Benefits and Disadvantages of Dating a black man (Dating Scene 1) / Desperate Singles Fall For Apartment Fraud

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Days 2171 - 2177
Thursday, February 27 - Wednesday, March 5, 2014 

Day 2171 ( Gaijinpot's Biased Companies / Some Women Prefer Their Husbands Dead)
Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mostly stayed in, blogged and prepared some documents for my Thailand visa interview coming soon.

Since a week ago I have been doing a little project with .... oh boy.

I noticed that I would get a few interviews, but most of the jobs I applied for simply ignored my application. Most as in 98% of them. As I mentioned, at some rare times I would get an interview but NEVER a job offer. This is for more than 5 years now.... So I embarked on a little project..... I changed my photo to the one below, and changed my country to America.

I kept the exact same qualifications and even lowered my Japanese level to basic. I applied for some random jobs. And what I found out was nothing short of astounding. In the space of like 2 days, I got 3 replies!!!

One for an interview......

One for a model gig (that I didn't even applied for !)

And this (See below)....... (Also that I didn't apply for !!!)

Did you see that??? 550,000 yen !!! Only white men are eligible!!! They found me ..... I didn't even apply for it !!! Wow...

Not knocking gaijinpot really, but it is clear as day to me that 98% of the jobs that advertise via them, are not looking for "people like me". I honestly need to up my Japanese though....... No excuses !


Some Women Prefer Their Husbands Dead

“Mr A” is a 56-year-old real estate agent. What did his wife of 25 years want him to read?

She handed him a recent issue of the women’s weekly Josei 7. What was this, now? “How women come to terms with their husbands’ death.” Complacently, Mr A ran his eyes over the copy. He knew in advance, of course, what the bereaved would say. The usual thing – how sad they were, how they lost all zest for life how hard it was to manage alone. His preconceptions hardly prepared him for the truth. Most of the widows in the magazine’s survey – 62%, to be precise – were happy. Marriage was a prison; widowhood was escape, freedom, a new life.
Mr A frowned. Why was his wife showing him this? It was hard not to get the point. The article reflected her feelings. He’d better wake up, before it was too late.
The story appears in Shukan Post (March 7), which follows up Josei 7’s research with some interviews of its own. Sure enough, bereavement turns out to be far from synonymous with grief.
“There was a couple in our neighborhood,” a Tokyo woman in her 60s tells the magazine. “Getting on toward 70, I’d say, and yet they seemed like a couple of lovebirds, always together. Then he died, and no sooner was the official mourning over than she opened a snack bar. ‘Now,’ she’d chortle to her customers, ‘I can do what I want.’ Turns out she’d been saving secretly all the years of her marriage. She had her plans ready. She and the customers laugh over the joys of widowhood.”
“Yumi,” 50, was widowed early, her husband dying of a brain hemorrhage several years ago. He was an “elite salaryman,” totally absorbed in his work. She was a typical housewife – cooking, cleaning, raising the kids. They lived in company housing, which meant being surrounded constantly by company personnel and their spouses. The company hierarchy was as much in force in the apartment building as at the office. The first thing Yumi did after her husband’s death was move out – with what relief can easily be imagined. And then? She dyed her hair, went in for nail art, bought herself a miniskirt, thinking to herself all the while, “This is life. This is what I missed all those years.”

“All the widows I know,” writer Ryoko Ozawa, 76, tells Shukan Post, “perked up when their husbands died. I don’t know any sad widows.”
The Josei 7 article that pierced Mr A’s blinders asked its survey respondents what was hardest to bear about widowhood. It wasn’t, in fact, all fun and games. But the problems cited were mostly economic. Not loneliness, not lost love, just lost income and the attendant struggles and hardships.
A rude awakening for men. They hardly know how their wives are smoldering inside, the resentment that builds up over the years beneath the placid exterior. There’s worse to come. One thing husbands typically fear as they age and face death, Shukan Post says, is the advent of other men in their wives’ lives.
“Until my husband died 10 years ago, he was the only man I’d ever known,” says a woman in her early 60s. “Well, he died, and I started keeping company with a man 10 years younger than me. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed sex. We’re still together. Sometimes we go off to secluded hot springs and enjoy mixed bathing.”
“Many women,” says Ozawa, “sacrifice their lives to housework, child-rearing, caring for aged parents and in-laws. Their husbands’ death comes like a liberation. Free at last. They travel, go to the theater, play golf.”
The marriages sketched here, being those of older people, are in the traditional mold. The younger, less traditional generation may have arranged things more happily for themselves. Thirty years from now, will a husband’s death still feel to the majority of women like a breath of fresh air?



