Japanese Wives Mostly Stay Home (Re-post) / Japan 7 Star Train

Days 2027 - 2037 (11 Days)
Sunday, October 6 - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 2027 ( US Shutdown causes panic )
Sunday, October 6, 2013

Went to church today with my friend then to an Indian restaurant afterwards. I wish there was a restaurant like this near to my apartment. Good food for relatively cheap. We saw this cool dog while heading back to my apartment.


U.S. paralysis leaves travel agencies scrambling

Majide!!! (Really!!!)

The U.S. government shutdown that started at midnight Monday has impacted the global travel industry, with tourist agencies in Japan scrambling to avoid severe losses.

The failure of Democrats and Republicans to agree on a new budget saw the closure of 401 national parks, museums, zoos and other public attractions that draw Japanese tourists across the U.S.

“Such attractions as Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon are very popular with Japanese visitors,” a spokesman at Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., one of the nation’s largest travel agencies, told The Japan Times on Wednesday. “They are part of many package tours that our company offers.”

Asked about the potential impact on the firm’s business, he said it has already received cancellation requests from customers. He speculated, however, that the effect may not be significant.



Day 2028 ( Japan's 7 Star Train to Raise Price to 770,000 yen or US$7700  )
Monday, October 7, 2013

Just did one class at the YMCA then went home. All I did was call some card names with them, jump around with them a bit and that was it.


JR Kyushu raising rate for Seven Stars train

Kyushu Railway Co. will raise the price of the most expensive package for its Seven Stars luxury train service to ¥770,000 per person for double-occupancy, an increase of about ¥200,000, starting with July 2014 departures, a JR Kyushu official said.

JR Kyushu decided on the increase because the quality of recently built train cars exceeded the firm’s expectations, the official said. The carrier will start taking reservations for the newly priced services in January.

The Seven Stars service, offering 14 guest compartments, will launch Oct. 15. The current price for the most expensive package, a three-night, four-day trip for two in the DX Suite A, costs ¥550,000 to ¥566,000 per person.

The price of this package will be raised to ¥770,000 per person, or a total of 1.54 million for a party of two.



Day 2029 ( Swedish Exchange Student Troubles / Scuba Diving Student )
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There is an exchange student at my Tuesday school. She is from the nearest country to Norway :) and speaks some amount of English but almost no Japanese. So she is in the classes staring in space. She hasn't a clue what is going on.
I spoke to her for about 40 mins today because its test time now, and you know she can't understand it.

She said she is having a bit of a hard time in Japan. She said her math classes are especially terrible because she won't be doing that level of math until say the next 2 years. She also said that when she just came to the class, the students tried to speak to her but now!!! they avoid her like the plague. All the other students do is say "hello" "goodbye" that's it. So she is bored at school. But it doesn't end there. Her host parents are rich, live near the beach and drive a jaguar. She loves the beach but she can't go because her host parents hate the beach. They told her she can go if she want, but she doesn't even know how to open their door lol. Too much security stuff. So she is at home bored as well.

She also said that her host parents have a dog name Allan.... Her name hmm lets just say it sounds like Allan.... So whenever they call her, the dog also comes. Whenever they call the dog, she also goes...And this happens everyday.


After my Tuesday school, I went to Komatsu to teach business English. There is a new student there. He has a doctorate in Laser Technology!!! But his English isn't all that good. Well his spoken English that is. He writes and reads pretty well. He is Japanese but believe me, he looks almost exactly like Mark Ruffalo (Dude that acted as Hulk in Avengers and the police dude in "Now you see me")

He said he is a scuba diving expert and even encountered a huge shark on one of his diving trips. He said the shark didn't attack him but he was shocked and scared!!! ...



Day 2030 ( Japanese Wives Mostly Stay Home  )
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Had no YMCA after my main job today because the YMCA is having some training exercises all this week. I will be attending one tomorrow for 2 hours. So after my main job, I went home then to my private student.


