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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trekking Through Thailand Part 2

Funny/weird photo of the week:

Days 2199 - 2205
Thursday, March 27 - Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2199 ( James Bond Island, Phuket and Kayaking )
Thursday, March 27, 2014

Went on a boat trip today along with some Israeli guys. The tour started from about 10am this morning and luckily I had these peeps to stick around with or else otherwise I would be one lonely dude on this trip.

Unfortunately, I was told that if I didn't pay for this trip at the airport, I could have saved over 6000 yen. There will always be a next time. Just learn from your mistakes. These Israelis will spend like 3 weeks to a month here. I don't know, but I can't stay too long on a vacation....unless I am booked out every day doing stuff. On the trip we had some great Thai food.

The dude standing up was our tour guide.

We then stopped at this area to do some kayaking kinda thing. My first time I think. I try as much as possible to avoid these water excursions because of the death of my cousin ... RIP Andre ..... But it was fun. We had to pair up in 2s to go into some water cave like things. So I paired up with the only Israeli female there lol. And the kayaking guy asked if we were on our honeymoon hahaha. We both couldn't stop laughing as we only just met today...That would be a record breaking honeymoon.

She was a nice girl but her English was a little difficult to understand at times as well as she was very religious being Jewish. I told her we would fight everyday about religion. The Israeli guys said that usually Israeli girls are verrrry snobbish !!! Even to the Israeli guys !!! ... So this girl was more among the humble minority...

We then went back on the boat to go to James Bond Island, where there were more of the Thai hustlers trying to sell us tourists some cheap things for 10 times the real price. Then while walking away, they try to bring down the price. "Oh come on and please buy this, its only 500 baht" ...... while walking away they will walk after you and say "No no I mean 400 baht" ..... you still walk away and "ok seriously 300 baht" .... And so on..

All prices start at around 500 -700 Baht then while walking away, it will go down as low as 200 Baht.

Israelis taking on the hustlers
Hey that lady doesn't even look Thai

We left James bond island and went to another kayaking spot, then headed back to Phuket. Quite a few of us fell asleep on the boat going back.. That was their plan, because to go to the James Bond island areas took like maximum 2 hours.. but coming back took like 3.5 hours. However the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.

After getting back to my hotel. I rested a bit then checked out the Phuket nightlife with the Israeli guys. We went to some random places and women were always coming at us..... Seriously !!! But its a little trick .... Most if not all of them actually want you to basically buy them !!!!!! We saw some other Israeli girls in a club... The guys pointed out to me that this is how the Israeli girls usually do... Group together and snob away. Some of them were especially giving me a nasty stare .... Worst than that of the Japanese !!!


Day 2200 ( Phi Phi Island )
Friday, March 28, 2014

The taxi came to pick me up at around 9 am this morning to go to the pier. I met 2 other Israelis on the bus. They were 2 females who were also heading to take the ferry to Phi Phi island. We spoke at length about some random stuff. But being very general, I'm a bit disappointed with some of the Israelis and their sense of geography... Maybe same like some Japanese. So if you know about the state of Israel, it was actually re-established in 1948 after their defeat back in bible days more than 2000 years ago. So the current Jews in Israel are from a mixture of different places. Like one of the guys from yesterday said his parents were from places like England and Yemen. Others from India and Spain etc.

Fast forward to today. One of the girls said her mom was from Morocco and her dad from somewhere in Europe. She then mentioned that she would like to visit South America and some latin countries like Mexico. I told her that she should stop by Jamaica because Its close to Mexico.... the girl was like.... "But isn't Jamaica in Africa??".... Here we go again.... I said no it's right next to Mexico, America and Cuba. I said to her that Israel is closer to Africa. She was like "No!!" lol Oh boy..... I said to her... "Didn't you say your mom was from Morocco?" She said "yes!" .. I said, "MOROCCO IS IN AFRICA !!!" ... She had a shocked look on her face... She turned around to her friend and her friend nodded yes !!! .... After this .. the girl was so sad... And she actually said she was disappointed !!! Basically disappointed that her mom and her bloodline is from Africa !!!.... The look on her face was priceless ..... I asked her if she knew about Egypt.... she said yes because it was basically adjoined to Israel... I again told her that EGYPT IS IN AFRICA..... Again she had to confirm this with her friend who nodded yes !!! ..... what is going on with the geography and history education in Israel ???

Anyway, I changed the subject because I thought she was going to cry ...now with her new knowledge. And that she should know more about Africa than me who live miles away!!!

They taught me about this app on the iphone...where you can listen and watch music videos on your iphone, even when there is no signal.... The name of the app is iTUBE.

They also taught me that I could play Candy Crush (yes I play it) without internet connection.

