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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jamaica One Love Festival Tokyo 2014 / Qatar World Cup Bribes

Days 2283 – 2289 
Thursday, June 19 – Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Picture of the week:

American Football coaches (at top) vs
European Football coaches

Day 2283 (Qatar World Cup Bribes)
Thursday, June 19, 2014

Started studying kanji again. Just a bit though. Realized I forgot quite a few of them. How is it in just a few weeks of studying back in 2010, I got to remember about 300? But now I'm struggling to retain 10 new kanjis. 

Got a haircut today at the mall across from my apartment. 

Green mall across from my apartment

The lady that gave me the haircut said it was the first time for her to trim a black man's hair. Same as most who give me a haircut in Japan. 


Sony urges vigorous FIFA probe of Qatar World Cup ‘bribes’

Sony Corp. became the first World Cup sponsor to call for a thorough investigation into accusations bribes were paid to secure the 2022 tournament for Qatar, raising pressure on soccer chiefs who have threatened to move the event if the allegations are proved true.

Soccer’s governing body, FIFA, is conducting an internal investigation into the decisions to hold the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 tournament in Qatar.
Although the Sony statement is carefully worded, it is unusual for a sponsor to say anything publicly on such a sensitive issue and appears to reflect concern over the knock-on effects on the consumer electronics giant’s image.
Qatar’s bid in particular has attracted controversy from the outset because of the extreme summer heat during the months when the World Cup is played and the tiny country’s lack of a domestic soccer tradition. If it goes ahead, the tournament is expected to be switched to a date later in the year, creating scheduling headaches for broadcasters and European soccer clubs.
Britain’s The Sunday Times newspaper has printed what it says are leaked documents showing bribes were paid to secure the event for Qatar, which Qatar denies. Former U.S. prosecutor Michael Garcia, leading FIFA’s internal investigation, is due to report in July, around a week after this year’s World Cup finishes in Brazil.
Until now, FIFA’s sponsors have stayed silent. The Sunday Times quoted a Sony statement as saying: “As a FIFA partner, we expect these allegations to be investigated appropriately. . . . We continue to expect FIFA to adhere to its principles of integrity, ethics and fair play across all aspects of its operations.”
“This underlines that companies need to make sure that any high profile association enhances their reputation rather than damages it,” said Andy Sutherden, global head of sports marketing & sponsorship at communications firm H+K Strategies.
The Times printed fresh accusations on Sunday, just four days before the 2014 tournament kicks off in Brazil, alleging that then-Asian football chief Mohamed Bin Hammam, a Qatari national, had brokered meetings between Qatari officials and governments to discuss bilateral trade deals.
Qatar denies Bin Hammam was connected to its bid for the Cup. Bin Hammam has not commented.




Day 2284 (Long trip back to my Apartment in Yokohama)
Friday, June 20, 2014 (6 years 3 months)

No classes today. I'm starting to wonder if these people at the school are watching what I do on the computer....I honestly don't know what else to do especially during these test seasons. Anyway, when I got back to my apartment, I packed some stuff, washed, and left out for the airport. It was a 20 mins ride on my bicycle, then about 40 mins on a taxi. 

I then went to Shibuya to stop by the Jamaican restaurant briefly, but they were busy preparing for the One Love Festival tomorrow. I stuck around a bit in Shibuya, then headed back on the last train to my area in Yokohama.

I realized that I forgot my apartment key !!! luckily I gave a friend of mine a spare key. I had to go wake her up at 1 am, grab the key, then walked back to my apartment. I got in at 2 am. My Yokohama apartment had a smell like clothes that needed some febreze. There were quite a few bills and envelops in my mailbox.

I was scrambling all over the place at 2am, because I had quite a bit of things to do between now and Sunday. I was tired beyond explanation..... But I still stayed up a bit longer to watch World cup matches. Only to see for the first time in 3 years ..... a cockroach in my apartment !!!!! I see small spiders all the time, a centipede once, but NEVER a cockroach !!!! I took swift action to spray it...... Anything but cockroach ........

