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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Steve Jobs Movie / My Performance in Germany back in 2008 (re-post)

Days 2052 - 2058
Thursday, October 31 - Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 2052 ( Nintendo Losing Some Serious Profits / Congrats Baye! )
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stayed in today just preparing my last week blog. So nothing at all to report about the day. Lol sorry Deneise I really did absolutely nothing.


Nintendo reports weak first-half profit

Video game maker Nintendo sank to a loss in the latest quarter as sales of its Wii U game console continued to be eroded by a shift to gaming on smartphones and tablets.

The Kyoto-based maker of “Pokemon” and “Super Mario” reported an ¥8 billion loss Wednesday for the three months that ended Sept. 30. That virtually wiped out an ¥8.6 billion profit the previous quarter. Sales totaled ¥115 billion, a slight drop from the same quarter last year.

Quarterly Wii U sales nearly doubled to 300,000 units from 160,000 in the previous three months, but the total remained far short of the company’s goal of 9 million units for the fiscal year ending next March.

The company’s business has been shaken in recent years as more people play games on their smartphones and tablets. So far Nintendo has resisted offering its games on those platforms, but analysts say continued poor performance could force a change in strategy.
The company cut the price of the Wii U console last month.

Unfortunately this will be one of the last few news posts you will see me refer to from Japan times. They are now charging a subscription fee. I don't plan to pay a cent for reading internet news.


Congrats Baye

The unique blogger who wrote the book :

has now published a second book. I remember when I was introduced to his blog and got hooked on reading it. Then bought his book in February 2012. Really great writer. I am planning to get a copy of his second book :

It has encouraged me to do a second book. I didn't really like my first book. My next book will be about my story leaving from Jamaica to Okayama then to Yokohama. The problem is I don't have advanced writing skills. I just write.... Anyone can do that. Baye has a way with words that I only see a few people have. I really admire people who can grab other people's attention with their style of writing. Baye is one of them. Baye's information is now listed on Wikipedia....


He was also featured in the Japan times but you probably won't see the full story because you have to PAY!!




Day 2053 ( Beware of Some Japanese Restaurants  - False Ads )
Friday, November 1, 2013

Stayed at work today until after 4:00 pm (I should leave at 3:15) because I am helping a 3rd year student with essay writing. She is trying to get into a supposedly difficult university that conduct their classes only in English. She lived in America for a year so some parts of it shouldn't be too difficult for her. It's just passing the initial interview which includes a test. An essay writing test that involves current issues.

Later I skipped YMCA to go have dinner with my relatively new friend "J". He has been inviting me random places and most times its fun. We had this expensive soup kinda thing with vegetables and meat known as "Shabu Shabu".

Shabu Shabu


More restaurants tied to food fraud

lies abound in profit pursuit

Following Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co.’s recent admission that dozens of its restaurants misrepresented the food on their menus, “revelations” have emerged that several other establishments around the nation are doing the same thing.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Osaka and the Renaissance Sapporo Hotel in Hokkaido, for example, recently admitted using ingredients that are cheaper or more easily obtained than the premium items advertised on their menus.

On Thursday, even the prestigious Imperial Hotel Ltd. admitted that it once served frozen juice labeled as “fresh” at restaurants in its Tokyo and Osaka hotels.

Imperial said the orange and grapefruit juices had been served until May 2006 and May 2007, respectively, after procuring freshly squeezed juice from a Tokyo supplier in frozen form. The juices are now being served freshly squeezed.

High-end eateries, such as those in luxury hotels, often tout the quality and safety of their fare to provide an air of exclusivity while cutting costs in the kitchen.



Day 2054 ( Movie about Steve Jobs Coming Soon )
Saturday, November 2, 2013

Got to YMCA a bit late today. Its just hard teaching infants on a Saturday morning. My boss said the parents were sort of grumbling .... understandably... This was my second consecutive week coming 5 mins late. I did make up the time so no problem in terms of "time stealing".

When I got home, I watched a bit of Spartacus and learnt that the main character from the first season died from cancer. This was back in 2011 but I still felt sad :(. His name was Andy Whitfield and he died at the age of 30.

Rest In Peace Andy
This was the best scene in the entire season 1 of Spartacus... It made me fire a few blank shots ..... Jamaican style....

Had to print screen it

I started watching the second season but I'm still not used to the new main character as yet.


Sneaked  another Japan Times article in.

The blessing and the curse of being Steve Jobs

Filmmaker Joshua Michael Stern has the distinction of directing “Jobs,” the first big-budget movie biopic on one of the world’s most important entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs. The film was bound to come under extreme scrutiny from avid Apple fans, of whom there are many, and so Stern takes a cautious approach, lining up events in chronological order and sticking to facts garnered from meticulous research.

“Still, there are some things about which I’ve had to choose sides,” Stern tells The Japan Times. “For example, Steve Wozniak’s account of his time with Steve Jobs is different from Jobs’ own account. There were some things that had to be left unsaid or not referred to, and I’ve had to stick with Jobs’ account. It’s impossible to get a consensus of memory, but that’s what biopics are about.”

Stern was a screenwriter before he became a director, but he says he “would not have gone into writing or filmmaking if not for Apple.” In college, he first started working on an Apple II computer.

