too??" I gasped... My right foot was fine.. But my left??? A big joke.... Next exercise ... Thigh control and pass with instep ..... Ok not too bad.... Then with left foot.... "darn" .... They are slowly figuring out that I'm no where near their level..... Next- control in the chest and pass the ball..... .. Fine ... Then jump header .... That was terrible ..... Next- long pass from half way across the field.... This too was a disaster....

I was told that they will be having a match tomorrow so they have to practice really hard.... Forward vs defense.... I ended up kicking the ball around with the bench team for about 1hr and a half .... The place eventually got pitch black... So they stopped playing and did this ladder exercise thing.... I have never done it before in all my years of playing soccer.

But then I thought about it.... I haven't done real soccer training since like 1995 .... I did attend about 3 training sessions while in university first and second year ... lets see hmmm 2001 and 2002!!! more than 10 years ago....Jeez I'm getting old.... Then to top it off now... The guys were doing some 50 meter races.... What the heck! I'm Jamaican ... I should be faster than all these guys..... hahahahaha what a joke... I decided to test my running skills.... This drew a crowd because they knew I was from Jamaica. I was a bit concerned about the crowd but what the heck!!!!I am Jamaican!!!! 

4 of us ran and I came in 3rd ..... I am still wondering if the guy that came in last was just joking around... However, the guys who were in front of me..... They were wayyy ahead ... couldn't catch them.... and my feet were wobbling as if I would fall, should I go any faster, which I couldn't..... Major embarrassment ...  I don't want to go back to that training.... But I still have to face some of these guys in English class!!!

While feeling very embarrassed and putting on my clothes....2 students said to me "please come again next week!!!" .... WHAT!!  Yuh mad!! .... I left, told them bye and headed to the YMCA. I got in at 10:30.



Day 2019 ( Tokyo Game Show 2013)
Saturday, September 28, 2013

After doing my 3 classes at the YMCA today, I was waiting to know if the special needs class would still be going on. But as my boss always forgets to tell me stuff, I asked ... and as sure as night follows day, she forgot. So no classes today. It means less money but more rest.

When I got home, I sat down from around 5pm writing this very blog post. At 2 am in the morning I still wasn't finished. Why do I spend so much time doing this??? ... It's beyond me...


Sony, Microsoft to square off at Tokyo Game Show

In Japan, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is gaming’s main event. This year, heavyweights Sony and Microsoft are set to square off at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe convention center with brand new consoles in tow. Who will come out on top?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are both prime examples of what’s in store for the next generation of console gaming: more realistic graphics, increased processing power, and greater social networking options — not to mention new game controllers. TGS will be the first chance for gamers in Japan to get a shot at these next-gen Sony and Microsoft machines (it’s important to note that Nintendo traditionally sits TGS out).

Sony Corp. expects the lower price of the PlayStation 4 and wider variety of entertainment services to drive its forecast to sell 5 million units of the game console by the end of March.

The projection for Sony’s next-generation machine, set to be introduced for $399 in November, compares with 3.55 million units sold in a similar period for the PlayStation 3, released in 2006 and offered in some regions for $599, 

The PS4 will hit U.S. shelves a week before Microsoft Corp. starts selling its Xbox One for $499, as both companies seek to reignite growth in the console business as casual players switch to games on smartphones and tablet computers. Sony is staggering the release of its machine in an effort to avoid shortages that hurt sales of the PS3, and is positioning the PS4 as a portal for games, films and music.


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