 I don't even remember when I knocked out.


Portable wind turbine generator

Thanko’s new portable wind turbine generator will make you feel lucky every time you ride a bicycle or motor bike.
Once you ride a bicycle or motorbike that has the portable wind turbine generator attached to the handle, it starts generating enough electricity for two size AA rechargeable batteries.
Using either of the accompanying 5 connecting cables, the generated power can be fed to smartphones, tablets, iPhones/iPads and things like that. You can also take out the size AA rechargeable batteries and use them for other devices. The portable wind turbine generator itself has a LED light so the saved power can be used for lighting up your ride at night.
The AA rechargeable batteries are not included to the package.
Price: ¥4,980



Day 2285 ( Jamaica One Love Festival Tokyo 2014- Day 1 )
Saturday, June 21, 2014

It was time to head to the one event I look forward to yearly. The One Love Jamaica Festival in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo. But before that I headed to a few ATMs to check my books and get some money. I can't update my books in Toyama. There are no UFJs or Yokohama banks there....

Also did a brief medical check up, then  headed straight to Yoyogi park. I should be performing today at 1:20. Met up with a few friends, took several pics :
(Suen, Kerry and Norman, I am borrowing your photos from facebook  :p)

That's me up there could you tell?

Look at the size of my stomach...

Famous dancer Ivan

I then headed backstage....Only to hear "we don't have you on the list to perform".... I didn't even protest. Because of course I'm no big wig, nor do I think many people know me outside of the Jamaican community and a few Japanese friends here and there who thinks I'm popular. But one of the backstage organizers called me back while I was walking away, and he said to come back at 3:30.... So I went back 3:30 and they said to come back 4. I went at 4 then they again said they don't think I'm going to perform because of time constraints.... Again, another of the backstage organizers said to wait until 4:30 and then my stage time will cut from 7 mins to 5 mins lol.... bwoyyy mi a tell yuh....When you are a small fry in this thing.....  Then I'm going to go up after these huge performances........ Attack dem squad and L'acadco.

I felt like people were going to walk away as soon as they saw me going up there, because after such great dance performances, then me???? With dub poetry ??? tsk tsk... But I did my thing and the response was wayy better than I anticipated. Thanks to a couple of friends cheering me on in the crowd. lol. 

Photo by Norman Monroe
Courtesy of bigmike-photos.com



Day 2286 ( Jamaica One Love Festival Tokyo 2014- Day 2 )
Sunday, June 22, 2014

Did some final packing to head back to Toyama....Visited a friend of mine briefly, then headed to the second day of the One Love Festival. A friend of mine came along with me....We've been hanging out for over a year now and everywhere we go together there is always the "is that your girlfriend?" question. Nope ... She is happily married. Well I think happily ....

 Today...just lots of picture taking and chatting:
The famous rasta dog

the Unruly's

Friend's wife and child...
And don't ask me when I'm gonna have my own !!!!

Was rushing back to the airport, only to hear someone calling my name.... I finally met up with a facebook friend who I've been in contact with for a few months now.... Actually I met several of such persons between yesterday and today. This one though, we chatted several times on the phone. She really doesn't like her photos (not sure why) so I won't put it up. 

I thought I was going to be late for my flight but I was early. It took like 30 mins to get from Harajuku to Haneda airport. The flight took about 50 mins, then another 45 mins bus ride to the Toyama station, then a 30 mins bicycle ride to my apartment. Got in at around 10 pm. I am already looking forward to the event next year or even possibly one of the other ones in Nagoya, Nagano or Okinawa.   



Day 2287 ( Principal Arrested For peeking At Women in the School Bathroom )
Monday, June 23, 2014

Jogged to and from work this morning. I'm now used to waking up at around 7 am.... I thought it would have been really difficult to re-adjust from last year waking up at 9:30 am.  


