Recent Happenings in My New Toyama Life :My Reggae Party, Snowy Mountains, My Music Video Coming Soon .....

Day 2432 ( My First Hosting of a Reggae Party )
Saturday, November 15, 2014

I was getting really bored and depressed in Toyama. Luckily I made a few friends here and there by going random places in town. so while I'm bored out of my wits, the good thing is lots and lots of ideas flow through my mind. One such is this reggae party......

It started off slow but eventually people started coming in. By every indication, it seem like people enjoyed it.



Day 2439 ( On the Snowy Mountains of Tateyama )
Saturday, November 22, 2014

Been in Toyama now since May. That makes it exactly 7 months 3 more months to go in order to find out if I'll continue here or head back to the city. Anyway, went up some snowy mountains, just for the sake of going there. I hope to go there again some other time when the wall of snow can be seen.



Day 2446 ( Thanksgiving Party )
Saturday, November 29, 2014

A recent friend of mine who runs a capoeira  school, had a Thanksgiving party today. Loads of kids and parents came. I had no clue what capoeira was until I saw it. It's some kind of Brazilian style dance and fighting combined kinda thing.

Ok that wasn't the Thanksgiving party, this was......

Day 2447 ( The Making of My 1st Music Video )
Sunday, November 30, 2014

Again because of my boredom, I got the idea to make a music video here in Toyama. Actually, I had this idea for a while now in the back of my head, but its the boredom that got me moving. Luckily I have some video shooting and picture taking friends in the area. Plus some beautiful ladies who were willing to participate in creating the video. As soon as it is out you will definitely see it .... Here are the models I used :


Derri said…
Well Dave you sure have a productive way of dealing with boredom. I'd like to think it would be hard to mess up a reggae party in Japan but I can see how it may get out of hand. Looking forward to the music video.