A friend of mine ask me some time ago while living in Okayama... "Why doesn't my land lord invite his wife out with him when we meet" ... I also notice that many of my Japanese friends who are married, they some how hide their wives.... a part of the answer is that, many of them are stay-home wives. Another answer (especially for rural Japanese) is that they don't want to shock their wives too much by introducing them to a foreigner. If some Japanese can face the facts, a couple of them really don't want to be seen with foreigners. I saw this quite a bit in Okayama. Where I would see someone I knew for a while, speak with them in private and all is well.... But when there are around their friends, they kinda give you the cold shoulder or look at you strange, like their friends do......

Back to the stay home Japanese wives... Well yeah most Japanese wives stay home at nights ...taking care of the kids and the house. Well that's if they don't have the 18 hour jobs that most Japanese in general has. Its just an understanding in Japanese culture that the husband goes out and chill, gets drunk and do silly things with their friends, while the wives stay in, look after the kids and house stuff. If the wives have the 18 hour jobs, then they stay at work all day while the kids either stay home with the grand mother or stay at a nursery school for a bit. 

I must also mention that most Japanese, maybe 65% of them, don't depart from their parent's home....Especially in rural areas..... Its either both parties in the marriage agree to stay with the husband's parents or with the parents of the wife. So a normal Japanese house hold may consist of husband, wife, kids, plus mother and father of either the husband or the wife. There is this lady I know, her husband's family has a massive field with crops of all sorts. Now, this lady who is not used to the planting and uprooting business, is stuck every month or so, having to go and look after crops in the field. We asked her if she like to do it. And her response was "I HATE IT" ... But she has to do it... 

You have a minor few of the wives who go out occasionally and as soon as it touches a certain time, they have to rush home. Now it leaves me to wonder, how much time the husband and their wives spend together here????? I've never asked this question to a married Japanese couple before. But looking on, most foreigners deduce that, the Japanese wives hardly get any love from their husbands, that is if they want the love anyway.....It seem both are either too busy for each other, or love/sex is not an important element in their marriage. If that is so, why are there so many perverted Japanese men ?? Look at the windows of any convenience store... You will see many Japanese men reading erotic comics..... I don't know!!! 

A married Japanese lady told me that she and her husband hasn't had a proper conversation in years... You know why??? The police caught him in the train taking pictures of up skirts!!!! WHAT!!! A student told me that her parents doesn't even speak to each other.... And she hates returning home, because the house is very tense... So if she returns home, she locks up in her room. She said her parents walk past each other like zombies... Not a word..

Another mystery to us foreigners...



Day 2031 ( Monsters University / Japanese Court Bans Hate Speech)
Thursday, October 10, 2013

Went to the YMCA in Yokohama today. they were having some training workshop thing. I got there about 10 mins late. I stayed there for 2 hours and listened to 2 presentations about teaching early childhood kids. The first presentation was ok but the second one was done via online like a skype lesson of sorts. But I was falling asleep. I will be paid 1500 yen for attending this thing. It's better than zero... and I didn't have to do anything but sit down.


When I got home, I watched Monsters University.

It was ok...If you start watching it, you will want to see it until the end. Interesting story about team work. The concept was also original and interesting. I give it a 7/10.


Court bans rightists’ hate speech, rallies

The Kyoto District Court ordered anti-Korean activists Monday to pay damages for disrupting classes at a Korean school by staging demonstrations during which they used hate speech, and banned them from staging further rallies.
The landmark ruling acknowledged for the first time the explicit insults used in the rallies constituted racial discrimination, human rights experts said, and it could prompt a move to exempt hate speech from free-speech rights under the Constitution.

Presiding Judge Hitoshi Hashizume said the actions of Zaitokukai members and other activists who shouted hate-speech slogans near the school and posted video footage of the demonstrations online were “illegal.”
The actions “constitute racial discrimination as defined by the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,” which Japan has ratified, Hashizume said.

Zaitokukai and the activists were ordered to pay about ¥12 million and banned from street demonstrations within a 200-meter radius of the pro-Pyongyang Korean school in the city of Kyoto. The operator of the school had sought ¥30 million in damages.




Day 2032 ( Getting a Dodgy Divorce in Japan - Story from an American Male )
Friday, October 11, 2013

Did 3 classes at my main school today. I didn't stay for soccer because after my last class, the school seemed empty. Plus there was no YMCA today. One female student saw me going to the English room and she said to me ... Dave sensei no jugyo tanoshimi (I am looking forward to your class/Your classes are fun)... I was happy to hear that.


