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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Names/Titles Jamaican Men Use To Call Each Other, Translated In English and Japanese

Days 2020 - 2026
Sunday, September 29 - Saturday, October 5, 2013

Japanese word of the week - nazenaraba - なぜならば - Because

Day 2020 (IOS 7 / Japanese won America's Got Talent )
(Sunday, September 29, 2013)

Pretty much stayed in all day completing my blog for last week. I also updated my phone to ios7. The new features look really cool. And I like it generally but, I am having some issues with some of my games and other apps though. It was only about a month ago I updated to ios 6, because I was thinking about "Jail breaking" and "unlocking" my phone.


Japanese conquers ‘America’s Got Talent’

You may have seen this before but if you didn't, please watch... It blew me away.....

Japanese dancer Kenichi Ebina won the season finale of the U.S. TV show “America’s Got Talent,” taking home the top prize of $1 million.
He is the first Japanese to win the long-running and popular show, which features a competition among singers and other performers judged by a panel of celebrities.
The 39-year-old Ebina, known by the nickname Ebiken, performed on the season-ending episode along with the other finalists, including a group of three tenors and a magician.
The show, which debuted in 2006, airs in prime time on NBC.
Ebina, born in Kawasaki, amazed the audience in Radio City Music Hall with an interactive robotic performance featuring Matrix-style moves. He changed costumes several times, including dressing as a clown and a woman.



Day 2021 ( iphone Finger Print scanner Being Questioned   )
Monday, September 30, 2013

Played a "touch the correct cards" game and tic tac toe at the YMCA today with the kids. They seemed to enjoy it for the most part.


Privacy analysts question iPhone fingerprint scanner

What if someone gained access to your finger print data? They can pretty much own you forever.

One of the highlights of the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner, is facing two concerns that may take a little shine off Apple’s cool new feature. Privacy advocates have raised concerns over how Apple plans to handle this highly sensitive data.
And many consumers who ran out to pick up the new iPhone when it went on sale Friday may find themselves at odds with their information technology departments. Few companies and government agencies allow their employees to use fingerprint IDs to unlock iPhones being used for work. It may take months or longer before these businesses adopt the new technology.
The iPhone 5S is the first Apple device with a built-in fingerprint scanner on the home button. Instead of entering a four-digit code, a user needs only to place their finger on the button to unlock their phones. Apple says it will only store the data on the device in an encrypted format rather than sending it to its own servers. Apple will also block third-party apps from accessing what the company calls “iTouch ID.”



Day 2022 ( 15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools)
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I should have been working in Osaka by now... But stuff didn't work out as planned. I am however still busy and making much less than what I'm worth lol ... Or than what I could have been making if I didn't quit elementary school. But I'm not as exhausted... I enjoy teaching the high schoolers.  I created a handout today about the "passive voice" ... Before coming to Japan, if you asked me to make a sentence using the passive voice.... I would've stood there staring at you ....


Found this and thought it was quite interesting. Be careful how you read the authors' writings though. He/she seem to be extremely Afrocentric (which is not a bad thing, as Black people still do somewhat suffer directly or indirectly from a mostly European dominated world), but ... bordering racist..However, he/she could just be giving information... I'm not sure what is the author's aim.....

15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools

Nat Turner’s Revolution‬

Nat Turner’s rebellion, also called the Southampton Insurrection, is probably the most famous slave uprising in North America. The revolt was brilliantly planned by Turner and took place August 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia. The Turner-led group of  ”freedom fighters” killed up to 65 people of European descent, the highest number of fatalities caused by a slave uprising in the American South. Though the rebellion was quelled within a few days, Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterward.
Source: wikipedia.org

If you are interested, you can check out the other 14 here .... http://atlantablackstar.com/2013/09/26/15-black-uprisings-european-arab-opression-wont-teach-schools/



Day 2023 (Names/Titles Jamaican Men Use To Call Each Other / Fishing Video )

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Did my usual Wednesday stuff. I gave my private student a personality test thing that I saw in the Jamaicans in Japan group. If you haven't tried it... Give it a try.... I got a score of 46.


I also created the second video of my video blog.... And Already I'm tired of doing it.... too much work keeping up with 2 blogs and my 4 or 5 jobs. Here is the video though. Sorry I couldn't find it in the embedded thingy.



Names/Titles Jamaican Men Use To Call Each Other 

There are several names/titles that Jamaican men have been using to address each other. These names/titles has evolved over the years...