Finally I'm #1 on one of the stages

I eventually fell asleep on the ferry. When I woke up, the 2 girls disappeared !!! Seriously. I was disappointed, mainly because I thought I would have to try to find new friends on the island. Also because I thought I chased them away with my brief presentation about how close Israel is to Africa !!!... Anyway, I moved forward and 2 hours away from Phuket, the ferry brought us to

This place is soo beautiful... A really small island that you can walk around in less than an hour but buzzing with shops and foreigners .... Mostly Caucasians ...Actually the Caucasians out number the Thais on this island... no joke... Blacks??? I counted maybe 8 for the 3 days, 2 nights while on this island. This is inclusive of a Jamaican/American who I met here... More on that later.

After checking in my hotel....Which took me like 45 mins to find (because this island is small but with a maze of shops and restaurants everywhere).....I walked around the island just snapping random pictures....

What to do when you are lonely on a beautiful island? SELFIE!!

And more Selfie!!

After snapping and walking around for a good hour or so, I stopped and watched some Thai guys on the island playing football. It was far from entertaining and I wanted to play as well. I then looked around the random shops in the area....What I like about this island is that, they are not hungry for money like the ones in Phuket. Here they give you a price and you may be able to take off a few dollars but more than likely the price that you get is the final price. Unlike in Phuket where prices start at 10 times the norm.

So while walking around, I thought, "why go to Thailand and not get a Thai massage?" the cost would be like 600 yen / US$6. So I was walking around and hear a lady said "Chocolate man ! do you want Thai massage?" So I went over there. It took like 1 hour ... Then she asked "Do you want more than this ???" To which I kindly refused !!!! The massage was ok at best... Not fantastic.

It started to get dark, and I was hungry so I stopped and ate some of their fine food. Then while walking around again, I saw a Bob Marley, Reggae restaurant of sorts....

After taking this pic, I noticed there was another black guy taking a pic of it as well. So I asked if he was Jamaican... He said yes but migrated to the US some years now. We chatted for a while and realized we had some mutual friends. Then I headed off. What are the chances of you meeting a random Jamaican out on a small island in Thailand??!!

Bob Marley T-Shirts and merchandise are extremely popular here !!! Every corner you turn there will be one. You will also hear random reggae music. But ask one of them about Jamaica.... They have no idea. Anyway, I went back to my apartment with the intention of going to a party on the beach but fell asleep and didn't wake up until like after 3 am. I still went out but heard the party was over by then. This is what it usually looks like...



Day 2201 ( More exploring of PP island )
Saturday, March 29, 2014

Didn't have any real plans for today either so just walked around the island again, by now the people should pretty much recognise me. Being one of only about 3 or 4 black men on the entire island. I had some food then while walking to the other end of the island, I saw the Jamaican guy from yesterday, with some friends. They are all teachers in Abu dhabi, UAE.. I heard the teaching program there is wayyyyyyy more lucrative than in Japan .... you will be paid by some lazy, Multi billionaire, oil rich guys.. But you have to be a certified teacher.

So now I'm not so lonely anymore .... pretty much hung out with these guys for the day, buying random stuff, relaxing and eating. I couldn't help but mention that, once when the other Jamaican guy was buying a coconut I think it was... He was trying to bargain the price with this Thai lady. I think she said it cost 40 Baht ... and the guy said he saw it for 30 Baht else where.... and the lady got pissed and started shouting "I don't want to hear from you, leave me alone.... Don't talk to me !!" We were at lost for words.... Because this just came out of no where.... I cannot think of any other reason than this was racially motivated.

Anyway, we went elsewhere and he bought a coconut there..... It was really good tho.

And as I mentioned earlier, we just walked around and checked out the place.

Random orange insect

After checking out the place and being lazy, we had dinner then headed back to our hotels. I wanted to check out the beach party tonight but it started to rain ..... then I heard that it was cancelled because of some sort of election thing. Maybe a sign that I shouldn't go ........



Day 2202 ( Last Day on PP island )
Sunday, March 30, 2014

Woke up at about 8am, packed, then headed out to the pier to take the ferry back to Phuket. While walking in the ferry, who was it I saw? The 2 Israeli chicks !! who were both well tanned and both said "Dave !!" Never knew they remembered my name. I sat behind them, but this time I was very conservative with my words.

Close to the end of the trip, a guy was walking around on the ferry (like the bus conductors in Jamaica) basically organizing trips back to our hotels. I thought I already paid for this so I told the guy that I wasn't interested. However, when I got back to the pier, there was no taxi to pick me up and I was quite confused. So I called the guy from the airport, he said that he didn't organize for a taxi to pick me up from the pier in Phuket, back to my hotel. That wasn't included in my hefty fee!!!! But there is a taxi that will pick me up at 12 midnight from my hotel in Phuket, back to the airport... Oh and yeah my flight will be at 3 am !!!! He said that the taxi would cost 800 baht ....