Getting a dodgy divorce is easy; annulling the decision is anything but

‘I am an American male and have been married to a Japanese woman for about a year and a half,” a reader writes. “One day, I came home from work and found that my wife had left a divorce decree on the kitchen table with a note. I was shocked!

“The first thing that came to mind was, ‘How can she get a divorce without my signature?’
I checked with the city office and by law, they will accept a divorce paper as long as all the fields are filled out. There is no way for them to verify a foreigner’s signature. I got a copy of the document and saw that my wife had written my name in Japanese characters and used my gift stamp with my name on as a stamp. This stamp is not registered.

“I was told by family court that I had to file a petition with the family court where she is now living to nullify the divorce decree on the grounds of fraud. So I did so, along with evidence of my signature. We received a notice in the mail to appear in family court at a later date.

“My questions are: 1) What happens if she does not show up? 2) Will the court automatically nullify the divorce? 3) Does my wife have to fill out some form admitting that she falsified the divorce paper? 4) If she refuses to admit to the falsification, what is the next step? 5) Could she go to jail for this and, if so, for how long?”

Under Japanese law, a divorce can be finalized by mutual consent, and the process — known as kyōgi rikon — is simple and very popular. First, one or both of the parties are supposed to fill in a rikon todoke (divorce notification paper), which both partners then stamp (or sign, if a foreign spouse does not have a personal hanko seal). The paper is then submitted to your city hall or municipal office. Both parties do not have to go to city hall together to present the document; it can even be submitted by a third party.

The drawback of such a straightforward procedure is the ease with which a spouse can forge the other’s signature or, as in the reader’s case, use their seal without their partner’s knowledge. This issue was covered in more depth in our April column, “Fujuri todoke: a valuable insurance policy if your marriage is on the rocks.” In the column, Mikiko Otani advised a reader who was worried that their spouse might apply for a kyōgi rikon without their consent to consider submitting a fujuri todoke (request not to accept notification) form, which would prevent the kyōgi rikon from being accepted at city hall.

You can read the remaining story here



Day 2033 ( Another Studio Recording )
Saturday, October 12, 2013

The students in my last class at the YMCA on Saturdays are really upsetting me. I don't know what to do with them except play. They really don't want to study.... And if I start playing with them, they get really, uncomfortably noisy.


Went to the studio today with my friend and recorded a new track for my upcoming album.. lol... It felt good typing that. I am putting some studio recordings together... Not sure if I will try to make an album because I am really poor at advertising myself.

I recorded my song "Baby mi love yuh" ... (Baby I love you) ... It cost 5000 yen. Even if I spent the entire day, the cost would have still been 5000 yen... This is the cheapest studio I've been to so far... and the quality is pretty decent. I recorded it at a Japanese reggae artist's studio name YOYO-C. Its the song at the beginning of this my third video for my VLOG... that I just can't keep up with. Its also the second song I sang at the festival in the video.





Day 2034 ( Simone's Party )
Sunday, October 13, 2013

Me and my friend tried to help another friend get a Japanese credit card...But it didn't work out :(

Later on I went to Harajuku in Tokyo at the Jamaican restaurant (Jam rock) where I usually do my performances. This time I went to a friend's birthday party. I went to her party last year and it was fun. So I went again this year. It was even more fun. There was poetry, dancing and nuff vibes.

Big up yuh self Richel

Happy Birthday Sims and big up yuh self Mami

Big Dancer Corn Bread

Mi and mi bredrin Yamato

Greg, Apple, Dionne, and cute up cute up Bramwell



Day 2035 ( The Purge / Epic )
Monday, October 14, 2013

Today was another Japanese holiday but luckily or unluckily I didn't have to go the YMCA. I went to the dentist to get a cleaning. I notice that Japanese people in general will spend close to an hour brushing their teeth but they won't floss nor make regular visits to the dentist. I made it a practice since I was like 16 to visit the dentist at least twice a year.

