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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reasons You Should and Shouldn't Live in Japan / Explanation of Last Weeks Post

Days 1985 - 1991
Sunday, August 25 - 31, 2013

Japanese word of the week :- Yappari / やっぱり/ As I thought ..... As a result

Day 1985 ( Congratulations Dwayne and Donnelle !!! )
Sunday, August 25, 2013

My two friends Dwayne and Donnelle got married yesterday. I think they were dating for about 4 years even though Dwayne relocated to Canada while Donnelle was still in Jamaica. Happy marriage guys.

Went to church, then to an Indian restaurant afterwards. I usually come here with my Jamaican friends after church. But now they are gone. The food was great as usual, and cheaper than normal restaurants. Especially with the amount of food given here.

After the Indian restaurant, I was walking in a mall and saw some Japanese people doing Hawaiian dance.

Shake that ..... 



Day 1986 ( My First Time Fishing )
Monday, August 26, 2013

Shouldn't I be looking in the river?

A teacher friend of mine at my main school, invited me and 2 of my other English teacher friends to go fishing. None of us had done it before nor were we that interested, but because we were bored we decided to go. It was located in some mountainous part of this prefecture. Near to a station called Atsugi. Almost in the middle of nowhere.

We had to wake up early and head to a station name Hiratsuka, where I usually have my Tuesday evening classes. My teacher friend then dropped us in the mountains to go fishing.

Lots of nature as you see. Some of us did barbecue while others catch fish. The operators of this fishing area throw fishes into the river and it is up to us to catch them. We pay 2000 yen (US$20) I think. I of course had no interest whatsoever in putting on the worms on the fishing rods.

Cute Viv

We caught quite a few fishes and others got bitten/sucked by leaches. I was fortunate to escape them.

Viv trying to steal a dog and got caught.. oops!
Overall the day went better than we all expected. Even my friend who had no interest in fishing caught 2.

Wait... Is she fishing for the guy?

Tell me I'm not a boss.



Day 1987 ( First Day of Work After Summer / Disclaimer to Last weeks Post)
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Did 3 classes at my Tuesday school then 1 business English class in the evening. No one showed up for the intermediate group. And only 1 person showed up for the advanced group.


Disclaimer for last week's post 


I'm 585 readers late with this disclaimer... but better now than never. Many people read my last post and got offended which wasn't my intention. If you haven't read it yet, please read my disclaimer before going ahead. Try not to misunderstand the title nor the things I wrote...

My post last week had created quite a stir... Far more than what I anticipated. Mostly from females misunderstanding my blog post. Some foreign females were offended and to my surprise, some Japanese females were offended as well. Sorry about that but I re-read the post several times and didn't see the reason to be offended. Unless there was clearly some misunderstanding. And there were many. I had no ill intention nor any strange motive. It was just to highlight what is going on in Japan and some possible reasons why. I've blogged about several controversial topics before but this one was the first to hit 500 readers in less than a day. So here goes.....

>My blogs are never ever to disrespect anyone in anyway.

>Foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean any race in particular it means just foreigners (Chinese, Indians, Blacks, Brazilians, Whites, Other Asians ... )

>Male foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean me (Dave) or only Black people or only Jamaicans... It means male foreigners ...

>Female foreigners in Japan - Doesn't mean Jamaicans or Americans or Chinese only... It means all female foreigners ...

>I wasn't praising Japanese women in anyway .... nor putting down other races ... In fact, some Japanese women were offended, but then again, most Japanese are easily offended.

>I wasn't hinting in anyway that Japanese women are better at anything than foreign women. As far as I know, the only thing Japanese women are better than foreign women with is being Japanese...

If you can understand all of this and read with an open mind then you should be fine.... If you haven't read it yet ... here it is http://davecollyjap.blogspot.jp/2013/08/10-reasons-why-foreigners-in-japan.html



Day 1988 ( Reggae Night at Oasis / Reasons You Should and Shouldn't Live in Japan)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Had 2 classes at the YMCA today then went to Oasis. The relax on the beach side summer thingy. Tonight was Japanese reggae night. I went with Viv. But met up some other friends there as well. Always a nice vibes.