Day 2172 ( Successfully Completed Tax Returns Hassle.... By My Self )

Friday, February 28, 2014

After my first job today, I ran to the tax office in Sakuragicho (a busy part of Yokohama). When I got there, I was given some instructions on paper in Japanese...... The guy that handed me the paper had a concerned look on his face but still directed me where to go. Another guy told me to take a ticket number and wait in line. There were about 30 persons seated and waiting for their numbers to be called. All of them Japanese.... I was the only foreigner in the building. After waiting for about 15 mins, they called my number. So I went around and there was someone to help me fill out a paper. Luckily the guy spoke some English.

After filling out the form, I was told to wait again for another person who could speak English. Waited for about 10 mins, then this Japanese lady who could speak very little English, further helped me to fill out some other parts of the form. This took another 15 mins. When she was done with me, I thought it was over....oh no... All the information that I filled out had to be entered on a computer !!!

So yeah, I went around the computer and this old lady was there to assist. Of course, she spoke only Japanese. But her instructions were simple....She point on the numbers on my tax returns paper, and I entered them on the system. Pretty much. And most of what she was saying/asking, I could understand. This took like 45 mins. There was a mistake on my interac/maxceed tax returns paper though. It said I was married !!! So I was surprised when the lady asked in Japanese "what is your wife's name?" because I need to enter it on the system !!! I said "I don't have a wife" .... she was surprised and said that my tax returns form said I was indeed married !!!! Not sure how my company got that..... The lady had to call her boss it seem, who then told her just to ignore it and leave it out..... Anyway it was finally over...well most of it....They printed out the information I entered on the computer and told me that I need to either post it or deliver it personally at another tax office which is close to my apartment.  So I will be doing that on Sunday.... They told me that in 3 weeks, I will be receiving US $200 / 20,000 yen in my bank account.



Day 2173 ( The Wolf of Wall Street / Desperate Singles in Japan get tricked !!!)
Saturday, March 1, 2014

This week was a movie week. I had to see all those oscar nominated movies ...... So after work at the YMCA today, I watched "The Wolf of Wall street" starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

It was loooong but very interesting. Kinda funny and will have you glued to the screen wondering what next is gonna happen. There is one scene that sicked my stomach though because of that turning stomach scene, I give it only a 7/10.


Desperate singles fall for apartment fraud

A group of singletons in Japan who claim they were tricked into buying apartments by real estate agents feigning a romantic interest in them launched legal action on Wednesday.
Two men and 10 women, all aged in their 30s or early 40s, filed a lawsuit against 14 firms, including real estate agencies and loan companies, demanding a total of 200 million yen in compensation.
According to their lawyers, the plaintiffs had become emotionally involved with people they met on online dating sites, with many being led to believe they were heading toward tying the knot.
Their intendeds, however, were more interested in pushing property and talked each alleged victim into buying at least one condominium, with an average price tag of 26 million yen, the lawyers said.
Once contracts were signed and sealed, the romance disappeared and the estate agent skipped out of the relationship, leaving the new homeowners with the keys to a new front door but not to anyone else’s heart.
One victim was persuaded to buy three properties, the lawyers said.
“These firms’ employees made the plaintiffs buy the condominiums, taking advantage of their romantic feelings,” said lawyer Shinichi Hirasawa.
“This is a flagrant scheme because the victims were made to purchase the real estate sometimes at prices 30 to 40% above the market rate,” he said.
The National Consumer Information Center has warned that this kind of alleged deception is becoming more common, with 42 reported victims in 2013, up from 26 in 2012.
A trend for marrying later in Japan leaves many people, especially women, desperate to find a match as they enter their late 30s.



Day 2174 ( Django / Benefits and Disadvantages of Dating a Black man )
Sunday, March 2, 2014

Walked for 30 mins in the cold rain today to deliver my tax returns print out stuff. I wasn't sure where the place was so I had to be using google maps along the way. This means that my right hand was freezing because I had to touch my phone screen. The middle of my hand started getting blue, seriously!!! I've never felt my hands so cold before. I walked because it was wayyy cheaper than taking the train. I saved 820 yen just by walking 30 mins.

When I got to the tax office, they asked me if I wanted to add anymore information to what I already had. I told them no and just handed in the stuff. I then headed back home in the cold rain.

When I got home, I watched a movie name "Django" ... starring Jamie Fox and Leonardo Dicaprio.

This movie was soooo good.... It had some slavery stuff in it like 12 years a slave but with some humor to not have you weeping away. And even though the ending is violent, it was to me, somewhat of a happy ending. Superb acting and sensational story .... you have to watch it .... I give it a 8.5/10.

