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Days 2150 - 2156
Thursday, February 6 - Wednesday, February 12, 2014 

Day 2150 ( Finally Bought a Microwave/Man Responsible for Sochi Olympic Mishap...Dead )
Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stayed in for most of the day then had lunch at Shakey's Pizza near the Yokohama Station. Shortly after, I decided to finally buy a microwave oven after much "encouraging". I bought the exact model seen below.

And yes I was living in Yokohama for almost 3 years without a microwave. I was using a toaster oven or just my good old one burner stove.


Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi

The man responsible for operating the Olympic Rings during last night’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Russia was found dead today.

According to local reports the body of Boris Avdeyev was found his hotel room early this morning with multiple stab wounds.

Avdeyev was a technical specialist responsible for the Olympic Ring spectacle, which embarrassingly malfunctioned last night. Five animatronic snowflakes were supposed to transform into Olympic Rings. The first four functioned properly but the fifth snowflake failed to change shape.

Although his body was badly mangled and the wounds were consistent with a struggle, so far officials say they don't suspect foul play.

“Sure there were stab wounds and bruises all over the body,” admits the lead investigator on the case. “But who knows what caused them. Maybe he tripped and fell on a set of knives. Right now we’re ruling this an accidental death.

“It’s terrible when accidents like this happen. But then again, maybe Mr. Avdeyev should have thought twice before he screwed up the Olympics. Accidents tend to happen to people who betray Russia.”

Despite the government’s story, fellow hotel guests reported hearing a struggle in Avdeyev’s room around 3 a.m. local time.



Day 2151 ( Guy Stole 450 Pairs of High Hell Shoes !!! )
Friday, February 7, 2014

Had 2 classes at my main school. Gave them some information about Michael Jackson and they should create sentences about Michael Jackson using relative pronouns. eg. Michael Jackson was a famous singer who was born in Indiana, USA. Later on I had 3 classes at the YMCA because I substituted for a friend of mine.


Thief caught with 450 pairs of high heels

Why? Seriously Why?

A man arrested for stealing high-heel shoes from a Tokyo hostess club was found to have a total of 450 purloined pairs when his room was searched, Japanese police said Wednesday.
“I’ve felt pleasure in stealing high heels. I was not interested in brand-new products,” Sho Sato, 28, told investigators after he was arrested Tuesday, according to Tokyo police.
Sato, who is jobless and has no fixed residence, broke into the changing room of the hostess club in Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza district last November and stole 14 pairs of high heels and cosmetics, police said.
They later confiscated some 450 pairs of high heels from a room he rented but the owners have yet to be identified.
“The lockers at the club’s changing room were a treasure chest,” Sato was quoted as telling police.


Day 2152 ( Snowy Day )
Saturday, February 8, 2014

Woke up this morning heading to my Saturday morning class at the YMCA. As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted with some serious snow !!! I still stuck it out and went to work. Hey, and students showed up for all the classes !! Not many students but they were still there.

The stairs going down from my apartment

The pics above was when I was going to work. The pics below was when I was coming back from work.

Road leading up to my apartment. Ive
never seen it like this before

In front of my apartment

Also in front of my apartment

The news said it is the first in 50 years this area was having snow like this.



Day 2153 (12 Years A Slave / Hong Kong Multi Millionaire Will Pay You if You can Marry His Daughter)
Sunday, February 9, 2014

My very cute niece got Christened today at my church in Jamaica. Today was also the 5th anniversary of the death of my beloved cousin. Rest in Peace Andre J. Mair. One gone, one born.


Stayed in for the day. Watched a movie name "12 Years a Slave". This movie was also nominated for several Oscar Awards. This movie will seriously stir your emotions. The worst thing about it is that it is a true story. It shows the bitter and seriously messed up past of the USA, especially in the southern areas. This was a powerful movie, it actually made me shed a tear or two .... Don't watch it if you have a weak heart... It will stir all kinda emotions in you .... You will learn how far some of the whites in the southern US back in the 1800s would stoop for money and to keep their slaves. I give it a solid 9/10. Superb acting and scenes...