School principal in Gunma arrested for taking photos in women's toilet

Police in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, said Monday that an elementary school principal has been arrested for taking photos in a women’s toilet at the school.
Police said Nobuyoshi Aisawa, 56, the principal of Orui Elementary School, was arrested after it was discovered that on June 5, he had sneaked into the toilet and taken photographs of a female faculty member in her 20s on his smartphone, TBS reported.
Police said the woman noticed a man but could not see his face, and cried out, prompting other staff members to come running. During the commotion, one faculty member passed Aisawa on a nearby stairwell, and noticed that he had been acting rather strange, TBS reported.
Aisawa turned himself in to police on the evening of June 7.



Spain ... another top contending, banana throwing and the number 1 ranking team in the world... Got kicked out of the world cup !!! I couldn't care less...let them go. Just like how the Miami heats (Spain and Miami both defending champions) lost today as well.



Day 2288 ( Sorry Japan )
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another sit and stare at the walls day at work. Not so much fun I tell you.

Today was a sad day for me with the World cup.

Japan lost to Columbia who basically swept the floor with the teams they went up against. And Ivory Coast lost to Greece which was a huge disappointment for me. Still in disbelief. Greece?!?!

And of course the biggest news in this world cup so far !.... Suarez and the biting incident. With all sorts of memes showing up:

This dude should be banned for life though. Unfortunately, that would be bad for FIFA...He has too many fans, no matter how hungry or racist he might be. 

Did someone say England played today? pshhhh... I stopped caring about England since they denied me a visa in 2005 for stupid reasons. Let them get out of here...... How can you invent a sport and then let others become better than you at it..... boooooooooo.



Day 2289 ( R.I.P Anika, Xavier and Stacy )
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Signed up recently with a bank called Shinsei bank. 

I think I should be able to send money home now using a card. My friend followed me to the post office bank to register my account. I also bought some gifts for a friend of mine who lost her husband recently...Her husband is also a friend of mine... haven't seen them in close to 10 years but we still have that bond. R.I.P Xavier. This brings to 3, the amount of old friends I lost to death since the start of 2014. It is heart breaking.... But we all gonna go one day.... What else must I believe? I choose to believe in the words of the Bible...If I'm wrong, then so be it. This is the way I choose. What about you?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dating Japanese Women, The Japanese Cops Way /200,000 Views / World Cup Fever

Days 2276 – 2282 
Thursday, June 12 – Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pictures of the week

Only Jamaicans will understand

Day 2276 (The Greatest Show on Earth begins !)
Thursday, June 12, 2014

I played football with the school team today again. This time it was in torrential rain. The coach said the only way he would cancel training, was if it was a thunder storm or a blizzard ! otherwise, training goes on.....Plus the school team has a big match this weekend. So I got soaked in the rain, mostly watching them train because I didn't play too much.

God's not dead

Forgot to mention that some weeks ago I watched a show name God's not dead. It's chiefly about some guy defending his faith in a class at an American university. It has some other side stories in it as well, pretty much talking about believing in Jesus.

It wasn't too bad overall. So I'm giving it a 6/10.


The Greatest Show on Earth begins !

My readers should know by now that I'm a fan of football/soccer, whatever you may call it. I play it whenever I get the chance to. I don't really follow the English premier 
league and Spanish league stuff, nor do I know which clubs the famous players play for. I do know many of the famous players though. 

Since 1994 I have been a fan of Brazil, never stopped... From the days of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos and Dunga etc....

Ronaldo, My all time favorite player
I even have his jersey ...

And I can assure you I'm not alone. At least 80% or more Jamaicans are fans of Brazil. The only ones who aren't fans, are the ones who tend to follow the premier league, UEFA cup stuff, and want to show-off that they know details about every player on the field :) ...  

So once again, Brazil is my favorite, with Germany coming in second and Netherlands third. Surprisingly, Brazil and Germany are the 2 countries I enjoyed the most so far, in all my travels...

In Berlin, Germany with my friend's wife 2008.
Well I mean... she wasn't his wife then but...
Ok just forget it..

Berlin, Germany 2008

Porto Alegre, Brazil 2006

So Brazil played today and of course won their opening match 3:1 against Croatia. 

