Random blog post - Jamaica Being Marketed Negatively in Japan, or is it?


So I always tend to look at both side of things and always try not to jump on any band wagon whatever it maybe. Whether it be the Trayvon Martin shooting, Israel's behavior with the Palestinians or most recently, the "negative" publicity of Jamaica in Japan.

Wait..... Aren't those Japanese ?!?!?!?!?!

Somethings are outright wrong, like the caucasian billionaire owners of sports clubs who perpetually bad mouth blacks. Even their black employees who help them to maintain their billionaire / multimillionaire status. Donald Sterling et al. Anyway, moving right along....


So there was this programme on a Japanese TV channel -  Nihon TV (channel 4 in Kanto) this past Monday, October 20th, with a somewhat famous Japanese promoter lady living in Jamaica.

I watched the program myself and I did irk at some of the stuff they chose to put on Japanese TV...with the general Japanese population being extremely gullible and will believe that all of Jamaica / all Jamaicans are like this.... Many a people are upset with the lady (maybe for highlighting the "negatives of Jamaica"), Nihon TV for bringing it on and of course Japan in general for pretty much making fun of other cultures to their benefit/pleasure.

Borrowing your facebook video Kevin !

I was a bit taken a back by some of the stuff but why though? This is a part of our culture. Some people hate it, some people love it, but it is still Jamaica. And I embrace my country and culture for what it is... Bad, good and all. Minus the crime stuff. I'm all for entertainment and culture. In parts of Africa, some ladies dance naked, likewise, in parts of Jamaica, some ladies dance and do all manner of "acrobatics" I call it. Heck, at a Scotland wedding the men wear skirts and no underwear !!!

I too wish more of the positive sides of Jamaica was shown. They do show the positive sides of Jamaica from time to time. I have seen several programs of such. Our Japanese co-workers may ask questions about some weird stuff in our culture but hey... it is still a part of our culture. Japan is a somewhat safe country but many weirdos and suicidal people are here. I think we should embrace our culture wholeheartedly.... If the Japanese or whoever else don't like it then too bad for them.

The problem I think though is Japan and their media are being hypocritical or they are trying to hide the Japanese underground stuff from the public. Like say.... the Japanese reggae dancers who do the same thing like their Jamaican counter parts .... Here are some of them ... Just a week ago at a party in Yamato, Kanagawa... I will make it big and nice.

Here are some more to add to those ......

And for the unbelieving Japanese out there...... Yes they are 100% Japanese ... not from some other Asian countries or hafu.

The only problem is that you probably may never see these on a regular Japanese TV program. To be fair to them, they are going off ratings and if the general public isn't interested in something, then why show it? Money/Ratings talk ..... This is Japan, and I doubt it's gonna change.