Daily Life ----- (Final Daily Blog / A Week of Activities and Scare / 2 Performances in a Day )

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So yeah, as I mentioned in my last (Daily life) blog, this will be my last week of daily blogging for now. I will focus on the Japan news stuff or if something really interesting happens I will blog about that as well..... So I'm not going anywhere. Well not for now at least.  

Days 2395 - 2400
Thursday, October 9 - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 2395 ( What tha ... )
Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today was one of those random days when I decide to jog to school instead of ride. And while jogging I encountered ....................................

The thing didn't even crawl away. It was just there.

Later on I added some more stuff to my up coming book. It is slowly coming along. About 3 or 4 chapters to go plus the acknowledgments, editing and proofreading etc. Maybe it can be done by next month or at least before Christmas.

About 2 weeks now, I received a book that my fellow Jamaican friend in Japan wrote, about Jamaican green smoothies. A healthy lifestyle book.



Day 2396 ( Jamaica vs Japan International Friendly / Heading To Yokohama)
Friday, October 10, 2014

After 4 classes, I took a bus to the Toyama airport. While in the airport, a football match was going on in Niigata, Japan.... Jamaica vs Japan.

It was a friendly football match to mark the 50th anniversary of International Relations between Japan and Jamaica. Jamaica lost 1 - 0 because of an own goal. I thought Jamaica was going to lose
3 - 0. Not that I have no faith in my country, but I know the team ain't all that.

Got to Haneda airport in Tokyo at about 9:30 pm then went to the Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya. It took about 1 hour from getting out of the plane to getting to the restaurant. Met up with some friends in Shibuya then got back to my apartment at about 1am.



Day 2397 ( 2 Performances in a Day )
Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today was quite busy, but exciting. First thing on the agenda was to head to the dentist. I try to go twice a year.... My dentist would prefer me go there 4 times a year but hell to tha naaah. I did the usual cleaning .....

He said I may need to get wire retainers because my teeth are starting to move back to their original position.

After leaving the dentist, I rushed to the University of Tokyo (The #1 ranked university in Japan )
東京大学 to do a performance along with some members of Writer's Block Tokyo, the group I perform with in Harajuku, the last Sunday of every month.

The event was organized by the Japan Poet's Club. It was the club's International Day and the focus was International Exchange with CARICOM (Caribbean Community). A Professor and poet from Jamaica, Edward Baugh, came to give a lecture about Caribbean poetry.


I initially thought this was going to be like a small crowd of say 10 or 20 people. I was surprised to see the Jamaican Ambassador to Japan and a whole host of Japanese professors and lecturers there.

After a lengthy question and answer segment, the writer's block went up and read poetry from some Jamaican poets.

Then I did 2 of mine. "Mi heart jus a beat boom boom" and "Baby mi love yuh" - I'm working on a music video for this one.

These pics are just snap shots from a video I took using the iphone 6 plus. Look at the quality !! and its only a snap shot !.



I left from Tokyo in the evening and met 2 of my friends at the Shibuya station to go to my other friend's party. It took about 1 hour to get to the station name Yamato, where the party was being held. Didn't know where the party location was exactly but saw a friend there and we followed her.

The party was really fun. This was a good fix for my boredom and slowly going nuts situation in Toyama.

Happy birthday Simone

And I also performed 2 poems here.

I left this party with a headache..... Long day. Got in my apartment at about 2 am. But it was crazy fun. I needed this..... From university to crazy party ... Wait but they do go hand in hand sort of right?



Day 2398 (  )
Sunday, October 12, 2014

Went to a German culture festival at the Akarenga in Yokohama.

Then I went to the Jamaican restaurant in Harajuku to have some Jamaican food and meet up with a few friends. I actually owed the restaurant a 1000 yen from the last time I went there back in July lol. Not sure how I forgot to pay my tab. I also purchased a Patois/Patwa (Jamaican dialect) to Japanese book/dictionary, written by the restaurant owner, Yvonne.

A typhoon is coming tomorrow and there is no work, so we all went to another place in Shibuya to have a few more drinks.



Day 2399 ( Flying Back to Toyama in a Typhoon !!! )
Monday October 13, 2014

While in Yokohama today, I got a call from a police station in Toyama saying they found my bicycle. So I should be going to pick it up there tomorrow after work.

Today, lots and lots of rain coming from the very strong typhoon seen above. I should be traveling back to Toyama in this !!!! And my flight wasn't cancelled!!! ..... I only got a message on my phone saying I should listen out for announcements.

So headed to the airport in the rain and the airport staff said the flight is scheduled to leave like normal. It was delayed a bit for like 10 mins but that's all.... I was of course worried sick.

The plane took off in the terrible weather and as expected, turbulence like crazy.....Have you ever seen the movie flight with Denzel Washington? (I just watched it recently), that was all that was going through my mind. There was this Japanese man seated behind me saying "kowaii koawaiii - I'm scared, I'm scared" .... Hmmm why ??? This isn't helping me at all .....   After the first 10 mins of turbulence, the flight was more or less normal until near the landing, then there was some amount of shaking. Overall the flight was generally ok.... Even though we were flying in a huge typhoon.

I then took a taxi back to my apartment in Toyama.



Day 2400 ( Got back my Bicycle / Final Daily Blog )
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

After work, I headed straight to the police station to collect my bicycle. I am usually bad mouthing the police in Japan but these guys at the Shinjou station in Toyama, made me have a change of heart. In all my over 6 years in Japan, I have never met police officers like these. They even asked me out to go drinking with them. They were not only funny, they were extremely helpful and we had a verrry long conversation .... I wish more police in Japan were like these, instead of racially profiling foreigners ......especially in the Tokyo area.... I hardly see them in Yokohama so no problem there.

They said they found my bicycle on August 8th !!!! this was a day after I left Japan to go to the US. I thought I locked it before leaving ..... apparently I didn't. The lights, cup holder and the umbrella holder thingy were all gone. 100 yen a piece...Ok weird thief...why did you leave the bicycle then? And yeah, this bicycle actually feels better, but the newer one looks better.


As mentioned above, this will be my final daily blog. You will see the random news stuff and other interesting stuff that happens, when they happen. So I hereby take a break at Day 2400. Likkle more.