Reasons You Should and Shouldn't Live in Japan

I made a post like this sometime ago... But hey, why not make another one? I thought.

Here are some reason why you should and shouldn't live in Japan

Should lives

Safe ... One of the safest countries in the world. There are some hentais (perverts) around but if a foreign female speaks strongly or even act brave enough, they will probably run away. Outside of those idiots, you won't have any trouble with thieves or criminals in a general sense.

Kind people ... Not all of them are but especially the rural peeps are extremely kind beyond belief. The city peeps are another story.

Clean .... There are strict rules on how to dispose of garbage and there are no garbage bins anywhere except inside certain buildings and convenient stores.

Rich country ... Ok so its a rich country but we may not see much money.... However, if you are lucky, you can land a great job and get loads.... I know at least 3 Jamaicans here making loads.

Learn a new language ... re-activate your lazy brain. Even though I'm here 5 years and no where near fluent, you can still learn a lot by just trying to speak.
Fun Festivals ... The summer festivals are wonderful. There are some weirder festivals like the (clears throat vigorously) "The penis (fertility) festival" in Kawasaki.... Kanamara matsuri  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanamara_Matsuri.

May the good Lord have mercy on Japan!

Travel around Asia - If you like travelling ... then you can go around Asia for cheap.

Technology .... You may see some technology here that you won't see anywhere else.


Shouldn't lives

Expensive ... Be prepared to spend lots and lots of money.

Xenophobia ...  It can be argued that there are xenophobic people in every country... But Japan!!! Try say more than 65% of the population. To be fair, if I was to go to China, S.Korea or any other Asian country it would be similar. Maybe many foreigners here has experienced a Japanese either running from them or jumping in surprise saying (bikurishita) when they saw them. Or even the dreaded, deadly stare and when you look back at them, they quickly turn away or look in the sky admiring the clouds!!!!

Mainly Teaching Jobs ... If you have a degree in anything... you can get a teaching job in Japan. Your pay will be anywhere between 200,000 - 300,000 yen... Average being around 250,000 depending on the company and where you live. If you are lucky you can be hired directly by a private school or by the Board of Education and get more than this. Some get even luckier and land a job outside of the education field. If you can speak Japanese fluently then many doors are opened. Then why can't I speak fluently yet? I need some classes.

Radiation in Fukushima ... Tepco, the company in charge of providing electricity to Tokyo and its surrounding areas, still hasn't sorted out the radiation trouble in Fukushima. And its going into the Pacific ocean as well.

Earthquakes ... The reason for the above. I've gotten so used to earthquakes now that I just look at the stuff shaking around me and not care.

Very Cold / Very Hot ... Winter is extremely cold and dry, summer is very hot and humid. You can die in either of them. I can deal with the heat but the 8 months of cold oh Jeez.



Day 1989 ( Shinjuku Again/Short TV interview with FujiTV )
Thursday, August 29, 2013

Went to Shinjuku again to sort out some stuff. Then to Shubuya again to meet a new friend who just moved to Japan. While I was walking out of the Shibuya station at the Hachiko exit, I saw a cameraman and a lady with a microphone approaching me slowly. They then asked "can you speak Japanese?" .... I said "A little" ... They then started to ask me about Japanese stuff that are famous in Jamaica. I will post the video next week.

I then had dinner with my soccer friend and some of his other friends. Saw the principal for my Tuesday school at the restaurant as well.



Day 1990 ( Dragon's Dogma )
Friday, August 30, 2013

My main school started back today but I had no classes. So I sat there all day playing games and falling asleep. Later I had my usual Friday night class at the YMCA.

I stupidly bought this PS3 game that I have no time to play. It was only 980 yen though.



Day 1991 ( Last Day of Oasis )
Saturday, August 31, 2013

Taught the usual 3 Saturday classes at YMCA then went home to sleep for a while.

Afterwards, I went to Hayama, about 30 mins from me on the beach side. Actually a student from my main school there with her mom.

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