Pretty much all of them means "Hey my friend" ... or "Hey bro", "Hey pal/buddy" ..... No other meaning. In Japan, they don't do things like this, persons are usually called by name. The closest thing is when they say "Oniisan - which means brother"... So most Japanese persons may have a difficult time understanding these terms... The terms are not literal .... All of them pretty much has the same meaning as I said above.... No bad meaning is implied when using them....

Yow mi boss (my boss)( 部長 )

Bossy (boss)

Mi fren (my friend) (ともだち)

Yow mi bredda (my brother) (お兄さん)

Mi parry (my friend)

Yow pawdy (I Think it means Partner) (仲間)

Yow King (王様) 

Mi don (my don, not literal don)( 組長 )

Yow Dads (Father but again not literally) (お父さん)

Yow Elda (Elder) (先辈)

Mi bredrin (my brethren)

My yute (youth)

My Lawd (My lord) (主)

Mi tuggs (my thug) (ちんぴら) ... Sounds harsh but still means "Hey bro"

Mi link (my link)

Linky (same as above)

Chargie (This is fairly recent and I have no idea where it came from or how it developed)



Day 2024 ( New Robot Can Pick Strawberry... Forever )
Thursday, October 3, 2013

Met an old friend from my main school last year. He was like the gardener, cleaner etc for my main school when I taught elementary. He is around 63 but very funny and speaks some amount of English. I told him that I visited his friend's restaurant which is close to one of the YMCAs that I teach at. The restaurant is called 55 (Go Go) in Japanese... I told him that go go in Jamaica means pole dancer/stripper .... He almost died with laughter because his friend's place is a simple restaurant/coffee shop.

I didn't teach my business student because she had a meeting.


Latest robot can pick strawberry fields forever

A robot that picks ripe strawberries while farmers sleep has been unveiled with claims it could cut workloads by two-thirds.

The device, unveiled Wednesday, can pick a piece of fruit every eight seconds by using three cameras to determine which strawberries are ready to pick. A mechanized arm then darts out to snip each one free and place it into its basket.

The 2-meter robot moves on rails between rows of strawberries, which in Japan are usually grown in elevated greenhouse planters.

It “calculates the degree of ripeness from the color of the strawberry, which it observes with two digital cameras,” said Mitsutaka Kurita, an official at Shibuya Seiki, the developer of the machine.



Day 2025 ( More Soccer With High School Soccer Team  )
Friday, October 4, 2013

Played soccer with the soccer club after work today. I purposely avoided the training part where I had to pass the ball with my left foot etc. How can I expect to get better then? Any way, I stood up nearby, watching them, then the goal keeper who has a broken arm, started speaking to me. He said he likes English. And actually he speaks pretty well. He asked me if I wanted to play. So I of course said yes. I ended up playing 4 ... Ten minute games in all. I scored 4 goals.... Only the final match when I was exhausted, I didn't score a goal.... It was fun .... And they aren't as good as I thought initially. They are really good at making long passes and at shooting. But only a few of them were good at dribbling the ball... That's my specialty ... Long passes?... ooh no...

After playing...we did some sprinting... 50 meter sprinting, 5 times up, 5 times down..... I was out after the last run...Jeez I'm getting old...  I went to the YMCA hoping afterwards...



Day 2026 ( Interview in Tokyo / Final Dexter/ Mizuho Bank Giving Loans To Yakuza )
Saturday, October 5, 2013

After teaching at the YMCA, I did an interview in Tokyo. The interview went ok I think but the job was still uncertain ....The interview was at the Tokyo Station Hotel. Let's see how that goes.


Last Episode of Dexter

The final episode of possibly my favourite TV series of all time, came to end. Well it came to an end about 2 weeks ago but I watched that last episode today. I almost shed a tear when I saw Dexter throwing his sister in the water ... but then everything after that just left me with a big ?
The ending was reallly stupid!!! And disappointing.... If you don't watch Dexter, then move to the next section or stop reading here...

I found this review of the last episode that I agree with and found quite funny at the same time... Here goes...

Dex goes back to his apartment and thinks a very key line that pretty much sums up his entire journey after eight seasons: That all this time Dex has wanted to feel real emotions. "Now that I do, I just want it to stop."
And now... and now... things get a little weird.
Dex drives his SUV (hey, wasn't Astor supposed to get that?) back to his apartment (wasn't he selling that?) and goes for a drive on the Slice of Life (wasn't he selling that, too?). At this point, if not sooner, you're probably noticing the music this hour. It's been much more prominent and evocative than usual.
We see at the hospital all the patients are being moved due to the hurricane. Dex goes to Deb's room where she's laying brain dead. We wonder why he's wearing his stalker-kill outfit. Or maybe we don't. "I'd change everything if I could. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't leave you like this. I'm your big brother."
Then he unhooks everything. Dex tells Deb he loves her.
Deb is gone. Okay. Then he's wheeling her body right out of the hospital. At this point you're going: Huh. Then he's just picking her up and carrying her right past everybody outside. Now you're going: What the hell is he doing? And then he gets into his boat which is parked right in front of the hospital. And now you're thinking: My god, this guy gets amazing parking spaces everywhere!

