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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Woman Robbed of Underwear While Going Home / Penis Shrine OK but 3D Vagina .. Not OK

Days 2318 – 2324 
Thursday, July 24 – Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Picture of the week :

Day 2318 (End of Term Drinking Party/Woman Robbed of Underwear While Going Home)
Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today was the last working day at school, so they had a banquet of sorts near the Toyama station. They asked me to give a speech in Japanese. I was half drunk but I think this was one of the best speeches I've ever done in only Japanese.

After the banquet thing, I went to another Japanese style restaurant with a couple of the teachers. Then we did karaoke. I went back to my apartment at 1 am. And I have to leave out at 5 am tomorrow for a flight to Tokyo at 8:30. Yeah that's how it is in these parts without a car.


Woman robbed of underwear while walking home

A 28-year-old woman walking home in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward on Monday night was knocked down by an unknown man who forcibly removed her underwear and fled with it.
According to police, the incident occurred at around 11 p.m. TV Asahi quoted police as saying the man apparently followed the woman as she was walking home. He grabbed her on one shoulder and pushed her to the ground. The woman told police he reached up her skirt and pulled off her underwear.
Police said the woman was shaken but otherwise uninjured.
The man is described as being in his 20s or 30s, approximately 170 cm tall, and was wearing a T-shirt and dark pants.



Day 2319 ( Back To Yokohama / Japan's Penis Shrine OK but 3D Vagina .. Not OK )
Friday, July 25, 2014

Woke up at 5:30 am and caught a train to the Toyama station. I couldn't ride because I had luggage !! Then took a bus from the station to the airport. This took only about 20 mins as there was no traffic. Took 50 mins flight to Haneda then went to my apartment in Yokohama.  I haven't been here in a month. When I opened up my apartment, It smelled like old clothes. And some of my stuff had mildew !! Including my pillow.... I had to throw away quite a bit of stuff, and washed others.


Old news but still interesting. So there was quite a bit of controversy a few weeks ago about a lady who was jailed for making a 3D image of her vagina and turning it into a kayak.

Here's a note for your next trip to Japan: Don't build a vagina-shaped kayak. It could land you in jail.
Tokyo artist Megumi Igarashi was charged with distributing obscene material for providing 3-D images of her vagina to supporters in a crowd-funded project.
"It might be obscene if I were depicting actual sexual intercourse or sexual activity, but I'm just projecting a part of my body just as it is, and I don't consider that obscene," Igarashi said at a news conference Thursday.
Igarashi said a kayak modeled after her vagina was intended to build awareness of Japan's bias against discussion of that particular part of female anatomy.
It may have worked too well.

Igarashi, 42, who works under the name Rokudenshi-ko (which translates roughly as "good for nothing girl"), was arrested July 12. She was released after six days, but could be re-arrested and formally charged later. If convicted, she faces up to two years in prison and a $25,000 fine.
Igarashi's arrest sparked a media frenzy, along with charges of hypocrisy. Pornography and sexual imagery are pervasive in Japanese society. It is not unusual to see men openly reading sexually explicit magazines and manga comics on trains and subways, or to see the same on sale in convenience stores within strolling distance of schools and playgrounds.
Manga are adult- or young-adult-oriented comic books or graphic novels, often with dark or sexually oriented themes. They are unique to Japan, but are increasingly popular overseas.
The Japanese parliament voted only last month to ban possession of child pornography, after years of international pressure. But legislators exempted explicit images of young children in manga and animation after publishers argued against restrictions on freedom of expression.
"It just shows that there is a double standard in Japanese society. It's a freedom of speech issue for men, but not when a women does it," said Jake Adelstein, a Tokyo journalist and authority on organized crime and the sex industry in Japan.

He said police also may have been spooked by the new 3-D technology. A man in suburban Tokyo was arrested in May for possession of several handguns produced on a 3-D printer. Handguns are tightly regulated in Japan and difficult to obtain.
"I understand where they are coming from. They may have wanted to send a message that this wouldn't be tolerated, but they overreacted," Adelstein said.
Ten Tokyo police officers marched into Igarashi's home last weekend, put her in handcuffs and confiscated dozens of her artworks – most of which she said reflect vagina-related themes.
Ironically, her arrest came months after the kayak project was completed. Igarashi said she raised about $10,000 through a crowd-funding website in September and October. For those who donated $30 or more, she provided a link to a site where a 3-D-printable image of her vagina could be downloaded.
The bright yellow kayak was completed shortly after.
An attorney for Igarashi said police officers apparently were not aware of the project until the artist re-sent a message in March to a supporter who had not downloaded the data earlier.
Igarashi said police officers at first did not seem to understand the concept of crowd-funding, but later said it was not relevant.
The case has produced widespread sympathy.
More than 20,000 people signed an online petition demanding Igarashi's release, according to her attorney. She was ordered released by a three-member appeals board after six days in jail – an unusual rebuke to prosecutors, who can hold suspects without bail or formal charges for up to 23 days, under some circumstances.
No word on the status of the kayak.

But guess what? These shrines are perfectly fine !!



Day 2320 ( Space Exploration )
Saturday, July 26, 2014

Went to the red brick warehouse (Akarenga) in one of the main parts of Yokohama today with one of my friends. We had a wonderful time. There was a space exploration thing going on there. But it  was wayyy over-rated. A bit boring actually. All we did was go into this big balloon house of sorts, they turned off the lights, then used a projector to mirror what the sky actually looks like. The facilitator was basically telling us where scorpio, cancer and some of the other horoscope stuff were located in the sky.

I also got a pic with me in a space suit.



Day 2321 (  )
Sunday, July 27, 2014

Performed at Harajuku, Tokyo tonight at the Jamaican restaurant there. Haven't done this in a while. But because I'm back in this area for now, I'm soaking up all I can from the city, before I'm shipped back out to the country side.


Day 2322 (  )
Monday, July 28, 2014

And just like that, I'm back in the office in Yokohama. Some were surprised to see me. But most were happy with lots of smiles :D that's a good sign. I got reacquainted with the office for a bit, and all sorts of news was flying around. I missed a huge meeting with our parent company,

even though I had to fill out a survey that they sent me in Toyama. I guess they didn't want to pull me from the school, for good reason .....  But long story.

After work, I did the usual thing that I always do on Mondays after work in the office. I went to the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya.

Then I left there at about 10:30 pm.



Day 2323 (  )
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Second day of work in the office, and I was falling asleep watching some teachers being trained and doing presentations.

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