“I don’t think linearly; I think in images, so if I’d had to deal with the typewriter and whiting out the mistakes and all that, I don’t think I could ever have achieved any level of prolificness,” he says. “And I was never good at spelling or grammar either. But Apple II and the home computer allowed me to take all the thought that was racing around in my head and more or less slap it onto the screen, so that there was a constant, fluid motion going on between my thoughts and the computer. Before, writers had to be much more orderly and disciplined. But for me, Apple II was a real extension of my thoughts.”



Day 2055 ( Wrath of the Titans )
Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stayed in today, did some studying and submitted an assignment... forgot to mention that I was doing an English Teaching Course called TEFL. Will explain about it later.

Wasted my precious time watching a movie on my "to watch list" name Wrath of the Titans. By now, after watching a movie for 10 - 30 mins, I can usually tell if it's going to suck or not. The first 10 mins made me know this was going to suck. But I held on to dear hope.

Please don't waste your time!!!

Acting wasn't the best, the story was just not grabbing me nor was the movie in general. I give it a cold 2/10.



Day 2056 ( Zero Dark Thirty / The Internship)
Monday, November 4, 2013

Today was a Japanese holiday but I still had a class even though it was only 2 students. After the class, I bought a rain cover for my bag, because the last time I got soaked in the rain, some of the stuff in my bag got wet.

Later on...I watched 2 movies. First was "Zero dark Thirty" which was basically a docu-movie of how Osama Bin Laden was killed. It had my attention. Good acting and generally interesting movie. I wanted to know more at the end though. I give it a 7/10

Then I watched "The Internship" which was kind of a comedy-Drama of sorts. I liked the general theme which had to do with "Don't give up" and "working together as a team". I think you could also squeeze in "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" theme as well. The acting was pretty good and it had a few laughable moments. Some of it had me scratching my head though. It is a good advertisement for Google...I give it a 6/10. An ok movie.



Day 2057 ( Performance in Germany in 2008 )
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today was my usual busy Tuesdays. Had a class or half of a class at the high school then business English in the evening.


I have a controversial topic brewing, but I will gather some more information then present it in a week or 2. Until then, lets go back in time a bit to when I went to Germany at a conference in 2008 and did a performance in front a crowd of approximately 5000.....

Day 137 - Germany Chapter 7

OK!!! So today is the BIG day. When I will be on TV in Germany ...RAYYY!!!! lol ... I only got like 1hr and 30 mins sleep then had to wake up and get ready, because I was packing even at 4:30 am this morning. When I got up I was sooo tired. I went on the tram then to the Congress Center Leipzig and met up with the Mass Choir people and the other rappers... The guys were saying that I look too neat to be a rapper, and that I should fix my outfit accordingly... So I unbuttoned my yellow shirt and made my white under shirt be in full view. A lady from Puerto Rico then gave me her white hat and I had my big board cross pendant around my neck... The guys then said "much better" :) ... instantly just by our appearance, we became Celebrity Baptist Rappers :) and many people wanted to take pictures of and with us.

So after a bunch of people asking for our email addresses and taking our photos, we then sat and watch the opening ceremony. The celebration went live on TV in Leipzig at 9:30 or 10 am I think. We then watched the other performers including a performance from the Jamaican group. The caption on the screen actually said Bethel Baptist Jamaica but there were actually a couple a persons on it who were not from Bethel Baptist. They sang a song by Jr Tucker, "Sold out" ... It was well done ... Magnifico !!!! 

Soon after that, it was time for the mass choir to perform. Suddenly, my heart started to pound furiously and my belly, stomach and throat started to feel funny. This will be my biggest performance ever, even though its not solo but still. This again will be in front of approximately 6000 people live, plus another couple thousand people who live in Leipzig will be seeing us on their Television screens. So we all went up and sang to the glory of God and walla it went well. I am of course the guy in the bright yellow shirt and the loud white hat. 

You can see the clip below. 

My solo piece comes in at 2:57... my name appears on the screen at 3:06 and my second little rap piece appears at 4:57 thats if you only want to see me and not listen to all of it :) :) :) .. Yes so our performance was exciting and it was very well done, so say many many people.



Day 2058 ( ipad Lessons Coming Soon )
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An English teacher told me that my main school, which I have on Wednesdays and Fridays, got 40 Ipads from the Education ministry. And they "MUST" use them especially in English classes. The teacher then said I need to come up with ideas of how to teach English with the ipads. Luckily I'm doing the TEFL course that gave me quite a few ideas of how to use these things in lessons.

One of the ideas is to show a picture like say this one ....

Then ask the students to come up with 3 English words that they think about when they see this picture. After that they should make 3 simple sentence with the words. So far the idea is nice on paper. Not sure how it will go.

Later on I had lessons at the YMCA then my private student then played soccer again. My age old groin injury started acting up again. Even though I scored quite a few goals because only 10 of us showed up... and my team this time was that good. But ooh how my groin area hurts....

It was hurting so bad that I was hopping back home at 11:45 pm. I had to do some research and I found this .....

A groin pull -- or groin strain -- results from putting too much stress on muscles in your groin and thigh. If these muscles are tensed too forcefully or too suddenly, they can get over-stretched or torn.
Groin pulls are common in people who play sports that require a lot of running and jumping. In particular, suddenly jumping or changing direction is a likely cause. Groin pulls often appear in people who play soccer and football, and they make up about 10% of all injuries in professional hockey players.

This was the group tonight.

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