Taxis at the pier area in Phuket

So I took a taxi back to my hotel for 500 baht from the pier. After speaking with me for a while, the taxi guy said he could take me to the airport for 600 Baht from my apartment. He said he would come at around 11:45 pm... So because I thought that the guy who pretty much scammed away my money from the airport was getting too much, I decided I was gonna go with this taxi guy for 600 baht. So I cancelled with the airport guy. I went back to my hotel room, and started packing and getting stuff together.

Before I knew it, it was getting dark ... so I took some last minute pictures and videos, ate some more Thai food and looked around Phuket.

I hurried to take a bath and got ready ... thinking that the taxi guy was there waiting for me at 12 midnight... ha... I waited a little longer until 12:30... but no taxi guy!!! I asked the hotel staff they could organize a taxi for me.... He said it would cost 1000 baht !!! Jeez. I cancelled the 800 baht airport guy for a 600 baht guy who didn't show up and now I have to end up paying 1000 baht !!! But such is life, I had no choice at this time. So I ended up paying 1000 baht to go to the airport.



Day 2203 ( Back from Thailand )
Monday, March 31, 2014

Continuing from yesterday .... It was now 1:30 am in the morning. And I was getting hungry. So I walked around the airport looking for something to eat. I ended up buying a ham sandwich and drank some tea. Got on the plane to go to Shanghai.... I fell asleep and was awaken by the stewardess who was giving out food. By the way, the food on China eastern airline to me was really good. So yeah when they woke me up, my stomach was kicking up a storm !!!! I still ate some of the plane food but I could only eat a small amount....Ohh how my stomach was aching.... The worst place for this to happen was on a darn plane !!! I'm pretty sure it was that sandwich I had. I had to rush to the bathroom.. and seriously... no exaggeration ... I was in the plane toilet for like 1 hour !!! People started knocking on the door!!!! finally my stomach felt a little better and I went out of the bathroom.... to see a line of about 7 persons waiting.

Finally the 4 hours flight was over and I was in China again. Ran to the bathroom again but this time only for a short while....Then it was time for a 3 hour flight to Narita. The flight went well until the last say 45 minutes before landing... Then turbulence ..... even when the plane was close to landing .... and you can see the other planes in the airport...... Our plane was still high up... I was wondering how quickly he was gonna take the plane down.... while it was shaking like crazy!!!! He did tho.... and even when the plane touched down, it felt as if the wheels were swaying heavily from right to left.......Definitely one of my top 5 worst landings. But thank God all went well.

While at the airport in Japan, an Australian guy I knew for sometime just suddenly appeared saying "what's up!" ... We worked for the same company for a while but he managed to get out and is in a better job now. I think he was the first person some years ago to tell me about the 500,000 yen white man only medicine thing... Before I saw it on gaijinpot....


I must mention though that it was a tough process getting this trip together... The very first thing is that my salary for last school year was verrrrry unstable and actually less than when I was full time the previous year... So it was pretty much "making blood out of stone" as we would say in Jamaica..... then the visa process was another hassle.... For the first time to travel somewhere, the embassy required a guarantor !!!! what? I've been on all continents except Africa and Antarctica, and no country ever asked me for a guarantor... but anyway, I thought to myself that I was a man of good character so it wouldn't be difficult to get a guarantor... What that guarantor would need to do is simply sign a paper (from the embassy website) and provide ID to say they know me and know that I am of good character pretty much !........ I had no clue who I could ask.... But I still went ahead and asked 2 persons who I thought trusted me and knew me well enough...... both of them said no.... Luckily my dear Brie mentioned that the person doesn't necessarily need to be a citizen of Japan but can simply be living here... So .... She decided to be my guarantor and that was it...very simple process.... I know if I personally had a friend who needed this kinda help, I would gladly do it...But people are all different and I have to respect that.... Even though its not like a guarantor for my apartment which would be way more serious... Its a simple trip to Thailand.... Anyway, disappointments always happen for a good reason...I must say that this did make me draw back into my shell however and to stick only to my family or extreeemely close friends when asking for help with certain things. And thanks a lot for the help Brie, I knew you only for like 3 months but you were more than willing to facilitate me.... I really did enjoy this trip a lot..even though I went there solo.

Here is a video clip from my Thailand trip.



Day 2204 ( Happy All Fool's Day ... I'm Married lol )
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Tuesday part-time job is still in full swing. I actually had to take a day off from them last week to go to Thailand. And here, no work means no pay. I had to go there today, even though I was a bit late.


I saw many people on facebook doing some random stuff for all fool's day (April 1st) like changing their status to marriage and engaged etc. So I decided to do the same ....

Sorry guys, this wasn't true ... as much as I wish it was :( Me married??? To who??



Day 2205 (  )
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stayed in and rest for a while, then got a haircut.

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