Afterwards, I went to a Mexican restaurant in the Yokohama station. Didn't even know this restaurant existed.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Dating a black man (Dating Scene 1) 

Had a series of topics in mind to blog about since like summer last year. But how could I approach this topic without doing some interviews and research? I will document my findings here...But first let me lay down some general stuff....

These are my findings and it doesn't mean that it is necessarily true in all cases. There are ALWAYS !!! Exceptions .... but the general idea is still there.... Argue all you want but stereotypes do have a touch or some amount of truth to it.... Also it goes without saying that "Generally Speaking" ..... Someone from a particular race will "more than likely" prefer to date someone of their own race !!! eg. Blacks will naturally want to date blacks and whites will naturally want to date whites..... It is just natural. If you prefer dating outside of your race, then you are different from the norm. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But generally speaking again, all of this is moot...... Lets dive into scene 1 based on my interviews.... Also remember that cultures are different across countries so for eg. A white man from England may differ significantly from a white man from America. Same goes for blacks and for women.

Benefits of dating/marrying black men

- Lots of energy and fun to be around - Life of the party and almost never a dull moment.

- The black swag - I was told that black men has a specific kind of swag.

- Great in the sack 

- Easy to get muscles and sometimes naturally muscular

Disadvantages of dating black men

- High possibility of infidelity

- Less likely to be well educated

- Daddy issues - very likely to not grow up with a father

- Possibility of having illegitimate kids 

- May have criminal record

These findings are very general.... And you may find per capita a more set of educated black me in Barbados than in America for example. The same goes for the crime thing per capita differs in different areas. But this is veeery general.



Day 2175 ( Thailand Visa Interview / Her )
Monday, March 3, 2014

Woke up at 7:30 am this morning to do an interview at the Thailand embassy in Meguro, Tokyo. After everything seemed to be going smooth, the interviewer said I need to show that my company is registered in Japan. She then proceeded to show me that it was indeed on the visa application. How did I miss this? Was it because lets see .... I can't think of any other visa application that asks for this !!!!! .... Anyway, she instructed me as to where is the nearest place I could get one, which was in Shibuya. I didn't know where in Shibuya so I had to ask a police guy who instructed me. I ran to Shibuya and after making some wrong turns, I finally found the place.... Had to pay 600 yen for the document ..... Unfortunately, by the time I got through, it was too late to go back to the embassy. So I have to go there again this week.


After the embassy, I went to the YMCA to teach 2 classes then went home. I watched another Oscar movie called "Her".

It is about this guy...that you see up there on the photo, falling in love with a machine.. a computer program basically. Something is clearly wrong with him socially because his wife was beautiful... Even his dates were hottt.... The movie was kinda long but the concept was very interesting and makes you want to know what's next. I give it a 6.5/10 because at times it got boring.



Day 2176 ( Dallas Buyers Club )
Monday, March 4, 2014

Did nothing at my high school today, they are having exams. But did my usual 2 business English classes afterwards. Another Business English teacher (A Japanese lady) dropped me to the station today. I was grateful because I usually have to wait on the bus for about 20-30 mins then the bus takes like 15 minutes to get to the station... then I have to run like crazy to catch the next train, or I won't get home until about 11:00 pm.


Later I watched another Oscar movie called "The Dallas Buyers Club". Don't know what is it with all these rags to riches then kinda sorta back to rags movies. Saw something similar with "The wolf of wall street" and "American hustle" and now the "The Dallas Buyers Club" .... Just that this one I think was a full on true story and had a much more touching ending.

I give it a 7.5/10.



Day 2177 (More Trouble at the Thailand Embassy  )
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Took a day off from work to go deal with my Thai visa stuff. Got there earlier than my appointed time and waited a couple of minutes. When it was my time, I noticed that the lady was looking at my documents suspiciously. Then she said .... "The address on the company registration is different from the address on your letterhead !" .... I was like What?!?! .. She then asked if I had any proof that they were the same company.... .... Well my company has several branches and my branch has a different name from the main company.. sigh... I told her no I have no evidence of that... There was this awkward silence, then she said ok wait a moment. I waited for about 45 mins then finally she said "Ok your visa is approved, please to come pick it up tomorrow". .... I am still trying to imagine what would have happened if I didn't get the visa and I already bought my ticket!!! Being as a purchased ticket is a requirement on the visa application !!!

After this, I went to Good Wood Terrace (The Jamaican Restaurant) and chatted with my friend there for a few hours. I then had some classes at the YMCA, then my private student in the evening.


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