Hey Jamaipanese as usual, I stole this from your blog... gomene ;)



Day 2277 ( Hunger Games 2/Woman murdered her 22 year old son )
Friday, June 13, 2014

Did absolutely nothing at work today. These days come quite often it seem in Japanese Junior High Schools. I just have to sit and wait until the day ends, while pretending I'm doing something constructive around the computer. 

Luckily, there was a competition being held in the gym. A hand ball competition. I've never seen this game before coming to Japan...But it was exciting. 

It's like a combination of netball (that we play in common wealth countries ... Americans and Japanese probably have no clue what this is), basketball and football/soccer.


Hunger Games 2 - Catching Fire

When I got home, I watched Hunger Games 2. It was kind of interesting but didn't grab me as much as I thought it would. Still a good watch though. I give it a 7/10.


Woman arrested for murder of 22-year-old son 'saw no hope for his future'

Police in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, said Tuesday they have arrested a 45-year-old woman over the murder of her 22-year-old son.
According to police, Miki Wada stabbed her son Tomoya to death in the early hours of Monday at their home. She was quoted by police as saying she saw no hope for his future, TBS reported.
According to police, after killing her son, Wada contacted her father who then phoned police saying, “My daughter has just stabbed my grandson. He has been killed.”
Police said that several days earlier, Tomoya had run away from home and had only just returned




Day 2278 ( Suicide falls to less than 30,000 )
Saturday, June 14, 2014

Went to a nomikai/enkai/Japanese drinking party with the school that I am now teaching at in Toyama. After living in Japan almost 7 years now, I get to realize that some Japanese teachers will never speak to you outside of these settings. But, when they get drunk, most of the quiet ones will chat. I always enjoy these drinking parties, because you get to see another side of the teachers....And their true personalities come forth. I went back to my apartment at about 1am. Then watch some world cup matches. 

I'm in a yahoo fantasy league thing with some of my friends from university. We should predict the correct scores, and we will get 4 points if the scores are correct and 2 points if the correct teams won. So far, I got 2 predictions spot on... 

I got the France pick correct as well as the USA / Ghana 2-1 game
Today Japan lost to Cote d'ivoire (had to google the name cause I couldn't spell it). It was sort of a mixed feeling being that I'm living in Japan, but I'm black (like the players on Cote d'ivoire) , even though I hardly know anything about the African team. But even after Japan lost, check out how they cleaned up after the match...

Classic Japan I tell you.
I know no other set of people
from any country that would do this
after losing a match. 


If the population is falling in Japan, then it is only logical that the suicide rate will fall as well right? This is not so much of a big news.... But 27,000 is still a huge figure.

No. of suicides in 2013 falls below 30,000 for 2nd straight year: white paper

The number of suicides in Japan in 2013 was 27,283, the second year in a row the number has dropped below 30,000, the government said in its white paper on suicide. According to the white paper, which was released Tuesday, the number was a 2.4% decrease from 2012 which saw 27,195 people take their own lives.
The statistics compiled by the National Police Agency showed that of the total number of suicides, 18,727 were men and 8,468 women, NTV reported. 
Tokyo recorded the highest number of suicides with 2,825. Osaka had 1,553, Kanagawa 1,532, while the lowest number was in Tottori with 130. May had the most suicides with 2,540.
Officials say the number of suicides has been decreasing for the past few years, particularly among middle-aged and older men, who are most likely to kill themselves. However, they say economic pressures are still a major cause of suicide.
My top comment ....

That equal out to 76 suicides per day, or 1 every 20 minutes. It's a huge problem. The pressure in Japan is unbearable for those who can not make in society. If you have depression or other problems, you have to hide it in Japan. Seems more needs to be done by health, police and community groups to assist and counsel those in unstable states of mind. If they believe they have failed at something or will be a burden to their family, some will commit this act. Unfortunately in Japanese culture there's no room for human error. The increasing levels of stress on students, the salarymen and other workers who have suffered enormous hardship in Japan.




Day 2279 ( 200,000 visits / Sony on Top with Game Console Sales )
Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yes My blog finally hit 200,000 views after 6 years. My most popular post by far is 

Translation of patwa/patois to Japanese and English.

