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Days 2241 - 2247
Thursday, May 8 - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ok so a world wind of stuff took place last week. And again for privacy concerns, I can't mention too much. I tell you, my life is like an epic adventure.

Day 2241 ( Heading to Toyama )
Thursday, May 8, 2014

Woke up early to go catch a flight to Toyama (a rural prefecture in Japan where our Jamaican spring ting event was held last year http://davecollyjap.blogspot.jp/2013/05/jamaicans-in-japan-spring-ting-2013_9.html). My company asked me to do a special teaching assignment for a week here, all expenses paid. The flight took 1 hour and the landing was among the worst that I've ever experienced because of strong winds.

When I got to Toyama, I met up with some big wigs in the company. I was wondering if this was some sort of trap....Why on earth would these guys be all the wayy out here??? Anyway, I met with the Board of Education in the area as well as some peeps in the school that I would be teaching for the week.

They then put me in a hotel, where I would stay until next Friday evening.



Day 2242 ( Discount For Bald Customers )
Friday, May 9, 2014

Did my first 4 classes at the school today and I was falling asleep at the desk. All of the classes went well with the students asking for more and more. What I like about this school is that I get school lunch. And it cost only like 300 yen (US $3). When I saw the smiles from the teachers and students, I had no doubt in my mind that they were gonna want me to stay a while longer.....


Tokyo pub offers discount for bald customers

Remember this AKB girl

A Japanese pub deep in the heart of white-collar Tokyo wants to help out their customers whose heads are showing the consequences of too much stress and hard work (and perhaps a bit of genetics too).
The restaurant hopes that instead of covering their heads with a complex comb-over or taking a cue from monks to shave it all off, “salarymen” white-collar workers treat their thinning hair as a badge of honor and proof of their dedication to help the struggling Japanese economy. And to show their support, the restaurant has announced a generous “balding discount.”

“Otasuke,” which translates roughly to “huge help,” opened earlier this month in the Akasaka district in central Tokyo, and has grabbed national attention for their customer outreach efforts. A sign outside the shop declares their full support for “hard-working fathers losing their hair” over their stressful jobs.
Restaurant manager Yoshiko Toyota said that she and the owner came up with their business idea after volunteering in the recovery efforts to rebuild the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan. Toyota saw how the hard-hit area was being helped economically by the rest of the country and wanted to find a way to support those white-collar workers who in turn are helping to rebuild Tohoku.



Day 2243 ( Jamaicans in Toyama )
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Went to a Jamaican restaurant in Toyama tonight... yes a Jamaican restaurant even in these parts !! Some of these people I met at the Jamaican Spring ting event last year.

Jelly's Jamaican Restaurant in remote locations

The Owner of Jelly's, Kanda san
 This guy went all over Jamaica and fell in love with our culture, so he decided to open a Jamaican restaurant.

Met Mari at Spring ting last year

The one wearing the 76 is actually from Nigeria hey but she looks like us lol



Day 2244 ( Short Community BBQ And English Conversation Thing / Shark Eat Shark )
Sunday, May 11, 2014

One of the ladies I met at spring ting last year, invited me to a small community BBQ they were having in a community called Kamiichi in Toyama.

It's freaking  May !! Why is there still snow on the mountains?!?!

Afterwards, we had a 2 hour English conversation thing. They do this every Saturday.


Shark shocks Ibaraki aquarium staff by swallowing 

another shark 

With only about 20,000 residents, the city of Oarai, in Ibaraki Prefecture, isn’t exactly bursting with entertainment options. If you do find yourself with some time to kill there, though, you could stop by the Aqua World aquarium, where aquatic life including sea lions, jellyfish, and dolphins are on hand to greet visitors. The facility is even home to a number of sharks.
On a recent morning, one of the Aqua World caretakers was checking on the aquarium’s residents. At around 11 a.m., his rounds took him to the multi-tank Sea of Sharks exhibit.

The tank reserved for the largest creatures is home to a 1.6-meter whitetip reef shark, as well as a 2.8-meter sand tiger shark. Recently, the staff had been concerned by the latter’s lack of appetite, although the animal’s condition seemed to be improving.

Judging from the sight that greeted the caretaker that morning, the sand tiger shark is completely ready to start eating again, and in large quantities, too.

At some point when no one was looking, the larger of the two sharks unilaterally decided to change its smaller brethren’s role from “tank mate” to “breakfast.”

But while the sand tiger shark has the sharp teeth you’d expect from an animal with two apex predators in its name, it still wasn’t able to bite entirely through the hard skin of the whitetip. So the sand tiger switched to Plan B and tried to swallow the smaller shark whole.

This was easier said than done, though, and after about 40 minutes of struggling to choke the whitetip down, the sand tiger shark eventually gave up and ingloriously spat the deceased creature back out. The aquarium staff promptly removed the smaller one, worried that if they didn’t do so quickly, the hungry survivor might be tempted to try again. Sadly, the whitetip later died from the injuries it had sustained.