Now Dex driving the Slice of Life into stormy hurricane seas. Once again, I'm thanking the producers for the lack of voiceover. I'm half-expecting Ghost Harry to pop onto the boat and go: "Hey, Dexter? I'm a mental projection from your own mind and even I don't know what the f--k you're doing." And then Ghost Harry would vanish in a puff of exposition.
Dex stops the boat and gives Deb a burial at sea. He has a phone chat with Hannah and Harrison. Hannah is super happy. Dex tells his son, "Daddy loves you."
In voiceover, Dex explains he destroys everyone he loves and can't let that happen to Hannah and Harrison.
So he drives his boat toward the hurricane. We think he's going to go full Perfect Storm up a wave. Then it cuts....
Post-hurricane: Slice of Life wreckage. Batista getting the news of Dexter missing. Hannah reads the news at a street cafe, presumably in Argentina. I half expect to see Alfred and Bruce Wayne nodding at each other at nearby tables. Hannah makes a comment about going to get ice cream and she take Harrison down the street.
We get a crane shot that suggests a fade to black is coming... then we get an actual fade to black... then we get a beat...
And everywhere Dexter fans start to compose hate tweets about this ambiguous ending where we didn't know if Dex was alive or dead when suddenly--
The show comes back. Whew! There's more. We're in Oregon at a logging operation. We see a bearded Dexter Morgan. He finishes his shift. He doesn't talk to anybody. He goes home. He sits in a barren room. He looks into the camera, nearly as vacant as Deb before he pulled the plug.
And we are done. Overall it looks like there's a lot online outrage about the finale. Is it better than the somewhat similar finale for The Shield? Absolutely not. I'm not making an argument for canonical greatness (I've been blunt about the show's flaws this season). But given the episodes we've seen, especially in recent weeks, I was surprised that this finale was this polished and effective. Here's what I thought worked and did not work:
1. Dexter's fate. Admit it: When trying to guess Dex's fate before the finale, you never once thought "lumberjack." This was the most important element and I think the outcome is solid. You want to avoid Dexter being killed by somebody or ending up in jail -- those are the all-too-obvious choices. Here Dex has chosen exile. He's a shell of his former self, avoiding all human contact. As the producers point out in our interview, he doesn't even have his voiceover now. Basically, his ending is unexpected and fair (and, let's face it, leaves the door open for Dexter to return in another series).
2. Debra's fate. Not a home run, but interesting. On an emotional level, there's something a bit disappointing about not having Deb expire in a more active guns-blazing way. She basically died without knowing she died. In the show's kill room scenes, Dex often extracts some valuable growth lesson from the person he's dispatching, like he's some sort of self-help vampire. Those victims are murderers, so we don't mind him leeching off their deaths as a growth opportunity. But here, that's also what's happened with Deb. The point of her death seems to mainly serve as one final lesson for Dexter. It would have been nice if Deb's death also somehow accomplished something for her character's arc and struggle which have been so compelling over the last couple seasons. Instead, Deb was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got shot by a psycho that Dex decided not to kill -- whoops. I suspect some viewers who have strong anti-euthanasia beliefs will be upset Dex did the full Terri Schiavo, but that didn't bother me -- Deb wouldn't have wanted to "live" like that. (By the way, not that it matters, but doesn't she have a couple hundred thousand worth of stolen jewelry back at her apartment? Yeah, that's right, bet Dexter writers thought we forgot about that).


Loans to yakuza must stop, FSA warns Mizuho

The Financial Services Agency has ordered Mizuho Bank to stop lending money to yakuza and said the bank appeared to be making little progress in addressing the problem.

Mizuho, the country’s third-biggest bank, has processed about ¥200 million worth of transactions for “anti-social forces,” a wide-ranging term commonly used in Japan to refer to mobsters, the FSA said Friday.

The financial watchdog scolded Mizuho for taking “no substantial steps” to deal with the issue since it was revealed two years ago and pointed to “serious problems” with its compliance monitoring.

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