Today was one of those "stay at home and be lazy days". In Toyama, those days are many. I need to hit the gym because I'm putting on weight....Especially on my stomach ....


Sony back at top of console sales after eight years

Sony have topped worldwide sales of video game consoles for the first time in eight years, a newspaper reported on Saturday, pipping struggling rival Nintendo and signalling the Playstation manufacturer’s comeback.
Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) sold 18.7 million PlayStation 4 (PS4) systems and other game consoles for the fiscal year to March, the Nikkei business daily said, to Nintendo’s 16.31 million units.
The release of the PS4 in the United States and other markets in November propelled Sony’s fortunes after a disappointing response to the console’s predecessor, the PS3.
Almost seven million PS4’s were sold, but Sony’s overall sales of hardware, including the portable PlayStation Vita, still fell some 20% for the fiscal year, the report said.
Sony’s console sales slid 31% as the portable 3DS system failed to entice gamers while the new Wii U also fared poorly, it added.
Sony last topped the console sales list in March 2006 but sales of the PS3 came in below expectations and struggled against the Wii and DS series.
Nikkei said Sony was expected to stay at number one for the rest of the year as Nintendo has few noteworthy releases planned.
Microsoft’s sales rose 16 percent to 11.6 million thanks to the rollout of the popular Xbox One towards the end of 2013, the report added.




Day 2280 ( Dating Japanese Women, The Japanese Cops Way )
Monday, June 16, 2014

Nothing special today, but I started playing my PS 3 again. I'm back on Assassin's Creed Revelations. Also watched the season finale of game of thrones.... I'm now searching for a new series to watch.... I welcome any recommendations. Some years ago I started watching 24, maybe I should start watching it again.


Dating Japanese Women, The Japanese Cops Way

Ohh Japan Japan

Cop sends stalking letters as ruse to date woman

A former member of the Aichi prefectural riot police division is being investigated after it was learned he had sent letters from a purported stalker to a woman and then offered to protect her as a ruse to date her.

Police said the officer, who is in his 20s, resigned on Friday after being reprimanded, NTV reported Saturday.

According to officials, the ex-officer met the woman in her 20s at a party. Police said the officer began sending the woman numerous letters pretending to be someone else, writing, “I know where you live,” and “I’m watching you.”

Shortly after the woman consulted police, the officer contacted the woman and told her, “I caught the man sending you those letters. We discovered that somehow he found out your name. As an officer of the law, I promise I will protect you,” all the while seeking to become more friendly with the woman, NTV reported.

However, the woman contacted police to find out more about the mystery stalker. Police told her there had been no suspect detained or even identified. Officials said they questioned the officer who admitted to faking the whole incident so that he could see the woman.
Police said they are considering bringing stalking charges against the former officer.



Day 2281 ( Happy Birthday Debs )
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Played football with the students today.

As soon as I got home from football, I went to a small birthday gathering, a stone throw away from my apartment. 

Happy birthday Debbie

Then watched the Brazil - Mexico match up...That had me jumping out my seat every now and again for nothing. The 0:0 draw had people creating memes like these : 

Mexico's superb goal keeper Ochoa
It was an exciting match though, even though without goals.



Day 2282 ( What's up with these people killing their children? )
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Collected some hustling funds today...Even in Toyama you gotta hustle !!!

Man arrested for stabbing 15-year-old daughter in Fukushima

Police in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, said Friday they have arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after he stabbed his 15-year-old daughter.
Police said they received a call at around 1 a.m. Friday from a woman reporting that her husband had stabbed their daughter and then tried to kill himself. NTV reported that police rushed to the scene and found the man and his daughter bleeding from stab wounds.
Both were taken to hospital where the girl underwent surgery for wounds to the stomach and is now in a stable condition, police said. The father apparently stabbed himself in the abdomen and is also in a stable condition, police said.
Police said the man and his wife lived with their two children and they are questioning the wife about a possible motive for her husband’s actions.