- See more at: http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/shark-shocks-ibaraki-aquarium-staff-by-swallowing-another-shark?utm_campaign=jt_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jt_newsletter_2014-05-03_PM#sthash.W52ET9Mm.dpuf


Day 2245 ( Types of Japanese Girlfriends and how to know them  )
Monday, May 12, 2014

Did 2 classes at the school today. In the afternoon, one of the top guys in my company gave me a call, basically asking if I can stay for the year in Toyama !!! The first thing that came to my mind was "Are they turning me back into an ALT and asking me to step down from being a trainer, PLUS move from town back to country?!?!"
But I was re-assured that this will not be the case and that I would maintain my trainer contract but would be doing the job of an ALT. I would also still have my apartment in Yokohama. After about 2 days of negotiating, I decided to stay here in Toyama until March 2015. But its still not 100% final......


What type of girlfriend are you? Wait a minute, let me check your bangs

When you’re a little unsure about your love interest, what or who do you turn to for advice? Most of us have read one of those horoscope love readings at least once in our lifetime. In Japan, many people believe that a person’s blood type has influence on their personality traits. This may sound slightly silly, but blood type is a factor some Japanese consider when choosing a date.

Recently, however, a new personality prediction trend has been getting popular among girls in Japan. It seems that the way a girl styles her fringe (or bangs) gives away hints about her relationship personality. Guys, you might want to pay more attention to your love interest’s hairstyle from now on.
1. Bangs of average length and thickness (photo top left)
This style suggests that both your mind and body are satisfied. You seem to take initiative not only in relationship matters, but also in other activities such as your hobbies. It might be an understatement to say that you have a strong desire for love. A man who can also be your playmate or hobby-mate might be the best match for you.
2. Thick, straight-cut bangs that cover your forehead (photo top center)
Hiding your forehead suggests that your heart is closed and you are passive towards love relationships. You also secretly wish to be seen as a lovable lady by the people around you. Perhaps you have experienced some sort of trauma in the past, causing you to shut others out. It would probably take a determined, patient man who wouldn’t mind taking the time and effort to slowly pry open your heart in order to be with you.
3. Left-side parting - often seen on idols such as AKB48 (Photo top right)
The left side of our body is said to be the “female side”, thus this style suggests that you are inclined towards a feminine thinking process and tend to switch between putting up a front and speaking from your heart. Instead of putting yourself on the line, you prefer to take on supportive roles. You guard your heart carefully and tend to be timid when facing love relationships, which could be why you have difficulty in finding a partner. However, deep down inside, you harbor a desire to gradually bridge the distance that isolates you from guys.

4. Right-side parting (Photo bottom right)
The right side of our body is said to be the “male side”, thus this style suggests that you lean towards a masculine thinking process, often thinking about things in a straightforward manner. This shows that you are comfortable with putting yourself out there and taking the initiative when it comes to matters of the heart. However, being overly ambitious might cause guys to think that you are selfish and always want to have your way. You would probably leave a better impression on soft-spoken, gentle guys, or males who are younger than you.
5. Bangs that sit above your brows (Photo bottom center)
This style shows that you are confident in yourself, and suggests that once you fall for someone, you are likely to go all out to pursue that special someone. You are generally tolerant, but you have a strong desire to be understood by your partner, and that may be the cause of arguments. Due to such a personality, you tend to be attracted to mature guys who are skilful in handling women, or men who are broad-minded and accepting.
6. Center parting or exposed forehead (Photo bottom right)
This style suggests that you tend to take initiative in communication. You often find yourself setting the flow at mixer parties. Being overly aggressive in making conversation may result in you talking too much. That aside, you generally leave a good impression on guys. You have a soft spot for praises and flattery, and might easily fall for someone who showers you with such words.
Ladies, was it a bullseye for you, or do you think it’s just bull? There are people who stick with a style for decades, so who knows, this might be accurate for them.



Day 2246 ( Strange Taxi Dude - Get his kicks from watching women want to pee!!! )
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The students are going nuts in my classes...Lots of laughter and enjoyment.....The teachers are equally having a good time.... Welcome to Dave's world !!! I had to do some renegotiating today when I realized how much fun the students were having.... ;) muhuhahahahahaaaa ...


Taxi driver held for drugging women with diuretics

A Japanese taxi driver who got a sexual thrill out of watching women desperate to urinate has been arrested for allegedly feeding passengers snacks laced with diuretics, police said Thursday.
Toshihiko Nishi, 41, lured women into long rides in his cab, in at least one case by offering a half-price fare, and then plied them with crackers covered in a substance that would make them want to go to the toilet.
Police who raided the man’s home told AFP they found videos that Nishi said were from a security camera inside the cab and showed around 50 women wetting themselves on his back seat.
One alleged victim told police she had got into Nishi’s taxi in Osaka in October last year, and been given a small paper cup containing water biscuits.
A short time after eating the snack, she began to need the toilet. But when she told the driver to let her out of the car so she could relieve herself, he refused and instead passed back an absorbent sheet on which he encouraged her to urinate.
“I got excited by watching women trying to withstand the urge to urinate,” the driver told investigators, adding he had “bought diuretics through the Internet, and crushed them to mix with crackers.”
Nishi has been arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd act, a police officer said.



Day 2247 (  )
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So it is finalized. I will be staying in Toyama until March 2015. I will be in Yokohama/Tokyo area every now and again tho. I am falling asleep after lunch but I will work with it.