Daughter of H.K. tycoon issues plea on sexuality

The lesbian daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon who offered more than $100 million to find her a male suitor has issued a heartfelt open letter urging him to accept her sexuality.
In the letter, which starts “Dear Daddy,” socialite Gigi Chao asked her father, Cecil, to treat her partner, Sean Eav, as “a normal, dignified human being.” The pair have been together for nine years and are reported to have married in 2012 in France.
“I know it’s difficult for you to understand how I could feel romantically attracted to a woman; I suppose I can’t really explain it either. It just happens, peacefully and gently,” she wrote in the letter, which was published in the South China Morning Post on Wednesday and circulated to other Hong Kong media.
Her plea came after property developer Chao, 77, who refuses to recognize that she is a lesbian, was reported last week to have doubled the “marriage bounty” on his daughter to $1 billion Hong Kong dollars ($129 million).
Cecil Chao made world headlines in 2012 when he tried to find a man who could successfully win his daughter away from her partner by offering HK$500 million ($64 million), an offer that a Malaysian newspaper that interviewed him last week said he has now doubled.
These 2 are married...and yes that is another woman on the left

The tycoon made his offer after learning that his daughter had eloped with her partner to France, where they had a church blessing. While Hong Kong decriminalized homosexuality in 1991, it does not legally recognize same-sex marriage.
The first bounty attracted 20,000 candidates, with the bizarre dowry attempt making international headlines.
In her letter, the 33-year-old said she forgave her father because he was acting in her best interests. And she took responsibility for “misleading” him into thinking there might be other options for her, writing: “I’m sorry to mislead you to think I was only in a lesbian relationship because there was a shortage of good, suitable men in Hong Kong. There are plenty of good men. They are just not for me.”
Chao added “it would mean the world to me if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a normal, dignified human being.” She has since confirmed penning the letter.
In the plaintive message, she tells her father of her sadness that he was unable to share in the life she had made for herself.



Day 2154 ( Happy Birthday Vany and Shikydra )
Monday, February 10, 2014

Taught a class at the YMCA then another private class there with a returnee student. It is sort of difficult teaching the returnee student because I'm unsure what she knows and doesn't know. Some stuff are wayyy too easy for her, while another set of stuff will just fly over her head. Her speaking is pretty much native though.


After classes, I rushed to a surprise birthday party of my old friend Vany, in an area known as Higashi-Rinkan. The surprise party was at a Mexican restaurant. Can you believe that Jamaica is so close to Mexico but this was my first time ever having Mexican food? It was some really really good stuff though.



Day 2155 ( Triple Suicide?? )
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There was no school at my Tuesday High School today because today was a public holiday in Japan. However, there was no holiday at my part time job and students were there for English class!!! But I had to take a taxi back to the train station at the end of class, because the buses stopped running at a certain time...


3 found dead in apparent suicide pact in Aichi

Police in Higashiura, Aichi Prefecture, said Sunday that three adults were found dead at their home in what appears to be a suicide pact.
According to police, the bodies were found at around 12:45 Saturday morning by another family member. NTV reported that a 67-year-old man, his 59-year-old wife and their second-oldest son, 33, were found by the couple’s oldest son, 37, after he returned home from his job at a hospital.
Police said the three had died from inhaling carbon monoxide after burning charcoal briquettes on a stove. NTV quoted police as saying a farewell note was found in which the three said they planned to commit suicide.



Day 2156 ( Ministry of Justice Worker Arrested for Up skirt Photo  )
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For the first time in this school year I had to wake up at 7am. I had 3 class at my main school, with the first one starting at 8:40 am. After the 3 classes, I ate the went home and slept a bit. Afterwards I did 2 classes at the YMCA then a class with my private student.


Justice ministry worker arrested for taking photos up woman's skirt on train

Police said Saturday they have arrested a 31-year-old employee of the Ministry of Justice for photographing up a woman’s skirt on a train in Tokyo.
According to police, the suspect, Yuki Ide, was caught in the act, using his smartphone to photograph up a woman’s skirt on the JR Yamanote line between Ikebukuro and Sugamo stations on Jan 29.
Fuji TV quoted police as saying that Ide admitted to the charge and told them: “It’s true. I absolutely loved the woman’s legs, I just had to get a photo.”
Police said Ide had been arrested for a similar crime a year before.