After the dentist, I watched 2 movies. First I watched "The Purge" A thriller with an interesting concept. Where once every year in the US, for 12 hours, all crimes are allowable, even murder. So if you hate someone, this is the day to go kill them, you won't get arrested. The story was interesting but the ending was really blaaah... I expected more. I give it a 6.5/10

Afterwards, I watched an animated movie name "Epic" not as epic as the name suggests but still fun to watch. Beautiful graphics and nice story with a deep meaning. It is mostly a kids flick but has an adult theme so I don't know. I give it a 6.5/10 just like the purge. Just slightly better than average.



Day 2036 ( Got Soaked by Typhoon Rains )
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I didn't even know a typhoon was coming until yesterday. Every time I hear about a typhoon coming to Japan I kinda laugh because they are usually not so strong or don't usually come where I am. However this one was heading straight towards the area where I live now. So I went to my Tuesday school in the rain and did about 10 mins in one class. Otherwise than that I was studying.

I then headed towards the area to do my business English class. It started to get dark and the rain was getting heavier. After 30 mins of waiting, 2 of my intermediate students came in. The same laser dude from last week and another regular student. The laser dude got soaked in the rain and still came to class. After the class, I waited for the advanced students... But by this time, the rain was pouring. Then one student showed up. One that doesn't usually show up. Why did he decide to come today is a mystery....

We spoke for a while then he said, maybe I should stop the class earlier today and head home. Because the rain is going to get worst and trains may either get seriously delayed or stop running all together. So I ended the class at 8. But this was apparently too late.  When I got out, some serious rain was pouring down. Luckily a bus came in less than 10 minutes. But I still had some walking to do. at least a combined 17 minutes of walk in the rain. the umbrella is only doing very little. When I got home, quite a bit of the stuff in bag got wet. But the bag is strong so the stuff weren't all that wet. I need to invest in one of those waterproof bag things.


Largest typhoon in a decade heads toward Tokyo

The strongest typhoon to reach Tokyo in 10 years was expected to slam into the region with full force Wednesday morning, the Meteorological Agency said.

The agency warned of strong winds, high waves and heavy rainfall in wide areas from western to northern Japan, cautioning against extensive transportation disruptions during the morning rush hour.

Generating winds of at least 90 kph as far as 240 km to the east and 190 km to the west of its center, Typhoon Wipha, the 26th of the year, was as powerful as the strong typhoon that crossed the eastern tip of Japan in October 2004, the agency said.


Day 2037 ( Work After A Big Typhoon )
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So I still had work after that huge typhoon. But work started at 1:25 instead of 10:50. I still got to work late because the trains were off schedule and running very slow because of a landslide not far from me. While going to work, I saw one of my female students. We were both surprise to see each other. I told her that I don't think she has any class and could go home. But just to make sure, she should check it out. So she did and indeed she pretty much wasted her time. I of course did nothing at work because there were no students. But If I don't go, I won't be paid so why not.

Later on I went to the YMCA and it was on like nothing happened. All my students were there, as noisy as ever.


This is what the typhoon did......

At least 17 dead, 50 missing as Typhoon Wipha grazes Japan

A typhoon killed 17 people in Japan on Wednesday, most on an offshore island, but largely spared the capital and caused no new disaster as it brushed by the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power station.

Typhoon Wipha roared up Japan's east coast, forcing the evacuation of about 20,000 people from their homes because of flooding and the cancellation of hundreds of flights.Sixteen people were killed on Izu Oshima island about 120 kilometres south of Tokyo, as rivers burst their banks.

Meanwhile, the island's local authority says it has not been able to confirm the whereabouts of 50 of Izu Oshima's more than 8,300 residents.
The storm set off mudslides along a two-kilometre stretch of mountains.





Agorom Dike said…
Dave your diary is extraordinary. I always enjoy reading it. Your a real good writer and a very outstanding Ambassador for beautiful Jamaica. I am sure many Japanese wants to come to Jamaica because of you. Thanks for sharing about the court systems regarding the stories of divorce, marital relationships, demonstrations, parties and all. The life is an open book and I guess one day this story should be published in a book. Love always brother and continue to live your life to the fullest representing God, your country and Japan your new home.